10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads


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If you've been struggling to make sales, more than likely your ad copy is to blame. But don't worry because it's not your fault. Big companies pay advertising agencies to handle the hard work for them; and the people at those companies have made it their business to know the art of writing to sell. They have spent years learning the psychology of selling, as well as how to find the right words that will push the hot buttons to make the buying public buy the products or services that they're being paid to sell with effective ad copy. Now you too can write more effective ads for your own products, just like those highly-paid copywriters do. This free eBook provides you with the information that you need to be able to write to sell!

Yogesh Sanchihar

It is truly a 'Tool' to work upon regularly. Because many times due to pressing time frames, we generally are in hurry to finish off the write-up and that's where is the beginning of disaster. I have decided that I will religiously go through this book every month so as to remind me what is to be done.


Had some good advice.


A great and short Book. I have spend 1000s to buy a lot from various shops, and this one is free yet mastre of all. It is to the point and with real examples, what else could I expect? Great Job foks

carolina m

Excelent, like a bible for ads.

Iwenofu Kingsley Onyie

I love the write-up

Amandeep Singh

A realistic, logical, interesting and up to the mark book. A fantastic effort to boost standard of advertisement worldwide. Keep it up.

harriman isa oyofo

Great book and kudos to the author for masterfully making light work of a difficult art. Simply fantastic. Harriman

harriman isa oyofo

A great book, very instructive and easy to digest. Great work. Harriman


its a good book!

Kearney Smith

the book is short but sweet!

Dino Angelov

This book is definitely worth reading. Easy to understand and follow, full with examples. I'd recommend this.


Any business success rests heavily on marketing and advertising. Expensive is not in the vocabulary when the returns on advertising is huge and thus worth the investment.This "10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads" is a good article.


Corporate dumps in millions of dollars knowing the fact the brand awareness takes time and of of course strategy.




It is good books. Thanks alot!

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