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Chapter 2

Getting Your Site Right

If you are just beginning to put a site together, here are guidelines that assure you will get it right the first time. If you already have a site, look here for ways to improve it.

Website Baseball - You're Out! - A website is also governed by rules and the umpires are your visitors.

If You Want A Website, First Comes HTML -  A  free  way  to  learn HTML, the language in which web pages are written.

Conventional   Formats   Work  -   A   website   should   follow   certain conventions, as do all publishers.

Boring Is Best -  Before  deciding  on  the  basics  for  your  site,  look  at  what others are doing.

Make  Your  Own  Rules! -  There  are  a  lot  of  rules  about  site  building. Select the best among them.

The First Fold Makes Your Site! - The first fold may matter more than the rest of the site combined.

I Built It, But Nobody Came -  If  a  site  fails,  it  suggests  the  lack  of  a sufficient structure and business plan.

Are Free Graphics Really Free? - As with a lot of things on the Web, it takes time to find the right graphic.

Take Credit Card Orders On The Cheap -  An  inexpensive  way  to begin taking credit card orders right now.

Choose Your Merchant Account With Care - When it's time to get a merchant account, be sure to ask the right questions.

Expand Your Business To The Web? - The only reason for a website for your business is to increase profits.