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1 Hour Payday Introduction
One of the greatest things about affiliate marketing is that you can literally start
making money online in a matter of a few days, even a few hours.
You don't need a product of your own, or even a website if you choose to create
campaigns that direct visitors through your affiliate links, and you can choose
from a wide variety of products to promote as well, including:
Physical Products
Such as books, physical delivery courses, DVD's, Videos, Equipment and more
from marketplaces like www.Amazon.com
Digitial Products
Such as ebooks, reports, video tutorials, training or coaching lessons and other
digital products from marketplaces like www.ClickBank.com
Being an affiliate marketer means that you have the freedom to choose what
markets or topics you're interested in, and can cover as much ground as you
have time for.
But there's one problem with affiliate marketing, versus selling your own
You have to wait for your commission check to arrive!
For the most part, waiting a couple of weeks for your commission payment to
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