12 Days in Hell


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It's been days since the plague hit America. Most of the population has turned into mindless creatures that hunger for human flesh and blood. Danny Hefner and a handful of others might live through this hellish nightmare, but to be truthful they would be better off dead. Danny watched and read plenty of Zombie fiction in his lifetime, but nothing could have prepared him for this unthinkable, unimaginable hell.

Emma Fraser

Thanks for totally spoiling the plot!


Potential but writing style was kind of juvenile....then he did this....then he did that. The ending was like he was sick of writing and just wanted it done.

Kavilesh R Panicker

a good one but had some repetetive parts danny might have smoked cigarettes all of california in this whole story and its ounds more like a gamer zombie story

Kayleigh Dyer

Waste of time reading it. No plot, nothing ever happens and the ending was rubbish.

Prabha Rani

It was really good in the beginning and in the middle. I enjoyed reading.


good book but too short. didn t like the ending


I totally agree, worst writing I've read, started off reasonably well, and then the author lost interest. Too bad, the story had potential.

Nicole Contreras

Thank you! I've been trying and trying to find a review that would sell me one way or the other, and finally! Nice and clear.


Made me think about Left for dead & Dawn of the dead. Simple story, but yet pretty interesting.

Virginia Conlin-Simpson

Really enjoyed this book. I actually read it twice.

lynn considine

It was awful, no ending, no real story, just lived in a shop with zombies bothering them!!!!


I read this story for 5 hours straight; I don't know what intrigued me so much. It wasn't one of the best books I've ever read, but it sure was interesting. I was hoping for possiblely more character development, but besides that it was a very entertaining book!

Shawn Patrick

Started off pretty well, but got progressively worse. Author was preoccupied with video games, guns and food. Too bad because the story has potential.

Fredy Luna

Cool, it just made me remember a movie while reading it though with an astonishing ending.

Beste Beyit

I had to stop at day 6. Danny is the worst post-apocalyptic group leader ever. If someone like him was in charge, everyone would be dead. A couple days into finding a safe place, he starts leading expeditions to find survivors with no objection from the group since apperantly everyone is perfectly okay with facing animated corpses and risking their lives for strangers. And he finds 80 people and brings them to their hideout! Are you kidding me?! That's a small community with kids and old people and everything! You've just reduced your supplies by 80%. And he doesn't stop there. He fills all those people and kids into buses for a search mission for a better location! How about a small group of adults? Logic? Common sense? And no one ever reacts to the direness of the situation, everyone just accepts zombies at face value. It takes Danny 10 seconds to make the decision of killing his wife and that's the first zombie he ever sees. The characters are only introduced by name and some of them, like the youth pastor, doesn't even get that chance. Oh and the writing... You just get verbs in past tense and that's it. This was a bad, bad piece of writing.

joshua smith

short but interesting the end was slightly unexpected


I think that this writer should put out another book or two so I can give a truer comment. I am a Dean Koontz fan so I know my writers. PW seems to be budding on something special, maybe if he was to sharpen the plot a little more, maybe take some advice from a well known published writer, that being said, I think Mr. PW has great potential.


Don't look for any interesting characters or even well defined ones or for anything you can relate to in this book. The plot is childishly simple and leads to a bad ending. It's one of those books that you read the whole time thinking "it's gotta get good soon" and it never does. This is by-far the worst book I've read in years. I'm just thankful that I read it for free and didn't waste money as well as my time on it.

Ron Kendall

alot like the walking dead, but an easy fast read. It was good. I liked it.


I wish the book was longer. It was good but the ending was too quickly, you didn't explain it like you did with the rest of the story. Honestly i give it 2 1/2 Stars

carl kirschbaum

Sorry, but the writing is off, using to much past tense and you have to learn to get away from all the "he did this, he did that" you need to practice your prose some more.

Ambrosine Syn

I wish it was longer.


I just finished the e-book and I loved it. Specially because I love horror stories. The story was good but they were some unnecessary detail. The part of the story in the both Buy-Right super center was kinda getting boring because, specially Danny going to "smocking section" again and again and lighting up cigarettes. I wish there were more horrible moment in the story and some romantic moment between Danny and Samantha. The ending was indeed surprising and heart-breaking to me. I thought at the end they would find help as they went out to find and help other survivor but I didn't expect that was coming.But over all I loved it.

ryan forde

this book rules could be longer though not what i was expecting


Great read! Wish it was longer!

Corrine Daniels

OMG I couldn't stop reading it and my heart sank when I read the end of this book it really kept my hopes up for the people in that store.


resident evil clonebut a bad one


If you're a fan of the Walking Dead and zombie genre, this book will bore you. It is great for tweens and squeamish readers, but for die-hard fans, you keep waiting for the apocalypse other shoe to drop, but you're just left hanging. Story is almost there, but still too perfect, too nice, too feel-good to be realistic for the topic. You almost think "OK, now it's going ... going ... pfsssst." nothing. Fizzles out at the end. Nice, but not a true zombie apocalypse novel. Think of a heavy metal KISS fan meeting Celine Dion. Yes, it's that boring. It has promise, but the e-book never takes off. If it is a pre-cursor to a series, the series has to get a lot grittier and messy and horror filled. Walking Dead writers/fans would laugh it out of town.


Great! overall good story, but the ending was a bit surprising. It felt more realistic, but certainly not what I wanted to happen.

Vince Johnson

Good read. It's hard to have an original story with all the Zombie books, movies,etc. The ending was a surprise to me though. Well done!

bibhav pradhan

awesome but the ending is not satisfactory

Aylink Villarreal

awesome story kept me hooked!!

Animesh Tiwari

Its a great bookBut the ending is not good.


this book is great book for zombie lovers!


Written in an amateur style with over the top descriptive writing, very hard to get into this book, possibly good for young kids.


I had a hard time getting into this book

jayoni molina

its full of great suspence


to simular to dawn of the dead but not scary


I liked how it keeps you on your toes!!

Tina Santhosh

this is a good story...but the writing could be even more professional..by the way, it seems the ending is not apt.


its tolty awsom but a little bit scary


It was very captivating, not too scary, and a very good read. Its only about twenty pages long tops though. Its a good book, enjoy

David Wrede

The writing is a bit amateurish and goes into a lot of unnecessary detail. Two perfect people, the shirt he wears the colour of his eyes Pleeease, give me strength. I have only read the first two pages and I was irritated with the writing.Sorry about this as I would not download this at all.

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