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Chapter 4

Promoting Your Site For Greater Profits

Want A Million New Targeted Visitors? - Link swapping can make it happen.

FFA (Free For All) Sites: Do They Work? - Most classified ads sites no longer work.

The  Other  Side  Of  Headlines -  Effective  use  of  headlines  can  drive away non-targeted traffic.

Beg For Questions; It Works! - If you can get questions, your answers can generate customers.

I Need Help Right Now! - Maximize support to maximize sales. Costs will be covered by increased profits.

Do  Your  Pages  Download  Fast? -  You  can  easily  answer  this  for yourself. Much is beyond your control.

In Search Of Speed - Given a good host, not overloaded, it is unlikely you can gain much in moving.

Testing Your Way To Success - Use this tried and true advertising tactic on your website.