101 "Everyday" Tips for Losing HTML version

Stay away from sweetened bottle drinks, especially sodas. Hey all those colas
and fizzy drinks are sweetened with sugar and sugar means calories. The
more you can cut out on these sweetened bottle drinks, the better for you.
So if you must drink sodas, then stick to diet sodas.
Include in your diet things that contain more water like tomatoes and
watermelons. These things contain 90 to 95 % water so that there is nothing
that you have to lose by feasting on them. They fill you up without adding to
the pounds.
Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. Juice is often sweetened but
fresh fruits have natural sugars. When you eat fruit, you are taking in a lot of
fiber, which is needed by the body, and fruits of course are an excellent
source of vitamins.
If you do have a craving for fruit juice then go for fresh fruit juice instead of
these that contain artificial flavors and colors. Or even better, try making
your own fruit juice taking care not to sweeten it with too many calories.
Choose fresh fruit to processed fruits. Processed and canned fruits do not
have as much fiber as fresh fruit and processed and canned fruits are nearly
always sweetened.
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