1001 Newbie - Friendly Tips HTML version

This company began as a marginally successful local wild flower seed company
in Wisconsin. They grew significantly when the owner took the business online,
expanded the product line, and reached out to a national (and to some extent,
international) audience. In reply to a message, Deb Edlhuber said, "It [the site]
has totally amazed me and continues to grow."
Malcolm Simmonds launched his first site in late 1997, selling herbal
products, which he had been making and selling offline since the early 80's. He
learned HTML and did the entire site himself. Within a year, it had paid for itself.
Since then, he has expanded and enriched the site enormously, increasing his
profits in the process. While looking ahead to even further increases, he is doing
quite nicely now. All this in addition to his continuing success offline.
Dan Poynter had a successful self-publishing company going before he launched
his website. What used to be a travel/phone/direct mail company is now strictly a
web-based company. In a reply to a message, Dan said, "This morning I checked
the order-email account and found we sold 21 reports overnight.The customers
benefited because they received the reports instantly (on a Sunday) and did not
have to pay for shipping or sales tax. Para Publishing benefited because we did
not have to print, inventory, wrap, ship, or place postage on the reports. This is
truly a win-win situation made possible by the Internet."
This site was built by a mother-daughter team. They first learned the brick and
mortar catalog business, then expanded to the Web. The site is now a profitable
component of their business. Click to visit my site for their delightful story, "Net