1001 Newbie - Friendly Tips HTML version

with the opportunity to make more, then all is quite doable. And one of the best
ways to start is to begin part time and grow your business as you learn.
Getting Real
Whether you have started a business or are still only thinking about doing so,
you may find it informative to check out some successful sites. Successful, that
is, according to the definition of their owners.
Common Elements
While the following sites may appear quite different from one another, they have much
in common.
Nobody is making a million bucks a year; this was not the goal. Rather
they are making a living (their definition) and are in an excellent position to
increase their income.
The site designs are quite simple; very few fancy graphics are to be found.
Each site is well focused.
Each site is loaded with content.
Some face stern competition; others have carved their niche and
conquered it.
You will probably note ways in which each site can be improved. But this is
true of any site, large or small. And it's true of yours. And mine.
Features hot peppers, sauces, and such. A great example of niche
marketing. Not many are into hot in this fashion, but those who are search
constantly for more and hotter. Note there are a some such people in your
community. Every nursery stocks pepper seedlings in the spring, labeled, "HOT!"
This site tapped into this wide, if thinly spread interest. Something impractical in
even a major city, but easy to do on the Web.
A super smooth catalog site. They resell TV direct sales merchandise. Their
growth has come through the site and all business is transacted on it. Beyond
what you see there is undoubtedly at least one person who spends a good part
of each day with routine business chores, solving problems, dealing with
customer complaints, and above all searching for even better deals for existing