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that it makes it a very hard subject to discuss calmly. How can anyone
with an ounce of human compassion contemplate the idea
dispassionately when the view of ceaseless torture is so profoundly
disturbing?” Chapter eight, www.hell-know.net/
The Deprived, Revolting Evil: "To torment a child that dies
without ever knowing anything about God or His word forever day
and night with a torment worse than any pain we can have on this
earth would not be 'justice,' but sadistic. What kind of a person could
love a God who was tormenting his wife and children with more pain
than anyone has ever had in this life? When we are in Heaven, do you
think we will be singing of God's love and mercy while He is cruelly
tormenting most of mankind and many you now love, your wife or
husband, your father and mother, your child, your friend? Is there a
greater perversion of Scripture than to attribute such characteristics to
God? Is it reasonable to believe that the righteous in their glorified
state can be indifferent to, and unaffected by, the endless sufferings of
countless millions of their fellow beings; among whom would
probably be found parents, children, husbands, wives, etc.? Is it
possible that they will be destitute of deprived of qualities which are
considered most lovely and godlike in this life; viz., piety, sympathy,
compassion, commiseration for others' woes, etc.? Will insensibility
to the woes of the wretched ever become a virtue? Will that which is a
vice in this life, become a grace in the glorious future life?" From a
web page by "Ron" which is no longer on the net.
Today, many think that the electric chair or hanging of a person who has
killed many is inhumane though it takes only a few seconds; but these same
people see no inconsistency in believing it is just for God to torment the
same person, even if that person has never heard His word, with a torment
which they say is much worse than the few seconds would be and this
torment by God will not last only for a few seconds but for an endless
More Cruel And Sadistic Than Any Heathen God: THE CALVIN
GOD, which is believed in and worshiped by many, is a God many times
more evil, more cruel and sadistic than any heathen god. Before the Calvin
God made the world, He rigged the outcome and chose to make most of
mankind to be lost before He made them. He even made it impossible for
them to believe, but will torment them forever for not believing. The torment
by the worshipers of heathen gods soon end with death of the ones being
tormented; but Calvinism teaches God made most men, many millions, just
so He could torment them without end for eternity "for his good pleasure."