12 Days in Hell HTML version

He loaded the weapons into his shopping cart. Then he found the shelves that held
the ammo, and he stocked up on box after box of bullets. He also found arrows for the
crossbow and put those into his buggy as well.
He passed by the sporting goods section and spotted a selection of golf clubs that
would make good weapons if you couldn't reach your gun fast enough.
He hefted several of them, feeling their weight, and selected the heaviest ones he
could find. He added them to his shopping cart.
He walked over to the electronics section and found some two-way radios that
required a special type of rechargeable battery, so he picked up a supply of the batteries
along with a couple of chargers.
He made his way back to the hidden room. Tom, William, Samantha, and Mark all
greeted him on his return from his shopping spree.
Tom was impressed. He hadn't thought about going through the store in search of
supplies, he'd only thought about hiding until either help arrived or all the zombies had
starved to death.
Danny gave out the radios with the batteries and the chargers. He kept one for
himself and told them all he was going to go freshen up.
Tom and the others decided to go do some shopping of their own.
Danny picked up another shopping cart from the front of the store and made his way
to the personal health aisles.
Now he was shopping for body wash, shampoo and deodorant. He picked out his
favorite brands and then made his way to the men's clothing section. There he found
some clean underwear, socks, shirts, and pants.
He chose all black shirts with gray and black camouflage cargo pants. Then he went
to the home section of the store and grabbed a couple of towels.
He made his way to the men's restroom. He hooked the water hose up to the faucet,
turned the faucet to the left, and was relieved to find that it was warm water that sprayed
from the end of the hose.
He started off by washing his hair with his new bottle of shampoo. Then he rinsed
out the shampoo and started washing himself with the new body wash, applying it with
the sponge that had come in the package with the manly smelling soap.
The soapy water made its way to the drain in the middle of the bath room floor.
Danny dried himself with a new towel and put on his new boxer shorts, his black shirt,
his black and gray camouflage cargo pants, and his new black socks.
He walked out of the restroom and went to the shoe department. He found a pair of
black steel-toed boots in his size and slid them on. He tied the boot laces and then went to
the nearest mirror.
He looked good in his new style of clothing.
Tom and the others made their way through the store with radios in hand, talking to
each other back, and forth.
Samantha went to the electronics section and picked out a stereo system for the back
room. She also went to house wares and picked up a micro wave, and after that she made
her way to the toasters.
William went to do the grocery shopping. He picked out the freshest bread and
sandwich supplies, and he also picked up a lot of canned good items.