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How Do You Define Success?
Many people have selective hearing. That is, they hear only what they are
listening for. When such people tune in to the notion of getting rich on the Web,
they can't seem to hear anything else. They are deaf to the news of dot-com
failures in mass. Deaf to the certain doom that lies at the end of any path claimed
to be quick or easy. And deaf to any mention of how tough it is to succeed in
business anywhere, online or offline.
If you have fallen into this trap, there are only two options. Continue on your
chosen path and fail. Or redefine what success means to you, then begin
working to achieve it.
Getting Rich Is Unlikely
It is no easier to become wealthy online than offline. The only advantage to
beginning a business online, rather than offline, is in the lower startup costs. The
rest of it is work, learning, then implementing what you learn.
What are your chances of opening a new business in your home town and
becoming a millionaire? Unless you have very special talents and skills, it's
unlikely. The chances of doing so on a website are no better.
Would Making A Living Suit You?
Do you have what it takes to open a business on main street and earn a
comfortable living? If you lack essential information, are you willing to take the
time to hunt it up? If there are things you do not know, are you willing to learn
them? If you lack needed skills, are you prepared to develop them?
One who can answer a resounding, "Yes," to the above questions, can
succeed. Online or offline. Until you can shout this right out loud to your family,
friends, neighbors, and even strangers on the street, any effort to build a
successful website will break your heart. And waste a ton of your time. And more
than a few bucks.
One Path
If you want to succeed on the Web, you must first come to grips with what
you mean by success. If your definition can be simplified to making a good living