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10 Strategies to Improve Your Nursing Care
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1. Increase your Knowledgebase
Knowledge is power!
The more you know, the easier it will be to recognize and treat patient
problems, leading to less complications and improved outcomes.
Learn the Easy Way!
When most of us think about continuing our education, we think about all
the long hours of study and the inconvenience of going back to school. With
the advent of the internet there are multiple ways to learn without leaving
your computer keyboard or even your e-mail inbox.
Use the web.
The world-wide web contains many useful and professional sites that make
learning easy. The following sites are great starting grounds: Medscape.com,
WebMD.com, or Merck.com.
Most nursing organizations also have web sites. These are good places to
find articles, clinical tools, and conference information. For critical-care
nurses start with aacn.org, or sccm.org. For medical-surgical nurses see
amsn.org, or nursingworld.org for starters.
Use your e-mail.
E-mail newsletters (E-zines) are a great way to stay up-to-date on issues and
clinical information. They are delivered directly to your e-mail inbox on a
regular basis. One great nursing update is available from
Another way to get the most out of your e-mail is to sign up for listservs.
These are e-mail discussions, where participants can e-mail the entire group
with a question or response. Listservs are a great way to collaborate with
nurses around the around the world! Check nursingworld.org for a listing of
some nursing listservs. A full list of listservs can be found at CataList
(https://www.lsoft.com/catalist.html). Search for "nursing".