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Chapter 1

Staking Out Your Claim

A website is not required before starting an online business. There is a good deal of planing and learning to be done, before beginning to build one. Defining your niche is the fundamental task. If you already have a site running, look through these notes for good ideas you may have overlooked.

How Do You Define Success? - While making a million bucks is unlikely, you can make a good living.

What's It Cost To Start An Online Business?" - There are costs in starting any business, online or offline.

One Path To Online Success - There are lots of paths leading to success; this is one of the best.

Niche Finding Made Easy - Niche marketing is the only way to go.

Define A Niche, Then Conquer! -  Success  depends  upon  defining  a niche within which you can dominate.

Knock Off The Guru! - If you find a guru dominating the niche you want, see if he or she can be toppled.

The Vortals Are Coming! -  If  you  have  found  a  niche,  but  lack  a  great product, consider building a vertical directory.

Who Do You Want To Sell To? - The key question may not be what to sell, but who to sell to.

Plan Your  Way To  Success -  Without  a  solid  business  plan,  you  are doomed to fail.

Learn How To Win - Many willing to do the work required are not prepared for the associated learning task.

The Ultimate Shoestring Startup! - Follow this plan to start a business without spending a dime.