10 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them HTML version

10 Mistakes Every Investor Makes & How to Avoid Them
viewers over think and begin to worry about the worst case scenario
and frantically check their portfolio to watch their positions move tick
by tick.
The market and the future is unpredictable, so all the media is doing
is creating panic or excitement that drives the short-term movements.
Ironically, the short-term movements in the market have very little or
no relevance to long term investing. The only thing that matters to
investors is that over time the stock market increases in value.
The media may provide relevant information to the short-term day
trader who is trying to capitalize on investor psychology, but for the
most part very little should cause a long term investor to act today.
Therefore, to avoid letting the news influence your investing decision,
ignore media influence as much as possible, remind yourself why you
purchased the equity in the first place and ask if those same reasons
still exist.
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