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Blog Traffic Generating Method #1: Host a Contest
No one can resist a contest, whether it's a drawing for a free lunch at your favourite fast food
restaurant or a month's admission to the nearest 24-Hour Fitness. The same is true online.
Contests have two main advantages: They draw new visitors to your site, and they are a great
way to reward your existing readers and customers for their loyalty.
There are four main steps to running a contest:
1. Deciding on an appropriate prize.
2. Planning the format.
3. Announcing the contest.
4. Promoting the contest.
That's it. Of course, there's a bit more to it than that, so let's go into those four steps in some
1. Choosing a prize.
There are two schools of thought on prize selection: You can pick something that's
universally attractive, or you can choose something that's complementary for your market.
Which you select depends on your goals.
A universally appealing prize is something that virtually anyone would be interested in, like
a gift card to Amazon, a piece of electronics equipment, or cold, hard cash. The advantage
of a universally appealing prize is that you will draw tons of eyeballs, and that can bump
your traffic stats. The drawback is that many of those visitors may not be interested in your
site beyond the ability to win free cash or a free iPad and will disappear as soon as the
contest is over.
A prize that's applicable to your market is more preferable if you want to generate
TARGETED traffic that's pre-qualified. For instance, if you run a diaper delivery service, you
might offer a prize of a free month's service, a baby sling, a gift certificate to Babies 'R'
Us... things new parents would find appealing. Obviously this will draw more valuable
visitors to your blog, although they won't be in such large numbers
2. Planning the Format.
How, what, when and where?
Now that you have the prize chosen, what will your visitors have to do in order to win it?
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