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The 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them
Introduction A note from Glenn and Mac
Networking. For some, a fear inducing melee of half drunk, over-talkative salespeople vying for
each other’s attention. For others, an absolutely vital revenue producing and ENJOYABLE
activity. No matter which camp you are from, one thing is clear. Networking, if done correctly,
produces results. The problem is, all too often, folks DON’T do it correctly. That is why we’re
You see, we used to be in that first camp -- the folks afraid of the event. At times, we were
even the ones producing the fear for others. We’ve made our mistakes. But, we now know
what works, and simply want to pass that on to others. If we had had someone in our corner
teaching us what to do at these events from the beginning, we wouldn’t have wasted countless
hours, doing the wrong things. Using the trial-and-error method, along with some fantastic
wisdom from some of the referral and relationship experts of our day (included in the resource
section) we have developed what we consider to be THE go-to guide for anyone who is
interested in becoming more effective at networking events.
Why do we attend networking events?
Ok, we may have lost a few of you there. I know some were thinking TO MAKE SALES, or TO
MEET PEOPLE. Ok, all of these things can and DO happen at networking events, but the bottom
line is, the people in that room can be a part of your team IF YOU recruit them the right way.
Selling to them the first time you meet them, annoying them with meaningless chatter, or
offending them with your lack of people skills won’t make it happen. Putting their needs first,
showing them you care, and having a Go-Giver attitude will. So sit back, relax, and read through
the list of the 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them. Memorize
it, take it with you to events. If you master this list and use the principles we teach you, you
WILL increase the amount of referrals you get.
Your partners in Referral Mastery,
Glenn K. Garnes
Mac Cassity