12 Days in Hell HTML version

The zombie jumped on Danny again. He pulled out his gun, put it against her temple,
and pulled the trigger. The bullet violently ripped off a large piece of the skull and
blasted over half of her brains out of the back of her head.
Danny got to his feet and made another desperate leap for the fence. This time he
made it about six feet up the barrier.
He scrambled to get his legs over it and fell heavily to the pavement on the other
He got to his feet, listening to the chattering of teeth and the moans coming through
the fence.
Just as Danny was about to turn and push open the sliding glass doors, a zombie
slammed into the high fence.
But he showed no sign of the ability to climb. He slammed into the fence again and
fell flat on his backside, and then sat there and growled.
Danny turned and pushed the sliding glass door open and closed it behind himself.
The Buy-Right was completely dark except for the emergency exit signs. From
where he stood Danny could see four emergency exit signs that led to the world outside.
What he didn't know and couldn't remember was which door led to the hidden room.
He thought that Tom had said something about it being next to the restrooms. Just to
be sure he reached for the radio, but he discovered that it was no longer attached to his
It must have fallen off when the zombie pulled him to the pavement. Now Danny
found himself disoriented and confused as to which exit to make for.
Day 3
Danny took his time walking through the empty aisles.
A couple of times he thought he saw shadows moving towards him from the corners
of his eye.
He stopped and listened to the silence. A primal fear was taking over.
Somehow he managed to find batteries. He gathered three of each kind of battery and
placed them in his pockets.
He remembered that the flashlights were in the camping gear next to the toys at the
front of the store.
He clumsily made his way there with nothing but the exit light to guide him. It took
him a good twenty minutes.
Finally he reached the flashlights. He picked one off the end cap and tried to open it.
The blister packaging was much thicker and stronger than he could have imagined.
He would have to find a knife.
He searched the camping supplies, but found nothing. He thought hard, and finally
decided that the knives would most likely be in house wares, or maybe the hunting
Luckily for him the hunting department was right next to the camping supplies. It
took him another ten minutes to find the knives, but they were in a locked glass display
Danny realized he could just break the glass. He hit it with the butt of his weapon,
and shattered glass sprayed the floor.
He picked out a yellow army knife and punctured the blister package of the
flashlight. He opened a pack of C batteries and slid them into it.