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Make great sales on eBay - Let the pictures do all the talking ................................................................... 4
Use Auction Templates And Tools To Make Money on EBay ..................................................................... 5
Turning Old Into Gold On EBay .................................................................................................................... 6
Treasure Troves For Finding Priceless Collectibles And Antiques On EBay................................................ 7
Top Reasons Why eBay Is The First Choice Of Most Sellers ....................................................................... 8
The Greatest Advantages Of Selling On EBay.............................................................................................. 9
The ABC Of Selling On E-bay ......................................................................................................................10
Selling Tips To Help Maximize Your Profits On EBay ................................................................................ 11
Recycle Your Designer Stuff To Make More Money On EBay................................................................... 12
Plan your selling strategy on eBay - Know what's hot n what's not ........................................................ 12
How To Write A Great Sales Page And Lure Bidders On EBay..................................................................13
How To Take Your EBay Business A Step Further .....................................................................................14
Get Repeat Business On EBay ....................................................................................................................15
EBay Your Ultimate Tool To Success..........................................................................................................16
8 Keys To EBay Success At Your Fingertips................................................................................................17
EBay – A Boon For Home Based Business Owners....................................................................................18
Double Your Profits With EBay .................................................................................................................. 19
Customer Service - The Key To Boost Your Sales Figures At EBay............................................................ 20
Choosing The Right Items To Boost Your Ebay Listings ............................................................................21
Branding – A Key Tool For EBay Success.................................................................................................... 21
Boost your ebay business with "second chance offers"...........................................................................22
Black Friday Shopping - Good Way To Earn Money On Ebay ................................................................... 23
Avoiding Negative Feedback that could damage your eBay Business .....................................................24
Auctioning Tips And Tricks For EBay Success ............................................................................................ 25

Make great sales on eBay - Let the pictures do all the talking

Visual impact is the most fundamental aspect to any successful eBay listing. Just visit websites of any shopping mall and you will find colourful pictures of products that lure you to purchase the items. If you want to make great sales on eBay, uploading pictures is the best thing you can do. Yes believe it; pictures speak louder than the description given. A good and clear picture of your product does half the work of tempting the customer to purchase the item.

Imagine you buying a product without even seeing it, would you ever consider doing it? To purchase an item only on the basis of its description is tough. We all want to have a look at things we wish to buy. Pictures are the first things to attract your customers. The one thing to do before selling goods on eBay is purchase a good digital camera. It need not be a high technology camera, but a piece that can help you get clear pictures which should look appealing to browsers. Before you list any of your products don’t forget to upload great pictures along with it to boost your sales.

You can take three to four good pictures from different angles in good natural light conditions and upload two or three that can attract customers. With the help of basic software you can edit and make the pictures more attractive. This will work as a marketing tool and help you make great sales. Don’t use big pictures as it may have uploading problems. Always go for small and decent pictures that can give the customer an idea of how the product looks. If you plan to sell the same product throughout, make sure that you update your snaps and keep on adding better photographs.
Every time your listings are viewed, the customer should enjoy the photographs too and be tempted to buy the product instantly.

A website or a sale without a good picture can be very dull. Do not expect customers to imagine how the product looks like. Also if they purchase it as per the description but in reality do not find it the same; you may get a negative feedback that can hamper your eBay business.

If you are not good at photography you could always ask an expert to do it, which will mean your shelling out some extra money. Clicking good pictures is not very difficult and you can learn to do it yourself. Always create or use a good background for the pictures. The product should look outstanding and the background should be able to compliment the product. Always consider various good options that will make the picture look great. Do not settle down with one good option.

Try it, pictures will change the way you will do business in future. If you still don’t have any photograph of your uploaded product, do it right away and see your sales increasing tremendously.

Use Auction Templates And Tools To Make Money on EBay

There are many and undiscovered ways of making money. One of those places to make money is eBay. Once you discover eBay, there will be no stopping you from earning that extra dollar that were needed to make ends meet. An EBay business can be full time consideration, if planned well and not taken as a hobby but as a business. You can start the eBay business by selling the old things that you don’t need anymore and buying what your neighbors don’t require anymore. Armed with the required goods and acquiring knowledge to do business on the Internet, you move forward to start and hit the web and wait for money to flow in.

But, you may not find the eBay business that easy, unless you are armed with the required tools to do it. Here you don’t need to put your goods in a shop and wait for the customers, as it is the case with a normal business. At eBay you are supposed to meet with customers online and so you have to apply all the necessary tools and templates, so that you can reach and sell to them with easy. Articles are placed online and buyers bid for them. It would be profitable if your product were highly bid upon because you would make huge profits. But, how do you make sure that you have all it takes to conduct the auction and make the best out of it? You will surely need auction templates and tools.

Auction templates are prepared forms and icons that eBay users can use to auction their items. The templates are made in such a way that they are categorized to fit the items on sale. There are many sites that make free templates and you can download them for your use. There are also other templates, which are on sale. Some are prepared out of CD format, so you can buy and upload them. Others are made, so that one can upload online. The categories can be anything that is on sale ranging from animals, school items, and kitchen stuff to bedroom needs, electronics and so on. The good thing about the templates is that you use them to group your products; so that those biding for them will find it easy to go for that category they want and then select the items they like from the list. The templates can also be changed according to the way you want them to appear. You can change the pictures of the items and you can also change the logos used, to include your own.

The auction tools just like the templates make auction easy. Some tools help to find items on auction. Some other tools will help you monitor how biding is going on, so you can bid at the last moment and get the advantage! Some others will help you trace the expired auctions, so that you can get deals, which are even less than a dollar! There are thousands of such tools and templates and you can make use of them to make auction at eBay a harvest time!

Turning Old Into Gold On EBay

Ever wondered what to do with the ‘junk’ in your attic or the garage? Many a times you feel that you can’t part with much of this stuff, since you feel it will be beneficial one day. Well, think of eBay. At eBay you can find all sorts of articles, old and new, for sale. With this idea you can now start a small business, converting all this junk into a capital! Never mind the shape or age of your stuff. Somewhere among the millions of buyers at eBay, someone will find your stuff important.

To start the eBay business, you will first need to make an inventory of all the things in your garage, your bedroom, kitchen and attic. The garage could be filled with many articles including books, old electronics goods, trophies and so on. Make a list of all these articles and keep them ready for sale. If you have big articles like machines, which might be cumbersome to sell at eBay, then you can conduct garage sale. Here, you can invite neighbours and other people, who might be interested in your stuff. Let them come and check and buy what they want. Then for those things, which can be shipped, take photos of them and hit eBay for your sale! Don’t ignore anything. I mean anything. Even a knife that is found useless in the kitchen can earn you an extra dollar.

But, you should keep in mind that you are entering into a serious business that can bring you good money and not just pocket change. You should therefore not treat eBay, as if it is a hobby. It should be part of your income-generating project. And for it to be successful, you need to come with a good business plan. You should start with making a list of all the articles that you want to sell at eBay and then place a base price for them. If you go for the auction option, then you can earn more. But the base price should be there just in case you don’t get many bids.

And since it will be your eBay business, you don’t have to keep on selling your stuff. You can start here and now. Very soon, you must move out and ask for people willing to sell their items. You will find many, who will thankfully give you those items, which they didn’t know what to do with them. You can visit the Flee market to collect more items that can be sold at eBay. But, you should not pay more for such items. If you do, you might end up in losses, if you don’t find worthy buyers to purchase them.

Selling at eBay can be expensive, if not well planned and so you should find ways of reducing the expenses. The ways of delivering the items and collecting them from seller should be well planned. Lastly, at eBay you may get someone paying huge amount for your item. This is good, but remember it doesn’t always happen. Be contented with what you get. But, it should not be less either to make your business glide down.

Treasure Troves For Finding Priceless Collectibles And Antiques On EBay

EBay was started way back in 1996 with an aim to join people selling items they did not need with people who were interested in buying these items. If you found something you liked on eBay, all you need to do is place your bid for it and if the seller found it suitable, he would sell the product to you. Thus over the years, eBay evolved into the world’s biggest flee market.

The Flee markets are the best place to find priceless collectibles and antiques. EBay too is no different. Many a buyers have bought priceless antiques and collectibles on eBay dirt-cheap and then later sold these items at exorbitant profits. It is ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ here on eBay.

EBay made e-business so simple that anyone can be a buyer or seller. Anyone using the Internet is more or less familiar with buying on eBay and many know how to sell products here. The fact that anyone anywhere can sell anything on eBay has given this website its uniqueness. If you are looking for antiques or that particular board game you saw in the neighbourhood toyshop, when you were small, then it is most likely that you will find it here on eBay.

Just as you like to buy collectibles and antiques, there are many who visit eBay for the same. And if you are looking to start an eBay business, this is one of the best ways to start with. But remember, just by selling one item for a good profit does not make you an eBay businessman. When you want to start a business, you have to approach the concept professionally and plan accordingly.

Here are a few tips to help you make a business out of creating a Treasure trove for finding priceless collectibles and antiques on eBay.

Get your supply started a good business survives on rock solid supply. So, you need to first ensure that you have a steady supply of articles to sell in the first place. You need to run ads, handout cards, put up signs, try networking and any other possible method to make the sellers call you, or visit auctions, yard sales, antique malls, dealers and collectors.

Find out the history of each item antiques and collectibles are bought only because they have a history behind it. Your items will also need to make their histories, their USP. So, find out as much as you can about the item from the place you buy it from. .

Don’t over hype in your excitement to sale the item, do not over exaggerate features of your product, or make false claims or deliberately leaving out any obvious functionality flaws that may come with second-hand goods.

Start the bidding low to generate interest for your items, start the bidding as low as possible, enough to cover the cost of the item. If you start the bidding high, bidders will be intimidated not to bid for your item.

These are some treasure troves to find priceless collectibles and antiques on eBay to buy and sell and make you succeed in your eBay business. An excellent eBay business bible can be found by clicking here and provides guidance on how to be successful in not only an eBay business but also other business types.

Top Reasons Why eBay Is The First Choice Of Most Sellers

Ever since eBay revolutionized and pioneered the concept of online auction in 1995, business enterprises as well as individuals have been increasingly availing of this novel platform for both selling and buying purposes. Millions of items are listed and merchandise worth billions of dollars is sold annually through its massive online service. No wonder, over the years, eBay has emerged as the first choice of most sellers. After all, you don't spend a fortune for selling your items through its user-friendly online service.

The following reasons have contributed to the emergence of eBay as the favoured choice of the majority of sellers:

Make a small start from your home: Instead of straightway opening up a full store, you can start off by selling a few things at auction first and learn how the whole process works. Later on, you can start with one store and see how the prospective buyers respond.

Free trial: It does not cost you anything to just start your eBay store. There are no store fees for the first thirty days. At any point during this trial period, if you feel you have taken a wrong step you can opt out without paying any money.

Wider choices: Once you have decided to start your eBay store, you don't have to invest a huge amount of money in the very beginning. You have the choice of three levels of stores starting at as low as $9.95 per month. Even such a low basic subscription allows you to feature your entire inventory. Moreover, you can go on to cross-promote from your auction items. This can be done by listing more items from your store at the bottom of the auction items. Just feel free to display there any items of your choice. Such images would be linked to your store.

Do away with a huge staff: With all the business transacted on your personal computer, you don't need a huge sales staff. You will not have to face the crowd of invading customers with their usual hustle and bustle. A small number of dispatch and shipment staff would be working quietly without causing much disturbance to you.

In the footsteps of Power Sellers: The Power Sellers are highly successful eBay sellers in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. They are a good source of inspiration for you. Learn how to make your own presentation by closely studying their stores. To start learning the rope, you can as well make a couple of purchases from them to find out how this user-friendly online business is handled.

Go for earning extra money: eBay is as much for established business enterprises as for ordinary individuals like you and me. You may have things in your home and you have been thinking of disposing them. Don't just dispose them, but earn some extra money by selling them the eBay way. You will need to spend much less time by selling them on eBay. Honestly, there is any number of reasons possible, why eBay is gaining popularity among sellers across the country.

The Greatest Advantages Of Selling On EBay

No other online auction site beats eBay, when it comes to the number of members. What market would be greater than one hundred million customers? That is exactly the setting point where you expose your product to auction it on eBay. It all means that the items you put up for sale have the capacity to be viewed or maybe purchased by large number of people.

One other advantage of selling on eBay is that you can virtually sell anything and everything, from the things that you rather like to dispose of as they do not matter much to you now or even the most valuable things that you may have. All these can be sold at eBay. To be even more specific, eBay has localized websites in forty-two countries. Number of online auction companies has utilized the services of eBay. Furthermore, it’s a household name as anyone, who thinks of buying anything will first think of eBay, because of the reputation that eBay has established over the years.

EBay offers a vast variety of auctions, whether you want to sell one or more products for a couple of days or if you want to sell it on the spot with a fixed price, all the options exist. It is a feat, which has not been accomplished by any other online auction house. That apart, eBay offers a wider variety of payment options than the rest, and you can communicate with your buyers and even help them decide on how to buy, get their goods and everything else.

But perhaps the greatest advantage that should make one opt for eBay is the security of the online transactions. Since its launch in September 1995, there has never been a failure in their secure online systems. Yes, fraud has existed, because most of those sellers became greedy and they refused to send what they have been paid for. It is not at all a flaw on eBay security. That’s a reason why eBay stands out. Another great advantage is the simple process, in which you can sell your items on the site. Registering, pasting your photos and all that procedure is so simple and all instructions are well chalked out on the site. Anyone who can read can easily follow the instructions and sell on eBay, as the site navigation is not complicated at all.

EBay is also cheap as compared to other online auction websites. EBay has that advantage over the others, as it is very transparent and fair. EBay will not charge you for posting or advertising on their website, but rather charge for the sale you have made on their website.

These are the greatest advantages of selling on eBay.


The ABC Of Selling On E-bay

EBay has revolutionized consumer-to-consumer business. Some may even call it an online Flee market. But, no one can deny that you can make a profitable sale here. Prudent businessmen are always on the lookout for good business opportunities and if you are serious about making a living from eBay, then you need to approach the concept in a professional manner.

EBay was initially started as an action site, where people could place bids for the items put on sale. Over the last so many years of operations, eBay has evolved into the most successful ebusiness model in the world. Today, eBay has become the world biggest online market. Any number of sellers can sell their wares here, whether old or new, and the best thing is that the sellers need not have their own website to participate in e-commerce. With the heavy influx of buyers and sellers, eBay now has the auction selling as well as conventional selling on its website.

The eBay selling format can be best described in ABC:






Conventional selling

Auction - the most popular mode of selling on eBay is auctioning your wares. Most sellers, who use e-bay for the first time, use this method. First time sellers are usually selling household items or some exclusive or antique articles on eBay. It is not easy to ascertain the true value of such articles, which is why auctioning makes sense. Here the simple theory at work is – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Bid - when you are placing something on auction on eBay, you are actually inviting people to quote their offers for the item that is bids. Buyers will essentially bid the prices that they are willing to pay for the item. When auctioning online, the bids do not come in immediately like in a real auction. So, you have to give a certain period of time for inviting the bids. You will need to set a deadline for the bids ranging from a week to a couple of weeks. The longer the period, the more bids you can get. But, if the period is too long, the bidders may lose interest by the time you decide to sell. Naturally, you will sell to the highest bidder.

Conventional selling - while eBay is the world’s biggest electronic Flee market, it has become a major market place for businessmen looking to sell standard products and services here. EBay reaches buyers worldwide and you are invited to make the most of this opportunity. Thus eBay also facilitates selling on fixed prices, which omits website. You just need to get your item listed in the correct category and quote your price there. You need not have your own e-business website to sell your products online, if you are using eBay. All you need to pay is a fee for using the service and1.5 % of the value you sell your item for.
You may have heard a friend or colleague, who goes on and on harping about the cool profit he made selling his grandma’s old umbrella on e-bay. You too can do the same, if you are a manufacturer or a service provider. EBay is your passport to a worldwide market.

Selling Tips To Help Maximize Your Profits On EBay

It is very vital that anyone who intends to sell and get profit on eBay be aware of some crucial tips to sell. This is mostly important for the fact that eBay attracts in the region of 2.5 million visitors per day. This is huge business. You should take it seriously and not as a hobby.

Perhaps the most crucial thing to always keep in mind is that eBay times are in Pacific Time zone, which means in whatever part of the world you live in, you will be maximizing your time auction, if you start your auctions based on that. The auction will close as per the pacific time zone, regardless of you just waking up when its midnight in the pacific. And the timing alone is not enough. The nature of the product plays a supplementary role as well. For example, if you plan to auction something to the average school going teenagers, keep in mind that most likely the chances they will get to go through eBay thoroughly is when they are free, and that will most likely be on the weekends. So, it makes more sense that you post on Friday evening. And besides those timings and days, the best times to go and begin is the festive seasons, and also at the end of the month, when people have just earned their salaries and are more willing to make purchases.

Many buyers will be happy with a product and want to purchase, but then the cost of shipping itself should not make them hesitate to buy. It is very wise to check out the latest offers that packaging companies may have, as you may even save money in this process by offering to send the item you’re auctioning free of any postage fee. A happy buyer is more than likely to buy from you again. So, stay away from putting outrageous shipping prices on your items.

How you advertise your item will help your sale. If you are taking photos of the item, make sure the picture sells. Don’t use poor quality light. Make sure you display your item not with too many other items in the background to make the original item unseen. Most buyers also search for an item seeing the keyword, so this makes it very important that you carefully choose precise words that will stand out to show the type of item you wish to sell. Looking at the words most people use to buy will help you a lot.

Finally, take caution about carelessness. One slip can prove very costly as much as your profits are concerned. Before you bid for anything, make sure that the price that you have tagged for the item is the correct one that you have settled upon. Once you post the item on auction, you cannot reverse the selling price. Don’t put money for a bid in a hurry and if you don’t bother to confirm, you may easily lose lot of money.

Recycle Your Designer Stuff To Make More Money On EBay

Even if you have never owned one, designer stuff comes with a price tag. I haven’t so far met someone who is not in love with designer stuff. Have you met one? But, I do meet people, who love to wear or possess designer stuff. Wearing these coveted items give you a sense of satisfaction and pride. You will feel great walking around with designer wear and other choicest items. But, as I said, they all come with a price tag. They will make your wallet feel the pinch, unless you are one of those people, who wonder why there is so much money and less ways to spend it! But, one thing that is good about this designer stuff is that people respect you for possessing it, but no one dig into asking you, how old they are or how much you got them for?

This is just one part of the fashion designing. You may be one of the many, who would like to possess this designer stuff. But, the twist here is when it comes to disposing this designer stuff. No matter how nice they are or how much you love them, one day you need to dispose them and get new stuff. But, what do I do with the old ones? It becomes emotional to part ways with them and so you end up pilling them in your wardrobe. Sooner or later, they will bring in chaos to your hoarding arrangement. Even your daughter, who wishes to marry, would not think to possess this designer stuff. So, its time you think to dispose this designer stuff and have them acquired by those people, who feel they need them more than you do.

This is where you find the best man to find a suitor for them. With your designer stuff, eBay will do justice to them. EBay dealers are qualified enough to handle them well, and get them recycled and ready for sale and give you what you deserve from your jewels. When you think of the process involved from the time you think of selling to the time you get that money, you will think of the best way to do it. First you will need to photograph the items in a professional way, so that you create a good impact on the eyes of the buyers. Then you need an account to transact at eBay and of course the process of how to do so.

You need not worry. With eBay, you can earn from your old designer stuff. All you need to do is find buyers for them or do it yourself, if you want to give it a trial. It is easy by the way. You can start selling your own designer stuff and before you realize it, you are already dealing with designer stuff for other people. But, before I get you excited, while there is money waiting for you there, let us get the act together. Make a list of all the designer stuff you would like to sell. Go to eBay, and the rest is a matter of bank account! Hey, and if you don’t have designer stuff, don’t worry. Get your card and go to eBay, with your designer stuff in your wardrobe to recycle the stuff and make more money on eBay.

Plan your selling strategy on eBay - Know what's hot n what's not

As we all know eBay allows anyone and everyone to sell their products on site, you should be able to make the most of this opportunity by selling the hot and happening products. To stand out among numerous sellers on eBay, you have to think out of the box and sell products that are less common but have good value. Selling all the common things may not help you stand in the eBay listing and you may lose out on potential buyers. To be successful on eBay you need to ensure that you fully understand what makes a successful business stand out in the crowd, information on this can be found by clicking here.

There are thousands of things that are required by a vast number of people. When you choose to sell any product on eBay, make sure it is not something that the rest of the crowd is also selling. Before you decide on what product to sell it would be better to do a small research on what the other products are that are sold on eBay. When you choose a product it should be uncommon so that you get majority of the customers. However, an uncommon item should not be used infrequently or rarely. By uncommon I mean uncommon clothes, watch or any other brands but those that have a value in the market.

Before you choose any product it is essential to find out if that product has any demand on eBay. You just cannot pick any thing and start selling. You need to sell a product that will fetch you some good money and also earn a good name on eBay. So if you plan to sell clothes, find out what’s hot and new in the clothing fashion. Which brands are loved and what styles are in. If you are innovative enough you can come with your own products that can stand out in the market and have customers coming back for more.

When you upload your products on eBay, set a target audience and advertise it accordingly. If you plan to sell chic and trendy products for the youth, you need to be smart enough to not only attract them but also lure them to buy it. You can also look out for categories where there are fewer sellers. Many people will try and sell common goods like clothes, jewelry, shoes and so on. But if you want to be different you can sell ski or garden equipments, ropes and tents used in treks, torches and so on. You can make a small research as to what people need but do not have many proper places to buy it. Check out various websites of malls who sell same items that you plan to sell on eBay.

We all want to make good income from eBay. So making a bit of effort can help you earn good results throughout. Be innovative, be different and pave the way to great income. Keep yourself updated with market trends and you are sure to be on the listing.

How To Write A Great Sales Page And Lure Bidders On EBay

EBay has revolutionized e-commerce by making it so simple that anyone can be a buyer or a seller. Anyone using the Internet is more or less familiar with buying on eBay, but few have perfected the art of selling on eBay at huge profits.

Many e-shoppers prefer shopping on eBay for the sheer variety of goods available from all around the world and that too at affordable rates. But, those selling at discounted rates too are making a tidy profit by buying in bulk and then selling at good margins. Infact, there is a growing number, who are joining the eBay selling concept every day. If you too are looking to be a seller on eBay, you will surely have a lot of competition to contend with. So, how do you lure buyers to your product among the jungle of sellers? You can make your job much easier by writing a great sales page.

A sales page is basically your introduction as well as an invite to buyers. You have to make sure that your sales page catches the buyers’ attention for all the right reasons. Normally, eBay allows you to write a short introduction to your item. This you can utilize as your sales page. If you are an affiliated seller with eBay, you get your own sales page. However big or small your business, if your sales page carries all relevant details and generates sales for you consider it as a success. For more information on how to create a killer eBay sales page, click here.

The following are tips you can use to write your own sales page to lure bidders on eBay.

· Do your research browse eBay and search for your item. This will help you to check out the completion and the competitor’s price. You will be able to gauge the interest of bidders in the product by checking out the number of bids for the product. If a product is not getting any bids, try to understand the reasons for the same. Such attention of the reader compels them to read the entire article. The content of your sales page with the help of research will help you in your pricing and placement.

· Choose your category getting your product listed in the right category is the key to inviting the right bidders. It is necessary to streamline the keywords, so that you only get relevant traffic. You can optimize categories by doing research on them beforehand.

· Highlight features and benefits just like a newspaper headlines to attract them, you should highlight the main features of your product that you think will attract customers. You can even use bold and highlighted words for the same, but remember eBay charges you for them, so use them wisely.

· Don’t over hype in your jest to create the best sales page, do not over exaggerate features of your product, or make false claims or deliberately leaving out any obvious functionality flaws that may come with second-hand goods. This is considered as serious misleading of the bidders and eBay can penalize you, if they receive complains from buyers.

· Check your grammar you must be very careful about your grammar and spellings. You don’t want to have bidders laughing at your sales page rather than paying attention to the features written in it.

These are a few tips to write a great sales page to help you in your eBay business to lure bidders on eBay which can all be found in this fantastic product.


How To Take Your EBay Business A Step Further

There is a saying, ‘mind your own business’. This will also apply with the eBay business. Being in a business, you will always think of making profits. This should be the case too with eBay business. You are dealing with selling products, which might not always get buyers. So, you need to think, how much to pay if you are buying and what rate to sell them to make enough profits after deducting all other expenses. But, focusing to make profits is not the only thing to think of these days. You should know how to take your business a step further. In other words, you should change with the times. There is much advancement in the business world, especially in ebusiness and you should grasp the opportunities they offer for a better business of your own.
For example, there is now the concept of Google’s AdSense program. This is a program that allows you to place your eBay mini store products online and the search engines will make it easy for the visitors to find your e-shop with ease, since the search will be directed to the most fresh and relevant products. So, with AdSense sites, getting close to target customers becomes easy. You can also apply the Build a Niche Store tool, which will help you get the data of all the relevant searches made. This is much easier than other ways of grabbing this data, which you can place on your site to direct more traffic to your site. Programmers can do that with ease, but since all may not have this knowledge, then using eBay’s RSS feed generator will be another option. This is where you get all the relevant search results from your custom searches and converting it to HTML to place it on your site.

Another sure way of reaching your market is by being automatically listed. This can be done with the use of Build a Niche Store (BANS) software. This software is easy to use. Installation will be equally easy. So, you don’t have to worry about programming languages and so on. Once you install BANS, you are now supposed to activate your eBay mini store by filling the necessary details on the set up page including the category name and number of the products you want to list. After the BANS get activated, it will keep on getting the latest listings on the product and will be placed on your eBay store. It also keeps on updating the store, so that people can know that something is happening regularly and that your site is not a dead one.

Your business is not going places with all these ads on, but this is not all. Having customers go to the eBay site, and your call to make more money even without selling is just great. It’s more like AdSense concept. Lastly, remember eBay is not about how big your business is, but how focused you will be to get people to your site. The top secret here is to be focused and your business will take a step further.

Get Repeat Business On EBay

It is truly a jungle out there and eBay is definitely no different. Sellers are literally after each other’s throats trying to outdo one another with respect to selling most of their products. One of the greatest tragedies of this mammoth-esque trading website is that not all sellers are all that lucky, when it comes to selling. It simply doesn’t even matter, how much some sellers change the words and figures in their descriptions, change the quotations, delivery charges, etc. They are simply not able to make their sale. If Homer were alive, eBay would surely be his muse for his next epic writings. Is it that difficult to get repeat customers to your eBay page? No, it isn’t. Here’s how.

There are many ways, by which you will get repeat business by customers, who seem more than eager to buy your products from eBay. The first thing that you do, in order to get repeat business on eBay would be building your brand image. One age old trick of the trade would be to deal mostly in consumable goods like packaging tape, printer cartons, etc. One of the easiest ways to create a brand image for yourself would be, making a free business card using Vista Print with the name of your business and your eBay ID. Just don’t forget to stick this card to the package of goods that you’re about to deliver. The simple reason for doing this is, because if in future the consumer wants to buy more of the same product, he can simply look for your business card and there you have it and you’ve got one more sale coming your way. What more could you ask for?

The next thing that you can do, to get repeat business on eBay would be starting off your mailing list. This could be quite a clever move from your part, since you can actually get in touch with the potential buyers. And once they sign up for your mailing lists, as soon as you are about to make a sale, you can inform them of the same and even offer special discounts to those, who have signed up for your mailing lists. A 5%-10% discount should be sufficient in this respect.

Another tip would be to entice the bidders to purchase multiple items. This actually is an age-old trick used in trade practices and eBay is no different. You can start off by offering discounted delivery rates to those who are ordering more than one item. Besides, how can you even miss out on the fact, that just for $8.10, you can actually pack anything weighing up to 75 pounds. All thanks to the rule of USPS (United States Postal Service).

So, once you are done with all this stuff, you won’t find it that difficult to get repeat business on eBay. You will find yourself surrounded by dedicated customers, which obviously come in handy, considering the competition that the sellers have to face on this website.

EBay Your Ultimate Tool To Success

More and more people are discovering how profitable it is selling well on eBay, which they had never thought of before. For the staunch believers of eBay business, this is to them, the best opportunity to the ultimate money making enterprise. Business at eBay needs to be understood. If someone preaches to you about the profits you get by selling a few forgotten items, you will fantasize and be tempted to jump into the bandwagon without having to think about ways you can maximize your profits without going into debts or losses.

Let me help you to know, how you can get success by trading at eBay. First let me start to tell you that you don’t need a rich inventory to start rolling in money. You can start moving that old camera that you thought to gift your niece, but you were not sure whether she would accept a five-year-old camera. You don’t need to have quality things to start selling at eBay. Most of the products you will find at eBay are old and recycled. Good second hand items would do. Remember that what seems like a junk to you could be a jewel to someone out there. So, stop waiting till you get enough money to buy quality stuff and sell them at eBay. Once you start, you can now knock on the doors of your neighbours and request them to sell their ‘junk’ stuff to you, so that later you can convert it to bring in profits.

The next thing you will need is a website. A good website would make your business so easy, since you would be able to reach you target customers. Make your website attractive and user friendly, so that you can get many people to hang around and see what you are offering. These days there are some sites that prepare tools to make it easy for you to use for your eBay auction. You could include auction music among other tools. You should also make sure that your graphics can load easily or else people would move out before seeing what you are offering. But, remember, you DON’T need a website to start with. You can launch your eBay business merely with a mailing list and a computer.

There are great automation tools available that will make eBay business easy for you. There are tools for example, that can help you monitor biding online, so that you can bid at the last moment and make huge profits. Other tools help auction and monitor your own products without your presence. This will help you do other business simultaneously. Search for these tools and they will transform your business.

Lastly, do a little research on the products. Remember there are products that can sell and others that would rust in the warehouse. You should know what the customers are buying on the net and go to sell such items. Avoid assumptions. You may think a digital camera will sell quickly only to realize that no one is interested in that item anymore. Check out what people buy, before selling items that will never sell. So, you must realize that eBay is your ultimate tool to succeed in your eBay business.

8 Keys To EBay Success At Your Fingertips

EBay has revolutionized consumer-to-consumer business. Some may even call it an online Flee market. Anyone using the Internet is more or less familiar with buying on eBay. But, few are known to have perfected the art of selling on eBay at huge profits.

Many feel that selling on eBay is very easy and anyone can do it. True, but if you are looking to make a living from eBay, it is going to take more than just a one-off sale at a huge profit here. If you are serious about making money through eBay, then you might have to work countless hours on the trial and error factor.

The key to eBay success lies within you. When you treat eBay selling as a business, only then can you truly begin to exploit the vast opportunities that eBay offers you. Here are a few tips, which you can use to reign in eBay success at your fingertips.

Focus whenever one starts a business, he needs to focus all his attention and energy into the business. Only through channelized efforts can you get any kind of success in business. The same principle applies to eBay business too.

Products just because antiques are huge on eBay do not mean that you should follow this trend. Always select a product, in which you have some knowledge or something that you would love to do. When you are familiar with it, then don’t waste time on thinking, whether you will be able to sell it or not.

Research browse eBay. Spend some time understanding the tactics of eBay selling and search for your item, you wish to sell. This will help you to check out the completion and the competitor’s price. You will be able to gauge the interest of bidders in the product by checking out the number of bids for the product. If a product is not getting any bids, try to understand the reasons for the same.

Marketing – as buyers cannot see or touch any item, it is advisable to display all aspects of the product by providing detailed information. Take a good photograph of the items you wish to sell in various angles, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure that you also list down all the features of that item and if there is a history to it, you should highlight that too. Write a sales page or a small description about the product, which carries all relevant details of the product.

Shipping and payment details If you are able to bear the shipping charges or do it cheaply, you will invite a lot more bidders and will also cement your standing as a reputable seller. Decide on the best payment terms for you like COD payment (Cash on Delivery) or you can accept online payments through PAYPAL.

Success in eBay is possible, if you are clear on the products you want to sell and how you want to sell them. You will surely succeed, if you should present yourself as a reputable seller by creating a brand for yourself, to effect eBay success at your fingertips.

EBay – A Boon For Home Based Business Owners

Home business has a new name these days and why not? EBay has spread its wings all over and people sitting at home waiting for an opportunity to come their way should NOT miss out on this one. Knowing the market trends aren’t going to help you in this matter. What you should know is the trend in the buying and selling of products that you see “online”. Besides, it’s not like to have to deal with a middleman to get in touch with your buyers. Your products have got “you” written all over them, which simply means that you save those extra bucks.

Setting up an eBay store could really work to your advantage these days, especially with people from all over sprawling over to this mega trade site looking for their favourite products. EBay is truly a boon for people, who are looking to start off with their home-based business. So, what you have to do is simply visit eBay for yourself and check out, which are the items that are selling off rather quickly and also check what those sellers are doing to achieve that sale. It may be anything, the description, the image of the product, the competitive price, cheap delivery rates, etc. You may think all this to be common, but it isn’t so. Surprised? These sellers, some even power sellers, are the experts in this online market place. They know all the tricks of the trade knowing exactly, what are the profitable products to deal with and what to simply ignore.

No worries. You can reach there and perhaps that too within a few months. There are just so many benefits of doing your home business with eBay that you will truly feel that eBay is indeed a boon for you. First of all, you definitely don’t need an office to start out with, for the simple reason that it’s just going to be you. But hey! It’s not like you’re going to hit the jackpot on your very first sale. It will take some time, until you establish yourself as a prominent eBay seller. If you’re starting out on eBay as a novice, one tip would be to specialize in a particular product. If everything goes according to plan, you may as well be known in the online market as a specialist in that particular commodity.
Research is the key in finding out, which product you should specialize in. In fact, there are some special types of software developed specifically for eBay sellers, which help the sellers determine the various categories present in the website, the keywords to be used, in order that your products get noticed by prospective buyers, etc.

With all this help available at your disposal, you possibly cannot miss out on such a home business opportunity. No office, no equipment (apart from your computer of course), no employees, and oh yeah, you are the boss of your own company. Don’t worry, if you start off small. There are power sellers out there, who make more than $10,000 a month. So go on, display your products for sale and take all the advantage you get on eBay, wherein you can also bid for your own items, so that you get the highest bid from a buyer. A bit of tricks here and there, wouldn’t hurt that much, would it?

Double Your Profits With EBay

As a buyer, you will truly be amazed at the categories of products that mega trading site has to offer. Anything you want, eBay has it for you. But wait a second, don’t you already know about all that. Yes, from a buyer’s point of view, I’m sure that you know what eBay is all about. But, from the seller’s point of view, well, you may have to research a bit on it. For those who are getting to know a bit of what we’re talking about, you guessed it right. EBay is the best place to look for, if you’re interested in online business. Many people have ventured into this business and they are doing quite well too, selling items on this website.

Who wouldn’t love to start his own eBay store considering the fact that the site makes millions of dollars every day? The chances of you selling a product on eBay in the first week itself are 3 out of 4. This simply points out that the odds are in your favour. But of course, you should know what to do in order to make things right with your business because there is a certain amount of research required from your side, if you want your products to be sold cheap and at the same time make some profits out of it. Is it difficult to make profits from a business in eBay? No, it’s not because once you recognize the tools that can work in your favor, you will realize that it is just as easy to double your profits with eBay.

One least known secret about eBay is that people are ready to pay anything for knowledge rather than for some kind of product. This would simply mean that you should start dealing in books and even E-books for that matter that would give some kind of information to its buyer. The simple reason for this is that people would actually rather not do any research for themselves and readily pay a couple of dollars to someone, who could make it easier for them. Besides, compared to other products, you will actually find that there aren’t as much many informative products available in this site and there are many people out there looking for some knowledge.

In order to help you with determining, what shoppers are currently looking for, you can simply click on the eBay Pulse page and know it for yourself. Apart from that, always think about the keywords that you should use to name or even describe your product. Think about the keywords that your buyers might search for, when they are looking for products and accordingly use the same keywords. Especially, if you are offering an e-book, remember to link the download to your website, so that you won’t have to go through the tedious hassles of mailing the book as an attachment or something like that.

Customer Service - The Key To Boost Your Sales Figures At EBay

Selling at eBay is not just about getting some customers online and receiving money from them. It calls for a good service, just as they would expect, when visiting any store or a firm. EBay has got its own set rules, which one should follow to qualify as a seller. They are many set rules, but it is highly recommended that you go through all of them and get acquainted with them to avoid failures in future. You should also know that there is a feedback form, which is filled by the buyers of your products. So, even without emphasizing on this, you know for sure a bad feedback all the time will get you removed from the list of eBay dealers.

This calls for a good customer service and is encompassed in any successful business. This is discussed in depth in my professional business product and can be accessed by clicking here. One thing you should bear in mind is that you should be truthful in what you present. A product needs no undue adoration, if it doesn’t deserve them. A good photo of the product without all those Photoshop portrayal would do. The description should depict the true nature of the product. Don’t give it accolades to betray the product. If the product is damaged, the damage should be well defined. Don’t use ambiguous terms like ‘negligible’. You should describe the extent of the damage, so that the customer knows exactly, what he is expecting. If the customer gets a product that does not show what he ordered for, you are sure to get a bad feedback or customers will demand for refund.

When it comes to charging, you should do it faithfully. When you charge, don’t overdo it, especially when it comes to postage. Shipping can be expensive of course, and sometimes it exceeds the cost of the product. But it should not exceed the cost of the known postage or shipping. Many people will be willing to pay more for the postage, but not more than it should be. The worse thing that could happen is when the customers realize that they are being cheated. You can make your margin on the product itself, but don’t overcharge for postage, since customers can compare. If you bought a product for a lesser price, you can charge something equivalent and the customer will be glad for such a bargain and will surely give you a good feedback and come back to you for future purchases.

Sometimes people need more information, so that they can be sure of what they are buying. In case you are contacted to give more details, you should reply on time and with courtesy. The information you give should again be truthful. If you are contacted on phone, be very courteous and make them appreciate you. Lastly, the best way to keep you customers happy is by delivering on time. Those who shop online are very eager to see and use their products and are equally excited to see what they bought. Do a good packaging and deliver on time. This is in itself a great plus point in eBay customer service that will boost your sales ultimately.

Choosing The Right Items To Boost Your Ebay Listings

Selling goods and making a good income on eBay is not as easy as it sounds or is made to sound. It is a myth that you can sell any item and earn money on eBay. Nothing is very straight and easy in any business. To make the most on eBay you certainly have to be very careful on what you are selling. To boost your business on eBay will need time, effort and planning. You may not be able to make great earrings initially, but you should consider it as a trial period and learn to boost your eBay listing by choosing the right items.

To start with you can choose from your home items that you may not need any more. Check your items to confirm they are worth the sale and put it up on the listing. Selling different items will give you an idea of what will sell and what will not. When you sell multiple products you will know what is customer favourite and can sell more of those to profits. Try selling the DVDs that you no longer need, books that you are done with, gardening equipments not needed, clothes, jewelry and so on. If you are creative you can try moulding candles in artistic shape and list them on eBay.

Choosing the right items to sell on eBay is essential. If you choose goods with no market value, you may lose out on business. You have to be unique in selling goods, and of course those goods should be likeable. To make a right choice of goods, you can make a small market research to know what people like and require. After the research you can list out the items that you think will attract numerous buyers and help you boost your listing. Never choose an item you are not interested on or have no knowledge about it.

Once you are sure what goes well on eBay, you can upload it and make it presentable to lure customers. If you have an art of making things at home, for example fresh fruit pulps or herbal products, you can still make a good earning. All you need to do is make yourself and the product look presentable. Upload some great snaps of yummy fruit pulp or good looking hand made jewellery and improve your chances of earning high. Once you have spent some time at eBay and have done well, you can try spreading your business by trying multiple products. You can come up with products related to your previous items or come up with a completely new range of products.

Thus to make a good earning from eBay look out for unique products that can help you outstand other sellers and increase your listings. Be innovative and plan well and you will surely make the most at eBay.

Branding – A Key Tool For EBay Success

For all you business school graduates, you all must be knowing the tools of marketing and for those who don’t, lets start off by saying “Welcome to the world of Branding”. Branding is certainly the most talked about tools of marketing and in the 21st century, how can we miss out on one of the most popular trading websites ever and imparting the knowledge of branding in that, that’s right. We are referring to the website eBay. I mean lets face it, which buyer wouldn’t like to build his brand on this website, which is stormed by more than 100,000 visitors a day. With the help of branding and if he uses it to his advantage, he won’t have any trouble getting at least 4-5 sales a day. And if he’s good enough, he may even have a loyal customer following, which is something that every dealer wants on eBay.

Branding is probably the best, when you want to add some reputation and value to your business. But seriously, now this is a question that many retailers are found to ask on eBay. Can it be done? And if yes, is it that necessary? First of all, the answer is a “Yes” because it can be done. Why not do it? For the simple fact, eBay is everywhere, quite literally for that matter, countries like Germany, Russia, India, US, UK, Japan, China, etc. Just imagine what would happen to your small business on eBay, if you manage to create a brand image for yourself. Picture the number of customers pouring into your page to have a look at the products you are offering for sale and most of them buying them even. The brand will make you and your products “identifiable” to the rest of the eBay users.

Lets face it. Today, eBay in itself is a worldwide brand and what more can you ask for than having your own brand in it. As a seller, your brand speaks out, what you do at eBay and how you want yourself to be remembered by the customers. There are many aspects that you should take into consideration, when you are building your brand. They would include the logo of your business, the layout of your page, customer services, return policies, etc. If you stick to some or all of these policies, you will find that your customers will buy products more often from you.

If you want to know, what has to be done for branding, simply look back and see for yourself through the customer’s point of view and what exactly enticed you to buy the product from that particular eBay seller. May be it was his prices, or maybe it was his after sale services, etc. Once you are able to determine this, it won’t be all that difficult for building a brand for yourself.

You can work on your business logo, check out my site here. since it does leave a kind of print on the goods you are dealing with. Make it something unique, but at the same time recognizable. If you are not able to do that, you can then seek some professional help as a last resort.

Boost your ebay business with "second chance offers"

Second chance offers is one of the best features that eBay offers its sellers. It is the best tool to double your money. Many sellers have benefited and earned big amounts with the help of “second chance offers.” Second chance offers have helped many eBay businesses to boost their sales and make the most from the special feature allotted by eBay.

Second chance offers lets you offer non-winning bidder the chance to purchase a product at the highest bidding price. This feature can be used when your product has been sold at a good price in the auction and you have one more similar product in stock. You need to send this offer to non-winning bidders immediately after the auction is over. This feature is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. A non-winning bidder gets a chance to own the product and the seller gets to earn a handsome amount.

In second chance offers, the seller saves on more money, as he or she does not have to spend money on another listing. Once the listing period is over, you automatically get a second chance offer as long as you had more than one bidder. As a seller you get the opportunity to choose the item in two situations. Once when you have multiple items, where you may have 5 duplicate items and 10 highest bidders, you can ask these bidders to send second chance offer. Another situation where second chance can be used is when the first winning bidder fails to make his payment on time or changes his or her mind and rejects the product. In this situation you can use second chance offer and earn a high income. Do not lower the price unless you are in great need of money.

Do not give too long for bidders to think about second chance. Buyers may often change their mind and no more want your product. To avoid this kind of a situation it is better to give very little time for buyers to think and act. Do not keep your offer for more than a day’s time. This will prompt the buyer to take immediate action and you will get the best price. If you give too many days for the second chance offer you may have to lose on potential buyers and settle down for a low price.

Second chance offer is the best eBay can offer you, so do not miss this opportunity to earn more and succeed in eBay business. Try to use this offer on every auction and sell multiple products at great prices. This offer gives a chance to increase your sales within less time. So go ahead and make the most from this offer and boost your business. Remember do not give the customer time to rethink about the offer.

Black Friday Shopping - Good Way To Earn Money On Ebay

Black Friday is one of those opportunities that come to businessmen. Doing business at eBay is a business like any other. You should not let this Black Friday day pass away without you making the best of it. This is the day, when you can make money or at least buy enough stock to last you for a long time in the coming year. If you let Black Friday pass you without making use of it, you may regret. But, since it is a day with many other buyers and sellers doing their routines, you need to get ready and prepare for the day, before the Christmas mood carries you away. Basically you will need money, transportation and of course advertisements.

Talking of money, you should be careful, how much you spend on that day. Black Friday is where you find many good articles on sale. The prices of most products come down, since the sellers want to attract many customers as possible to their shops. If you have enough money, you can buy what you want and keep enough stock to sell at eBay as the year progresses. But, you should not spend so much, say, 10,000 dollars and above. This can be risky, especially if something goes wrong. Remember this is business and anything can happen. You should also have a good vehicle to help you carry your stuff. You may think that your small car would be enough to carry the things, which you would buy. Get a bigger vehicle in advance, so that you don’t have to start calling your friends, when you get stuck. And about advertisements, you need to collect many advertisements in advance and compare the deals, which many shops and dealers are offering. Take time to study them and come up with a list of those, you feel will give you a better deal.

To avoid making silly mistakes and come to regret later, you should research on the products. Don’t get carried away with the craziness of the day. Those crazy buyers are only doing it for their stomachs or household consumption, but you are doing it for business. Do take time to compare various articles and their quality on offer and get one, which come at the lowest price. Find out which items can be sold. You are not buying for show. You are buying to sell and make profits.

The research will lead you to rank the shops, which have the best deals. Make a list of all these shops and the products you can get from them. Rank the shops as per the products you feel would gain you enough profits and not rot in your warehouse. While being prepared, it’s time for the big day. When it’s Black Friday, the rush will be on. Be calm. Don’t let the crowd and excitement rob you of a good buying plan. Visit a shop, one at a time and at the end of the day, you buy to sell what you wanted.

Avoiding Negative Feedback that could damage your eBay Business

To receive good feedback is very essential to survive on eBay. No feedback or less feedback will be considered not so good and you may lose out on your good customers. As you don’t actually get to show or let the customers feel and see the product, it is difficult to prove that the items you are selling are good and genuine. However, a good feedback rating will help you stand out, attract numerous customers and earn you great money.

Customers love to buy from sellers who have a good name and have been recommended by genuine people. Everyone wants to get the best buy. Customers tend to avoid shopping from a person with negative feedback. Thus it becomes essential you avoid negative feedback that hampers your eBay business. When does a customer give a bad or negative feedback? That happens normally if the customer is not satisfied with the product or feels cheated or does not get proper customer service. If you take care of all these things, you will be sure to satisfy your customers. Visit here and obtain an excellent resource on how to satisfy your customers.

To get the feel of how popular or established sellers deal with their customers buy some products from eBay. This will give you an idea of what they do to keep their customers happy, what kind of customer service is given and how the good feedback is maintained. By becoming a buyer of popular and potential sellers you can learn the market trick and avoid negative feedback. This way you can boost your business and save it from negative feedback. You can also ask your customers to mail their feedback to you and ask for suggestions to make it better. Keep trying and do the best to maintain a good record on eBay. Definitely do not sell false or damaged goods as that can put the customer on fire and you may get a big feedback. Many customers consult their friends or relatives when it comes to buying on eBay. If your bad feedback is spread, you may have very little or no customers. This will only hamper your business on eBay or compel you to start with a difference. To avoid such situations make sure you do not give a chance to your customers to feel let down or cheated.

Once you start gaining good feedback, your sales will automatically rise and you will have a chance to earn and gather more customers. Also to maintain your customer loyalty, you can keep updating customers with your new products and offer them a discount at times. Such offers will help you gain a good name and make you shine among many sellers. Maintain a good and sweet business relationship with your customers and give them the best for you to flourish in your eBay business.

Auctioning Tips And Tricks For EBay Success

EBay as a business tool has become very popular and may not be considered as old fashioned. It appears to be a picture worth thousand words. Every eBay seller or buyer would be fascinated by pictures and depending on how one displays the picture of the items, a decision to buy or not would be based on such portrayals. Make sure that very good quality photographs of products listed to auction should result in the success of eBay.

One trick that will always work is doing a research on eBay to find other similar types of products. Before you list your items up for sale, check out what the other bidders are offering for the same kind of product that you want to sell. This can help you to determine on how much you really would like to start your auction. It would also give you an outline of why the products that are selling fast are different as compared to the others. Remember also to pick a product that sells. Know what people would buy.

Buyers always look for convenience, fast and cheap ways to buy products and deliver these to them. The good news is that in eBay, this is totally under the sellers’ control. So while selling, make sure you always include the correct shipping costs and explain how long it will take. Never leave the buyer guessing the approximate time the package will take to arrive. It’s just not about listing your product, but you are marketing it too. So the same way you spend time designing an advertisement, the same way you should work on your product. Take your time and choose the apt words that go with the product listing.

Another trick is to always give the buyers a vast choice of payment options. You may get a buyer, who really wants to settle for your listed items, but cannot because he/she does not have a credit card. Always give the prospective bidders choices, so that if one payment option is not suitable, they may settle for the other or one that is much more convenient for them.

A good reputation matters more than anything else on eBay. Unless you are just on the site to sell one item and leave, the first thing that you should focus on is getting good feedback on your sales. A good percentage of eBay buyers prefer looking at the track record of the person for which they are bidding, and so the better comments you have from your buyers the better chances you have of getting many new buyers.

Lastly, acting like a professional will give you an edge over other sellers. Professionalism creates confidence and when somebody looks at your eBay profile and sees that your auctioning terms and conditions are business like, he/she may be most likely drawn to your products. However, don’t be complicated, but be simple and yet be professional.

If you would like more information on the keys to a successful business simply click here.


Thank you for reading my eBook and I hope you find my other products as helpful.


Kind Regards


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    Can you relate? Maybe you've "been there and done that?" Whether it's painting or plumbing chances are you've had a similar experience. If your "honey do...

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  • How to Use Pennies to Create eBay Profit$
    How to Use Pennies to Create eBay Profit$ eBay by Ed Dickinson
    How to Use Pennies to Create eBay Profit$
    How to Use Pennies to Create eBay Profit$



    Jul 2011

    This book will reveal a way many people are making some extra money on eBay.

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