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Wrapping Up
A while back, a visitor asked, "Do you know of a small site that is successful?" I
referred him to one of the above. A short while later, he replied, "You gotta be
kidding. That's nothing!"
If you visit any of the above sites and find "nothing," then you probably need
to know more about business and the web in order to build a winning site.
Revaluate your definition of success, learn what is needed, then take another
look. These sites are successful. That is, successful in the eyes of their owners.
And in the eyes of their customers. What else matters?
What's It Cost To
Start An Online Business?
It's all a function of that extremely precious commodity called time. When the
alternator in your car quits, you can fix it yourself or turn to a mechanic. Working
the Web is no different in this regard. Doing it yourself saves bucks, but may not
be cost-effective. And it can be a serious mistake if you lack required skills.
If you want your site to become a significant source of income, judicious use
of time is mandatory. No one person can do it all. And what you need but don't
have time to do, will cost.