12 Days in Hell HTML version

He closed it and turned it on. The light was surprisingly bright.
He scanned the store with its narrow beam. Now he could find his way without
worry of tripping over anything on the floor or running into shelves.
Tom and the other survivors had lost hope that the person they had heard on the
radio would ever show up. It had been three hours since they had heard his voice from the
parking lot. Tom had tried several times since then to reach him.
Outside, the zombies surrounded the radio. Hissing, growling, chattering and
moaning in response to every word they heard coming through the speaker, they cocked
their heads as if wondering how to extract the humans from the box.
At the front of the store, Danny pushed the emergency door open to be greeted by a
It gave a shriek of confusion and surprise. Danny also shrieked in surprise and in
turn the zombie shrieked again. Finally Danny slammed the door in the zombie's face.
“Wrong door,” Danny said, his heart pounding.
So the front exit next to the restrooms was the wrong exit, He could also rule out the
exits that were not next to bathrooms.
His stomach started to growl, and he remembered that it had been awhile since he
had anything to eat. It would be a good idea to find the grocery area and get some food.
With his flash light he made it to the other end of the Buy-Right shopping center and
located the deli fridge, where he found sandwiches that had been made the day before the
virus had taken hold. He unwrapped a twelve inch sub and got a soda from a fridge
Danny sat on the floor, eating his sandwich and sipping on his soda.
Tom and the others were playing a card game when the door knob rattled and the
door slowly opened.
They jumped up in surprise, not sure what they were going to see come through it.
“Hello, I'm Danny, the one who you talked to over the radio.”
Tom said, “Come in, Danny, it's nice to meet you. Sorry it's not under better
Danny walked into the well-lit room and turned off his flashlight.
He found it hard to believe that a store like Buy-Right would have a hidden room. He
also wondered how Tom and the others knew about it. He was on the verge of asking, but
he decided that they had more important matters to discuss.
“My name is Tom. and let me introduce you to the others. First we have William.
He's a really bright kid” Tom said.
“Pleased to meet you, Danny,” said William.
He was a short, chubby man in his late twenties. He was wearing a loose black shirt
with a blue dragon on the front and baggy blue jeans, and he had on a pair of nerdy
looking black plastic frames. Danny reached out and shook his hand.
“Here we have Samantha,” Tom said, pointing to a very attractive young female
wearing a pink belly shirt and a short blue skirt.
“Pleasure,” Danny said, taking her small hand in his and giving it a nice shake.