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About ProFile Career Dynamics
There are a myriad of companies, both on- and off-line that focus on
finding new jobs.
BUT… to give yourself the best chance of landing a new and
(hopefully) better job, you have to make the most of your current
This is where Career Dynamics comes in. It is our aim to accelerate
your career by maximising your current value and so increasing your
marketability – and that means bigger salaries for you.
Increasingly, it is up to the individual to carve their own career,
independent of any organisational "initiatives". This is because:
Job security is being eroded.
Job life expectancy is decreasing.
Organisations are geared up for flexibility.
This means you need to be flexible, too. It means you can no longer
rely on blanket training programmes or on getting promoted. Each
employees needs are becoming highly individual. It also means
changing jobs at some stage is pretty much inevitable. So you will
need to know how to market yourself. And the best way to do that is
to have a highly saleable product – a high value "You".
Career Dynamics gives you the means to do this. You can:
Give yourself unique, valuable and marketable skills with our
training courses.
Accumulate daily working techniques with our e-mail training
course, "The Pro File" to give yourself an unsurpassable
Devise your career plan through our exclusive book "Career
Market yourself with a killer ProFile CV.
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