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According to Hell fire Calvin teachers, this torment will be many times
worse than any torment by the worshipers of heathen gods; and will never
end in the death of those being tormented. How could any person who has an
ounce of compassion, love and worship such a God?
Those who believe in the Calvin God say this God chose you to be saved
or to be lost before he made the world. If you are one of the few chosen by
this evil God to be saved, even if you live in the most out of the way place in
the world and never know of God or Christ, when the time comes for you to
be saved you will be. You can do nothing about it and you cannot say no. If
you are one of the many he chose to torment forever there is no use to send
preachers to you; there is no use for you to read the Bible or do anything;
there is nothing you or anyone can do. According to Calvin this God made
you just because he wants to torment you forever, and he will. Such a God is
like a very rich ruler who torments a thousand people "for his good pleasure"
and enjoyment, and chose you to make rich and happy. He would not be
worthily of your love, but only your contempt. To destroy the evil, either in
this lifetime or at the judgment is one thing; but to make them be evil before
they were born, and then torment them without end with more pain than they
can know in this lifetime for being what he made them to be is not justice.
He would be an unjust and evil God. He made them evil and gave them no
chance not to be, and then torments them for being what He made them to
be. If you put a person who worked in a store in the electric chair for
unknowingly short changing a person one cent, your injustice would not
equal that of a God that made one person just so he could torment that
person forever. Many say He did this with most of mankind. Most are filled
with grief when a loved one or friend has some sickness that makes them
suffer even when they know the suffering will soon end with death. Yet,
they worship a God who they believe will take pleasure in the suffering of
billions without end; and not only will he take pleasure in it but he will be
the one that is tormenting them and making them suffer and he made them
just so he could torment and make them suffer. CALVIN DID NOT GET
A Scandal Against The Almighty: "For were a woman to commit
a crime against her husband, and he punishes her by holding her hand
in the fire until the flesh burned off the bones, he would be
pronounced one of the most cruel beings in the world; and if he were
to escape justice, he would be hunted as a wild beast; and when
brought to trial and condemned, he would be pronounced worthy of