10 Basics for Starting Your Online Business HTML version

2. Time Management Control
If you’re working from home or doing this business as a second career
until it firmly gets on its feet, then you’ll have to set and meet your schedule in
order to carefully control your online enterprise.
You don’t want to fall at one end of the spectrum – investing too much or
too little time into your business. Instead, you want a healthy balance where
you’ve spent enough time working toward your goals and plenty of time to spend
enjoying family time or recreational life in general.
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You’ve heard the saying.
It rings true for many whose lives are consumed by their business. Don’t let this
happen to you! If you fall into the trap of working yourself to death, your
business will suffer in the end because you’ll become too frustrated to think
clearly and make sound business decisions.
If your online business is your only job, then you can afford to spend 8-10
hours a day working toward its success. But if you’re working at home, those 8-
10 hours a day might be marred by constant interruptions and personal pauses that
so easily take precedence over your work life.
If you have a family at home, remind them that you’re going to be putting
in formal work hours and that even though you might be available to temporarily
stop and help them when they need it, they must respect your efforts to build your
Your time is important! You know the saying, “Time is Money” and you
will find that to be especially true online where you can spend hour after hour on
repetitive tasks that deliver marginal results. Don’t fall into the trap of doing the
same thing over and over again without results. Look for a true “turnkey system
that finds, sorts, and sells to your prospects, while you’re spending time doing
things that contribute to the long haul, like building relationships with your
How many affiliate programs on the ‘Net have you found who promise a
turnkey investment? Just set it up and it runs itself. When it comes down to it,
not many make the grade – then you eventually end up unwilling to spend the
necessary time – and failure closes in.
Empowerism knows the difference between hype and truth, and makes
promises that are kept by providing actual step-by-step instructions and a turnkey
system that will help you make the most of your time.