101 Christmas Decorating Ideas HTML version

Instead of garland, try using ribbon streamers. All you do is attach Christmas colored ribbon or
raffia to the top of the tree, then wind them down and around the tree until you get to the
7. Tree Topper
Traditional Christmas trees are usually topped with a star or an angel, but don’t let this stop you
from getting creative. Try to find a family heirloom, or an important object that represents your
family, and use that as your tree topper.
8. Replace Wire Hangers
A simple way to make your tree look better is to replace all of your wire hangers on your
ornaments with ribbon loops. You can choose just one color to unify all of them, or you can use
lots of ribbon colors to add variety to your tree.
9. Home Made Garland
There are many creative ideas for making your own garland. Here are a few things you can
• Popcorn
• Floral vines
• Cranberries
• Pinecones
• Seedpods.
10. Christmas Cards
A simple tree decorating idea is to save your old Christmas cards and cut out the images from
them. You can either attach ribbon right to the cutouts, or glue them to a jar lid and attach the
ribbon to that.
11. Cookies
Decorating your tree with cookies is an old tradition, but a good one. All you need to do is bake
gingerbread or shortbread cookies, let them cool and hang them on your tree. Make sure to add
a hole in the top for the ribbon.
12. Glitter
Almost any little toy or trinket can be dipped in glue and glitter and hung on a tree. It’s a great
way to turn “junk” into a great Christmas ornament. Here are some things you can use:
• Keys
• Golf balls
• Small toys