White Collar Woman 2: A Man's Appetite


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Whether you were the Prey or the Predator, we all have experienced the Appetite of a Man in some shape or form. The indescribable connection between a man and woman can lead to a deadly web of lies, deceit, and infidelity. As you enter the lives of multiple relationships, you will find yourself connecting with someone in the story. Were you the one devoted, but was lied to? Or, are you the one playing games and creating ruckus? As we dig deeper, you learn that a (wo)man shares the same appetite. Once these two worlds collide, you experience a story like no other. From Author Nicholas L. Maze, we discover A Man’s Appetite. www.AuthorMaze.com

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Nicholas L. Maze

Nicholas hasn't been an author for a long period of time, but that hasn't been displayed in his body of work. He entered the world of literature with a romance/drama, titled "White Collar Woman". This was the book that opened the door for two more books, each in its own genre. Now, Nicholas has went back to his roots. A Man's Appetite is the second fiction book by the up and coming author. In comparison, A Man's Appetite is Nicholas L. Maze at a higher level. Although White Collar Woman was a good read, A Man's Appetite is great! White Collar Woman built a story around one character, Marla Evans. With this book, there are numerous characters/lives and numerous relationships. Before you know it, you are showing concern for various people within the book, because the details and experiences are so rich. This created a new challenge, which Nicholas easily succeeded. What is left to be seen is how will Nicholas L. Maze be able to top his current work, A Man's Appetite. www.authormaze.com

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