101 Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners HTML version

Following is a list of some best bait choices as recommended by the experts:
Grubs: Grubs are small lures that are usually used to catch larger fish. Grubs are
great for use in highland reservoirs where there is little cover for the fish. The grub
is much like a bare jig head that has a soft plastic body to attach to the hook. You’ll
want to use them most often in clear water conditions.
Jigs are best used in water that is clear to murky and in water temperatures that
are below 60 degrees. The jig is considered to be a “presentation” lure and the ideal
way to use them is by making them look as alive as you can. The jig is essentially
lead-weighted bait that has one hook. You’ll want to add a trailer to the end of the
hook for the best results.
Plastic worms: If you want to catch that trophy fish you’ll probably want to use a
plastic worm. This is because the plastic worm is one of the most effective lures for
catching any type of big fish. Plastic worms have a thin and long profile with a
lifelike action that attracts them instantly to bass. You’ll have to learn how to use a
plastic worm by touch, feel, and practice. The more that you practice that better
results you’ll achieve. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the fish
needs to see the worm before it will hit it. Therefore a plastic worm is best used in
clear water.
Lure color: Choose lures that are all black or all white. A mix of black and red
also works quite well. There will be the odd time when fluorescent colors, such as
bright yellow or green, will work well but you’ll need to experiment with this.
Tip #6: Keep your Dry Flies Floating Longer
One way that you can keep your dry flies floating higher and longer on top of the water is
by waterproofing them. Take a can of Scotch-guard, the same stuff that you use to protect
your furniture, and spray those flies that you plan on taking fishing with you in the next few
days. Let them dry overnight before using them.
The Scotch-guard will put a waterproof protective coating around your flies and prevent