1001 Best Things Ever Said about Work HTML version

1001 Best Things Ever Said about Work (and the Workplace)
"It is a good thing for an educated man," declared
Winston Churchill, "to read books of quotations."
Anatole France advised, "When a thing has been said
and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it."
Not to be outdone, George Bernard Shaw once
remarked, "I often quote myself. It adds spice to my
No doubt few things spice up an article, a book, a
conversation, or a speech more than a well-chosen
quotation. Given that work is one of the most written
and talked about subjects in Western society, there
should be a book of great quotations about work and
the workplace. This is the book!
Organized into over 125 categories for easy
reference, this i s the ultimate guide about work for
the professional speaker, journalist, author, career
advisor, life coach, and connoisseur of great
quotations. It also makes great reading for just about
This book has it all: Wisdom. Ridicule. Irony.
Sarcasm. Paradox. Nonsense. Comedy. Mockery.
Social commentary. Valuable insight. All told, you
have in your possession the 1001 best things ever
said about work and the workplace.