10 Mistakes Network Marketers Make When Social Marketing HTML version

No Connections or the Wrong Connections
The right connections are very important in order to achieve success from
using a social networking site. You must have friends, and you must have
connections. Without friends and connections, it will be impossible for
people to learn about you. You know, the best way of marketing is almost
always through word of mouth, so the more friends that you have, the more
popular you look and by association, your message can be distributed far
more effectively. In fact, I have seen many social networking sites where
people may have thousands of friends, and because of their connections, they
are spreading relevant information about themselves throughout all of their
friends on their social sites whenever they send an update. This makes for a
much broader awareness of what is going on with whatever company or
service you are trying to market. Being active is crucial as we pointed about
above, but if you are active and you have no friends, then you might as well
be talking to yourself. So you want to make sure that you are bringing on new
connections as often as possible, that you’re sending friend requests, and
once you send those friend requests, that you grow your relationship with