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10 Untold Traffic Secrets:
Powerful Traffic Generation Tips for the Next
Generation of Affiliate Marketers
Once upon a time on the web, any traffic was good traffic. If you got a lot of
traffic, you could make money somehow – by selling products, selling
advertising, or selling impressions. With big traffic, you were riding high. You
were the proud owner of some very valuable Internet real estate.
Back in the old days, even if you didn’t get a lot of traffic, you could
reasonably expect one-half to one percent of your visitors to do SOMETHING
when they got to your site. They’d either buy something, click on a banner,
sign up for your opt-in list, or click on an advertiser’s link.
But those glory days are gone. The last couple of years have shown that any
old traffic is not only worthless, it can cost you money. There’s nothing like
racking up bandwidth charges month after month without seeing a single
affiliate commission check. It’s sad but true: in theory, your web site could
have a phenomenally high Google page rank, be one of Alexa’s top sites, get
half a million visitors a month… and lose money.
There’s only one kind of traffic worth a pixel in today’s Internet
marketplace. TARGETED TRAFFIC.
So that’s what this Affiliate Classroom Special Report is all about: 10 powerful
and underutilized ways to generate TARGETED traffic.
As you’ll discover, many of these tips are not for marketing wimps. A few are
free. But most require at least a minimal cash investment. And they all
require you to develop a rare but powerful online business skill – imagination.
Yes, you’ll have to wrap your brain around your site topic and the products
you’re trying to sell. That’s what “targeting” requires – being selective. You
have to know not only the kind of visitors you want, but the kind of
visitors you DON’T want.
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