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[[||]] from the inside flap …

Two young dudes from east Charlotte, the author and his mythical best friend, a character named Frank, take a psychedelic half-hollow-day excursion to Morrow Mountain State Park, just east of Albemarle, North Carolina (USA).

While hiking under the influence of a mysterious psychoactive elixir, they begin ‘searching for tomorrow’ along the leaf-covered trails on a majestic March day. Out in the woods, they observe many thought-inducing scenes, leading to creative concepts about life on Earth.

Spoken words soon become jumping-off-on-a-tangent points. The English language gets fluffed and skewered; the verbal tomfoolery is nonstop. Their linguistic madness then begins to affect everyone they encounter, from a veteran policeman to a cute young waitress.

Finally, some three decades later, the magical day’s path is carefully retraced and keenly investigated with the author’s wife and son.