12 Days in Hell HTML version

“Over here we have Mark” Tom said pointing to a large muscular black man who
was probably the tallest man that Danny had ever seen in his life. He was wearing red
basketball shorts and a white top.
“Nice to meet you,” Danny said, and he shook Mark's giant hand.
“That's all of us,” Tom said, walking back to the sofa.
“Do you guys have a plan for getting out of here?” Danny asked.
Tom looked up and said, “It would be like suicide. I think we should stay here until
this mess blows over.”
“What if it doesn't?” Danny asked.
“We all should try to get a little bit of sleep while we can,” Tom suggested.
The time was 11:59 PM.
Day 4
By 12:00AM Tom and the others were getting ready for bed.
Danny couldn’t sleep. He dozed off once or twice, but he had vivid nightmares about
Molly and some of the other zombie faces he had seen throughout the last three days.
His eyes were tired, and he started seeing flashing lights from the corners of his eyes.
He had been up for a while and his body was trying to shut down and get some rest, but
he was not about to let that happen. He continued to fight sleep until morning, and by
6:30 the others were awake and making coffee.
He had trouble getting to his feet. His mouth was dry and his vision was blurred. He
started to think he was becoming one of those terrible monsters, and then he realized it
was just the lack of sleep.
At 7:00AM, after Danny had had some coffee, he decided to go back into Buy-Right
and do some “shopping”.
With the morning sun shining through the skylights he could actually see what he
was looking for.
First he made his way to a restroom. He found a place to attach a water hose, which
was exactly what he'd been looking for.
He hurried to the front of the store and found a shopping cart, and then headed to the
lawn and garden department.
He could hear the muffled cries of the undead coming from outside the glass door.
He put a water hose into the buggy and then pushed it to the hunting and fishing
department. In the section where he'd picked up the yellow army knife, he also picked up
a buck knife and a couple of really sharp pocket knives. Then he made his way to the gun
section, which had so far remained untouched.
The guns were in a revolving glass case. It was locked, of course, but under the cash
register behind the counter were some sliding drawers. He opened one of them and found
a duster that was used to clean the glass. He slid a second drawer open and found a set of
“These must be the keys to open the cases.” Danny said to himself.
There were only three keys on the ring, and the first key he tried opened the case.
There were many guns to choose from. There were about twenty high powered rifles,
fifteen shot guns, and many different types of hand guns. He found a 12 gauge shot gun, a
couple of high powered rifles, and a crossbow.