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Twelve Days in Hell
by Patrick A. Walston
Copyright © 2012 by Patrick A. Walston
Cover by Patrick A. Walston
Edited by Michael E. Walston
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It's been days since the plague hit America.
Most of the population has turned into mindless creatures that hunger for human
flesh and blood. Danny Hefner and a handful of others will try to live through this hellish
nightmare, but they'll wonder if it's really worth it.
Danny had watched and read plenty of Zombie fiction in his life, but nothing could
have prepared him for this unthinkable, unimaginable hell.
Everyone he knew had died. They'd become something less than human—wild
animals with no self-control.
He'd had to fight his way past his wife after she had turned into just such a beast.
It's been said that nothing hurts more than losing a loved one. Well, Danny knew a
pain that was a thousand times worse—not only had he lost a loved one, but she'd
become some kind of zombie. He'd had to fight her, making sure he didn't get bit or
scratched, hoping he would gain the upper hand.
The plague had started off as an airborne illness much like the flu. The symptoms
were easy to identify—blurred vision, slurred speech, and going from icy cold to burning