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.Net Interview Questions
ASP.Net Interview Questions
From constructor to destructor (taking into consideration Dispose() and the concept of non-
deterministic finalization), what are the events fired as part of the ASP.NET System.Web.UI.Page
lifecycle. Why are they important? What interesting things can you do at each?
As all of us know a request comes from Client (Browser) and sends to Server (we call it as Web server) in
turn server process the request and sends response back to the client in according to the client request.
But internally in the web server there is quite interesting process that happens. To get aware of that
process we should first of all know about the architecture of the IIS
It mainly consists of 3 Parts/Files
ISAPI Filer (Container for Internet Server Application Interface dlls),
Worker Process (aspnet_wp.exe)
Inetinfo.exe is the ASP.Net request handler that handles the requests from the client .If it's for static
resources like HTML files or image files inetinfo.exe process the request and sent to client. If the request
is with extension aspx/asp, inetinfo.exe processes the request to API filter. ISAPI filter will have several
runtime modules called as ISAPI extensions. To process the request ISAPI filter takes the help of these
runtime modules. The runtime module loaded for ASP page is asp.dll. And for ASP.NET page it's
ASPNET_ISAPI.dll. From here the request is processed to the "worker process". Worker Process will have
several application domains.
Worker process sends the request to HTTPPIPE line.(HTTP Pipeline is nonetheless collection of .net
framework classes). HTTP Pipeline compiles the request into a library and makes a call to HTTP runtime
and runtime creates an instance of page class
public class File : System.Web.UI.Page
ASP.Net web page is a class derived from page class, this page class resides in system.web.dll
After creating instance pf page class HTTP Runtime immediately invokes process request method of
page class
Page Req = new Page();
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