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Here is the best of my work published in "STAT News" and elsewhere. Each piece has been reedited and updated to include the latest information available. I hope you enjoy every single article. And that you find great ideas throughout to help  you  start  or  improve  your  website,  one  that  succeeds  in  producing  ever greater profits.

How To Use "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips"

Many will prefer to simply read it from beginning to end. However the Table of Contents is designed to make it easy to select items of interest. And to return to them at your convenience.

The reason for this is in two parts. First, on a given day, you may have no interest in many of the topics. But when you do need the information, you will find it easy to select the appropriate article.

Second, as we read about something we  really need, we do so with care. We  may  take  notes,  even  reread  it,  just  to  be  sure  we  have  it  locked  in  our minds. But when we turn to paper or a computer screen, we often find what we thought was clear, is not. The Table of Contents makes it a snap to go back for another look.

Don't Miss These Opportunities

Be  sure  to  check  out  the  Appendix  items.  I  have  included  some  excellent offers that may be exactly what you have been looking for. In particular, if you are not a subscriber to "STAT News," I hope you will join my list. Each week you will receive the best information I have been able create and collect. Click here for details.

A Technical Point About Links

Links to other parts of "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips" appear as links on any web page, typically the title of an article or a click-here item.

Links  to  the  Web  are  noted  only  with  the  domain  name.  My  site  reads: SiteTipsAndTricks.Com. The actual link, however, includes "http://www." and a page name if needed.

When  you  click  a  URL  to  the  Web,  most  systems  load  the  dialer  if  not already online. If this does not happen in your situation, you will need to be online for a click on a URL to work.

The  links  at  the  very  bottom  of  the  page  to  Contents  and  Appendices  are probably obvious. But note that Chapter returns you to the beginning of whatever chapter you are in.

About Printing

Some  printers  may  not  work  well  with  this  book  format.  Or  may  waste  paper. Many articles included are available in text format from an autoresponder. These print up nicely. For a list, please see Appendix G.

Any Questions?

As you use these notes, you are bound to encounter an idea or two that is not clear, or one that may seem flat wrong, please feel free to ask about it. I welcome all questions and comments. Just send me note at: TIPS@sitetipsandtricks.com I will get back to you ASAP.

Here's Too Successful Site Building!

Again, I hope you enjoy what you find here. And that it adds significantly to your bottom line.

Bob McElwain