101 Christmas Decorating Ideas HTML version

• Paper clip chains
• Corks
13. Origami
Origami is the art of folding paper, and it’s a fun way to decorate your tree. You can find lots of
ideas and directions at your library or the Internet. Here are a few good ones:
• Christmas Tree:
• Santa Claus:
• Christmas Star:
• Angel:
14. Party Streamers
Head to a party store for a fun idea to decorate your tree. Buy party streamers and hang them
on the tips of your tree branches for a bouncy, festive tree.
15. Pipe Cleaners
Pipe cleaners are a wonderful simple way to decorate your tree. Just grab a bunch and start
bending and shaping. Here are a few ideas of shapes that you can make:
• Stars
• Snowmen
• Snowflakes
• Angels
• Stockings
• Candy Canes
16. Wired Bows