1-2-3 Trading Signal


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This FREE e-Book includes, without a doubt, one of the very best chart set-up patterns that you will ever see. Once that you have trained your eyes, you will be able to see them all over the place--such as at the beginning of a new trend, at the end of a retracement within a trading range, and within rising or falling trend. Download it today!


I loved it. I thought the author was straight forward explaining the "123 trading system". I actually added this system to my breakout trading strategy. But I kinda disagree with author regarding using indicators. I believe using indicator like "ADX", "SMA 200" as well as reversal patterns will help me to identify a new trend. So I love to use these Indicators and focus on the reversal patterns. By the way if you are reading this book may be you wanna see these two video courses "Chart Reading 101" and "The Trend is Your Friend" by Richard Krivo. You will find these on YOUTUBE.

Heman B.

Spent about 3 minutes reading the book,it's boring, and obvious! Just puts into words what a common man with a little bit of common sense already knows!


good for recognize signal in trading


Good sound basics, nice and simple. Unfortunately most traders will feel the need to complicate it. Don't.Ron

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