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1 – Paying For Links
The reciprocal link principle is simple – find websites with good rankings and
plenty of traffic, and trade links with them. But when you’re just starting out,
why should a big important site give a little upstart like you any kind of link
at all?
At AffiliateClassroom we like to say that there’s only one way to find out –
ASK. It helps if you have some kind of relationship with the site owner. But
even if you don’t, you can sometimes use the time-honored principle of
bribery to get a link from a well-ranked site.
Ask for a link. If you get turned down, say “Would you consider linking to me
for $100?” You’d be surprised at how many webmasters will take you up on
your offer!
This technique works best with privately owned sites that rank in the
top 10 for targeted keywords in niche markets. There’s no point in
trying to get a link from Kiplinger’s or Newsweek’s or Vogue’s web site. But if
you’re selling weight loss products, and $50 will buy you a link from a small
web site that’s ranked #1 for “low-carb dessert recipes,” you’re probably
better off buying that link than buying $50 of PPC advertising. This also can’t
hurt your own search engine ranking.
Make sure you have a simple written agreement about exactly what the link
will say (you want your keywords in it) and the duration of the link – 6
months, a year, forever, etc.
A similar technique involves finding all the sites that link to your
competitors, and offering them a cash incentive to add your link to
their site. You can find these sites by going to Google and typing in
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