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“Dare-To-Be-Different...” Strategic Business Promotion is
the art of 'strategically' implementing unique ideas and specific
strategies to make you stand out from the rest of the 'ho-hum'
crowd. Using the right strategies will give you the distinct
advantage to out-fox, out-smart and out-promote your
competition... Guaranteed!”
- Peter Jovanovich (2008)
Hi! I'm Peter Jovanovich. For 35+years, my businesses have
earned millions of dollars doubling and tripling sales using many
of the business promotion strategies you are about to discover.
My 'niche' through the years has been in the hospitality
biz...buying, selling, marketing and promoting my way (to the
top using very specific strategies!) in the hotel and motel and
bar/restaurant biz. YOU will be privy to these specific strategies.
It's been a fun and wild ride...from my first venture in Cornwall,
Ontario...to the beaches of Miami Beach...to the shores of Port
Dover...and, finally, to my recent venture (which I sold Friday
April 17, 2009). You can see my 'mug-shot' (and that of wife, kids
and friends) at copperscornerbar.com
YOU might be thinking, 'Well how am I going to help YOU in your
business?' The bottom line is, 'It's ALL business – no matter what
kind of business you are in...we are all looking for specific
strategies to get customers through our doors or to our web site
– it's all about getting “traffic”- no matter how! And that, my
friend, is what I'm going to show you how to do in this e-book
and in my “Strategic Business Promotions Newsletter.”
First of all, let me personally thank you for stepping into the
realm of “101 Best-Damned Business Promotion Strategies
You've Never Heard Of Before!” You are about to discover the
best proven secrets, tips, unique promotional ideas and specific