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In the name of of Allah

the Merciful

The Book


The Millionaire

Authorised by:

The protected by Allah

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The minutes were passing violently by all those who were standing in the waiting room of that luxurious hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..

The heart rate was raising questions and curiosity in the souls of those who were in front of the intensive care room.. one two.. one two..

- No, it doesn't beat regularly..

That is what the young man "Malten" whispered while he was hiding his head between his shoulders.. he is witnessing a fateful moment in his life..

While the important employees and close servant -

who were attend- were recalculating fearfully.. what will happen?.. and will there be an impact on what will happen?.. Let's answer oh destiny!!

The sound of the pulse device surprised them with a rapid decline, with which the morale of many decreased, their hearts accelerated, and their eyes expanded, while destiny counted to ten and...


This was followed by a horrible silence, so the people who were standing exchanged looks with touching meanings in the last light before the lights of the care room went out and the doctors came out, announcing condolences on the death of the deceased and the loss of the dear..

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Immediately his girlfriend dropped down bursting out crying and weeping, and seeing her, the chief of the servants and the others became crying, consoling and embracing each other and then the waiting room turns into mourning and wailing..

After a few minutes, the drunk left and the idea came.

The whole crowd demanded to see the deceased, and they entered hastily overlooking the dead, and the weeping party returned again, so that they did not hear the whisper that one of them whispered:

- Finally!

This was the young man Malten in the old brown coat, who was hiding his smile between his long collar..

and as soon as he was sure by his eyes of his uncle's death, he turned his back to the standings and left the grief to his people and received life with his chest and came out of the room while his mind almost jumped with joy as he hardly concealed his smile..

And as soon as he walked down the stairs of the hospital, life became very sweet in his eyes, and he whispered with a smile:

- Now, right away to the lawyer!

And the man jogged towards the city centre to that luxurious office that belonged to his uncle's lawyer.

He stood in front of the door of the varnished wood

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and tried to improve the appearance of his hair and clothes before knocking on it, but whispered with laughter:

- Why?! .. I became richer than the owner of this office! .. He became who seeks my pleasure!

He knocked on the door with confidence raising his nose high, and the well-groomed old usher opened the door..

But as soon as he saw Malten in his old clothes, he darkened his face and prepared to expel this poor parasite away, while the young man gave him a judicious look and said:

- Get away from my face, old man, and call your master at once!

The usher furrowed his brows and intended to slam the door when Malten added:

- It seems that you do not know that you are in the presence of who! .. I am the new millionaire Malten! ..

I have come to take over the affairs of my property after the death of that old man, my uncle!

Malten burst out laughing, while the brow was suspicious, but he realized that it was the same arrogant laughter of the Malten family, so he was forced at last to bring Malten into the hall of the large luxurious office, which if our friend had seen him yesterday, he would be astonished, but now he was looking from above and staring around him with the

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outskirts of his eyes and everything inside him shouting:

- This is the office of one of the followers, so how about the master's house?!

Moments passed before the fifty-years-old lawyer appeared in his staid face and uniform and sat examining his visitor who has arrogant, hateful looks and preparing to bear his weight and paranoia!

As soon as he told him the matter and the lawyer was sure of the truth of his claim and the truth of his story, he said in a low voice:

- Perhaps, sir, you could have waited a few hours, at least after your uncle is buried!

Malten brust out in anger:

- And what is my relationship to this issue?!..

Inheritance and will work as soon as the inheritable dies, not as burying him!.. Now do your work and hand me the keys and the reins of affairs.. Let's move!

The lawyer swallowed his displeasure, then got up to the next room, Malten heard the sound of keys opening and the creaking of iron.

His saliva flowed and his dreams blossomed. Soon the lawyer returned with a look like a gloating look in his eyes, he presented him with a copy of an official document sealed and signed and accompanied by a book with a precious cover, and when Malten began

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to read it, he remembered suddenly that he can't read, so he was shocked and then corrected the situation, saying:

- Read it for me..isn't this your job?!

- Yes, but I wanted you to check this yourself.

The lawyer sharpened his voice, put on his glasses, and began to read, but the young man Malten could hardly hear him among his dreams, and as soon as he finished, Malten said to him:

- I understood.. as it is expected.. now where are the keys?

The lawyer was dumbfounded, not knowing what to say, then answered in a confused voice:

- As if you didn't hear what I said, sir!

- And what did you say?..I mean these formalities are your for me, they do not concern me..

what concerns me only are the keys, papers for banks, money...and these matters!

The lawyer sighed, having to deal with this simple, popular type of people, and re-read part of the document in a clear voice:

"And my heir must take the test that I deposited with my lawyer "Butler", which is a test in the book

"Imagine Yourself Wealthy" that I wrote and attached to my will.. If he succeeds, he will be my heir"

Malten shouted angrily:

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- Impossible!.. you are a fraud.. you covet my wealth!

- It is not impossible.. Nor is this fraud.. This is a document with your uncle's handwriting, signature and fingerprint.. Look.. That's why I wanted you to read it yourself..

The lawyer turned the document to show it to Malten, who violently snatched it from his hand and savagely tore it saying:

- Now there is no truth!

The lawyer stopped his laughter and said:

- Sir..this is just a copy of twenty copies other than the original document..that is how your uncle recommended his money and this is how it should be!

- No no!

Malten stood to attack the lawyer violently, while the latter tried to defend himself, so the book fell down from his lab and opened.

And as soon as Malten saw him open, he kicked him angrily, healed and tore him among the confused looks of the lawyer, then turned his eyes as if the world had narrowed him at the last moment, and he started screaming like a madman as he came out of the office depressed and sad, and as his voice disappeared, the lawyer put his hand on his head in pain:

- I think this man is the biggest disaster in my

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professional history ever!

- I'm with you on this, sir!

As for Malten, he went out smashing the ground with his feet, erupting like a volcano and hitting the walls until night caught up with him and his feet were worn out. So he went to a park and lied down on one of its desks.. and sighed out in pain..

- Millionaire and sleeping on a chair in a park?!.. Ah!..

My uncle is a savage.. I have not received any good from him, neither he is alive nor dead.. Ah!.. "Imagine yourself rich"??!.. Who needs imagination when he is really rich?!

He rolled over the wood, sighing, and said:

- It seems that this must be done.. It is unreasonable for me to waste all that wealth just for a trivial exam paper.. but how?!.. how when I have not read a letter in my life besides memorizing a book or taking an exam?!.. Always these words were just words that I hear from schoolchildren or the miserable lazy comrades in the neighborhood.

He hit his face angrily and shouted:

- I didn't imagine that I would have to use it one day after all this life... But what to do?.. It is necessary to do this.. Must!

And a few minutes passed before he got up from the chair bursting out.. He would not know the taste of

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sleep, while those obsessions hit and tortured him..

So he rambled the park and the streets with his angry steps until the lights of dawn appeared. He immediately went to the lawyer's office, hovering around him for hours.

As he saw the lawyer coming, he attacked him asking excitedly:

- Where is he?.. where is he?.. give me it now!

The poor lawyer tried to get his collar off Malten's hands and catch his breath, saying:

- What are you talking about? .. What do you want? ..

You will kill me!

Malten let him down, saying:

- The book; My passport to the world of wealth! ..

Where is it?

The lawyer replied angrily, taking his breath angrily and opening the office door:

- Of course I won't carry it with me.. It's here in the office!

The lawyer came in and gave the book to Malten who took it and turned the tattered, filthy pages in a fit of bitter remorse, and said in a low voice:

- Is there another copy instead of this one?

- No!..that's is in your uncle's handwriting as you

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can see..

The lawyer tried to hide his smile of schadenfreude, while Malten tried to hide his face and ran away trying to correct the positions of the papers completely, so he walked a lot under the weight of his wandering before...

Before he felt a fast ghost snatching what was between his hands, it made a terrible sound tearing from the pages which were in his hands, they had separated from their roots, so he was shocked for a moment before he realized the reality and went behind that thief..

- Stop, crazy.. Stop.. you don't know what you do!

His despairing voice disappeared when he was losing the trace of the book and wealth in one fell swoop, he cried sobbing like a small child, while the laughter of the gang around him rose:

- Crazy!

- Amazing show, Jim!

- What a crazy young man!

- His father must deprive him of his money for a month because he lost his book!

And they started laughing gleefully as they left while Malten collapsed on his knees, hearing nothing but the wailing of himself and the screaming of his soul, and the world around him turned black.

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A time passed before he felt a lump on his back, he regained consciousness when he heard:

- Are you alive, man?!

Maltin raised his eyes to meet the eyes of an angry traffic policeman, shouting:

- What are you doing here in the middle of the street?!

.. You have disrupted traffic!

Suddenly Malten perceived the sound of angry car horns that were ringing in the place, so he got up heavy and moved away amid the curses that were raining down on him from all sides and walked..

walked.. and walked..

Night fell on him while he was wandering, not feeling his hunger or tired.. He did not know the number of days he had spent without food when he suddenly opened his eyes in a white place!

But he was not as hungry as he used to.. Yet his stomach was hurting him, and he tried to get up when he had a fit of convulsion along his body. He fell in shock and tried to catch his breath when he felt that his hands were tied.

- What is this tube on my hand? Or rather, in my hand?

.. This contains a transparent liquid, but .. What is this? On the other hand, blood!

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A chill ran through his body as he contemplated this strange condition in which he was..

He tried to turn his head, but he also could not, and his feeling became tragic before he heard steps and a desperate face with clear prestige appeared on him.

He quickly rose up in surprise when he saw Malten's eyes open, and he had a sudden smile, so he hurried Immediately shouting with joy:

- Doctor.. Doctor.. he woke up.. he woke up!

Soon the doctor came and looked optimistically and asked Malten:

- What's your name, sir?

- Malten...

The doctor asked a few questions to make sure of his sanity and consciousness, then turned to the other man and said:

- I congratulate you! He has passed the danger stage.

- Does that mean he will live, my friend?

This is expected if he receives adequate medical care.

- Do not worry about this; My conscience is enough!

The doctor laughed and joked:

- The important thing is not to hit him with your car again!

The two exchanged a smile while Malten was

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shocked, not only by the car, but also by the news! ..

The man approached Malten and said:

- I don't know if you remember what happened..but you seemed to be straying..and since I am used to the fact that the road to my villa is usually deserted, I was in a hurry and did not realize what happened until it was too late..and..

The words clashed in the confused mouth of the man before he finally said:

- In any case, I hope you will forgive me.. and I will do everything in my power to compensate you for your harm, God willing, especially if you did not tell the police.

The man paused in shame, while Malten answered:

- The book.. give me back the book!

- What book are you talking about, Mr. Malton? You didn't have a trace of any book!

- Yes..because they stole it from me..the bastards!

- It seems that this book means a lot for you.. If you remember the descriptions of the thieves well, we may be able to catch them if God grants us success..

- A gang of street people.. No.. They must have tore it up and lit their tobacco with it.. Ah!

The man tried to say something before Malten interrupted him, saying with a sigh:

- None of you realize the value of that one!

Image 16

- At least tell me in which street you were... so that I can send my men to search for them... and if the charges are proven against them, they can be punished!

Malten stopped wailing in astonishment and looked at the man inquiringly:

- Your men??

- Yes, men.. ah.. I understand!

The man stroked his hands, laughing, and added:

- Because of my excessive interest in you, I forgot to introduce myself! .. I am the judge "Mohammed Lolam" ..

He was silent for a moment, then went on earnestly, his face covered with awe:

- No!.. the word' judge' does not mean in my dictionary anything but justice and integrity.. and from that I judged myself to help you and compensate you, even though I could have ignored what happened and let you die in that remote countryside and the dark night!

Malten replied, his tone changed:

- Well... I'm not lying anyway, sir; They actually stole it from me.. next to the public theater house..

- This is far.. I mean I know that gang, but you were very far from that place..

- That's because I was so sad about my book that I started walking without awareness or thinking..

Image 17

That's because my loss of that book does not and will not be equivalent to any other loss throughout my life!

- I see, I'll look into it right now and tell you.

The judge stood up and said:

- Speed may now be useful.

The judge immediately took off, while Malten was filled with some hope and said to himself:

- Strange.. He is much more humble than the judge is usually!.. But at last you smiled at me, O world!.. Even if he did not find the book, this man might be able to judge in my favor and save me from my uncle's commandment..

Malten could not express his emotion properly in the midst of all those bandages and splints, but his smile widened on his face as he thought:

- It would not occur to that judge that this book has that great value and that by doing this he contributes in the birth of a new millionaire.. well.. as soon as those properties belong to me and I become a millionaire, may I'll bestow this judge with a generous reward.. or...

Malten thought for a moment, then added:

- No! .. Why will I reward him?! .. He is doing this to

Image 18

compensate me for all this harm he caused me.. Ah..

How many days will I spend tormented between these splinters, hoping to return to my nature?!

But it is okay if it is this the price of the wealth.. Yes..

many people pay their longest life to become rich, and despite that precious price they fail!.. On the other hand, the servants will make me comfortable and that will not affect me much!

And so Malten spent the whole day moving from dream to dream dreaming of the judge's return to give him the good tidings on a gold platter studded with diamonds!

Night came and finally brought the judge with him.

Malten looked at him anxiously, while the judge came forward and sat quietly after saluting and exchanged looks with Malten then he said:

- I hope you are getting better now.

- I do not know; I don't feel my body when I think of my book, sir.. Please tell me immediately without introductions.. Did you manage to get it back or did they burn it and it's too late?

- no..

- no?!

- Yes, as you heard; No.. Their leader told me after a long conversation that he had sold it to a student...

- He sold it?!..sold it?! to sell it when it was torn and dirty?!

- Torn and dirty?!.. The book you are so obsessed

Image 19

with is torn and dirty?!

The judge hit his face, which turned red from the awfulness of the surprise, while Malten blushed in defense:

- is..but its value is many as much as this huge hospital with its contains, sir!.. can you believe that?

- Aaah..yes..yes!

The judge kept his smile as he tried to match the simplicity of his interlocutor and gave his face his usual prestige while Malten said:

- Did you know who is the student who bought it?

- No.. this is impossible.. he is just a child in school clothes.. nothing special in him, especially since the leader of that gang is not a collaborator.

- But.. what about my book?.. what about me?

- If you insist, you can advertise it in the newspapers, for example.. Maybe the parents of that child will read your advertisement and sell it to you!

- what?!

Malten paused for a while, then added angrily:

- A torn book.. what does he want to do with it?!..

stuff it with his pillow or make paper missiles with it..

ah!.. my whole body is hurting me.. ah!.. what is this terrible pain?!.. I have never tasted the like of it in my life. Ah!

Image 20

Malten groaned and cried, and the nurse ran to him and said to the judge:

- What did you do to him?..a whole day went by him, I didn't hear him sigh not even once..what happened suddenly now?

- I didn't do anything.. but.. you can tell that his spirits went down a bit...

The judge withdrew little by little after the doctor entered and in the midst of the patient's screams, feeling guilty about him, but at the same time he was hitting fifths by sixths:

- Why did God bring me together with this eccentric young man and obligate me with him?.. Is he as crazy as he seems or sane?!.. and what might this trivial book mean to him?!.. Should I seriously search for him or ignore that?

The judge exhaled among dozens of questions that kept bumping his head back and forth when he was returning to his home, finally he found a solution as it seemed to him..

The next day, he returned to Malten, who looked at him with disdain and hatred. He clashed a little, then said:

- What are these looks, Mr. Malten?!.. I am still

Image 21

solving your problem.. On the other hand, as soon as you get better and can sit in the wheelchair, God willing, I'll take you to my library, it is big and...

- Your library?!..and what should I do in your library?!

The judge got himself in front of the rough of his interlocutor, and answered calmly:

- You will read in it .. Of course you will not shower!

- Read?!

- Yes.. you read.. and what can you do with books other than reading?!

- What if I can't read well?

Immediately the judge dropped down to one of the chairs, losing his temper, saying: What is the value of that book to you if you cannot read it?!!

- Yes, it is a very valuable book.. That's why I wanted to learn to read in order to read it, memorize it and be tested by it..

The judge took a deep breath to regain his calm, whispering to himself:

- I have never in my life passed such a test in controlling nerves and curbing curiosity.. but no.. my nerves will not escape from me!

He regained his usual solemn voice and prestige and said:

- Anyway, what do you think, then, that I bring you a

Image 22

professor to teach you to read and write so that you do not waste your time while you are waiting for the book to come back?

Malten's face brightened:

- Good idea!..but you will pay for it..

- Of course, I promised you that I would compensate you for your damages, so we agreed.

- And don't forget to place the advertisement in the newspaper.

- True.. but you have to tell me about the book so I can describe it..

- Yes.. its cover was luxurious red and had a golden decoration, as I remember..

- And his title?

- "Imagine yourself rich"

- I've never heard of him before...

- Of course, it was written by my uncle.

- True.. you did not mention anything about your family.. could they not be worried about you?

- Do not tire yourself.. I have no family or home..even this uncle died a few days ago..

- I accept my condolences!

Malten resented this word of condolence, while the judge got up and there was a satisfying look on his

Image 23

face; he came to a solution for his curiosity:

- That is why he is dear to him.. It must be a memory from the last member of his family. His uncle whom he loves!..yes.. I think so..

A month later, the judge was astonished when he entered the hospital and found Malten in one of the wheelchairs in its garden. He greeted him with a smile and congratulated him on the improvement of his health. Malten replied with his usual cold:

- Do you have any news about my book?

- No.. despite all those advertisements you published..

the important thing is that you do not waste time and learn to read for preparation!

Malten gave him a cold look and then looked at the sign next to him:






The judge was astonished and said:

- I didn't expect you to learn to read so quickly!

- Of course... I must be quick; I have a goal! .. I have an opportunity that billions of people have not and will not have!

And the judge sluggishly replied:

- Yes, in any case, this is the human being. When he focuses on a goal, he destroys the world, panting after it!

Image 24

- If his goal is as precious as mine!

And the judge replied in himself:

- And I think I'm the one whom you will destroy to reach your goal!

Maltin added:

- Anyway, take me to the place where you found me when the accident had happened.

The judge was surprised, while Malton continued:

- There is something I am missing, and it may have fallen there.

- But it's been more than a month... I mean, it's unbelievable that you can find that thing in its place!

- We were just talking; I will challenge the reasonable and the unreasonable behind my goal!

- W.. well.. I hope your chair can get into my car.

Indeed, the two arrived at the place of the accident, Malten looked at the ground searching, while the judge stood waiting for him, and after a while the latter got bored and said:

- I'll be in my villa here; When you finish call to me..

The judge did not take two steps before Malten shouted:

- There it is.. there; stuck to the rock!

Image 25

The judge went back and pulled that yellowed, dirty paper from under the rock and said, as he shook the dirt on it:

- This is?

- Yes.. this is the paper that was torn from my book.. here to read it!

- You will not be able to read it, it is folded and dirty.. I will read it to you.

"After what I have described to you about wealth in all its details and its great bliss, and you have imagined it with me, I implore you to visualize all this around you for a whole day, 24 hours.

I won't wait for you to tell me: 'This is a trifle' or

'What's the point of this?' I will answer you immediately that you will not be able to .. Why?!

You want to be rich in order to get rid of too many limits and to do what you like, this is exactly what you can do in imagination in your own world, and of course you will not find anything you yearn for and desire to achieve in your imagination, but do it within two or three hours; In imagination, there are no limits..

And because you can do the reasonable and the unreasonable, your life ends in seconds instead of years, and soon you will find yourself bored of imagination and back to Really looking for something new..."

Image 26

After he finished reading, the judge said:

- Here the paper was torn... but it is valuable wisdom, it seems that your uncle was a wise or a philosopher!

- What?!.. wise?!.. my uncle is wise?!..maybe he would have been like this when he wrote this book before he became rich, but after he became rich...

- Is your uncle - your father's brother - rich?

- Yes, and he is the one who compelled me to memorize this hateful book.

The judge looked at Malten with strange looks.

Malton added, explaining:

- More than thirty years ago, my father and uncle established a clothing company, but it was not popular and almost went bankrupt, so my uncle blamed my father and they had a great quarrel that led my father to leave the partnership dispensed.

Unfortunately, his decision came at the decisive moment, as it was only a short period before that company sprouted and blossomed and finally bore fruit, by that my uncle climbed the stairs of the classes and became rich while our situation deteriorated and we went down until we became poor and by my father dying of his anger, we became destitute.

I was five years old at the time when the owner of the house expelled me and my mother, we then lived a

Image 27

life of homelessness and torment, and despite my uncle's knowledge of our situation, he kept his grudges with my father and did not help us with a single Ringgit throughout his life..

And now, after his death, he made it obligatory for me in his will to memorize this book and take an exam with it so that I can obtain my legal inheritance, otherwise all of his property will go to charitable organizations.

At the echo of these words, the judge's face turned red and ran to anger, as he muttered:

- So your uncle is Church Malten... he is the same rich Church Malten...

Malten looked at the judge in astonishment, while the latter turned his face away, then returned him, saying, scornfully:

- At first, when I hit you with my car, I wondered about the reason for the fate that brought me together with you.

- Do you know my uncle before?

- Do I know him?!..Yes, I know him as enemy to enemy..I know him as rival to rival..

- I'm not surprised by this for my uncle, but how long have you known him?

- Nearly twenty years ago... the first thing we heard of

Image 28

his name was the day they presented a case to my father, the judge, against your uncle, because my father was a pious and just judge, protecting by the justice of my father against your uncle's injustice.

The circumstances of the case were thorny and it was clear that there was manipulation by his lawyer Butler, and when the lawyer sensed that my father had revealed this and was about to rule in favor of your uncle's opponent, he sent to my father to bribe him with a large sum, but my father, who feared God, refused and rejected that closed this case only with justice the most complete..

This, of course, caused a heavy loss to your uncle and his family.. It was only a few days before my father had a crushing car accident; The car flipped over and caught fire.

The judge was silent, then added:

- I was fifteen years old at the time when I found myself an orphan with my brothers..No one suspected that the accident was orchestrated..The police made an effort to investigate, but other efforts were made to close the investigation on the grounds that this was just an accident, and the case became forgotten as there has not been a feat of man over the years who can do it..

The judge looked sharply at Malten, who froze his eyes, and added:

Image 29

- Now it is too late, your uncle fled from me forever..

but where will he flee from God??.. where??

While Malten did not find an answer, the judge went on angrily:

- And now time has passed, and I shocked you with the car.. Do you understand what I am saying?.. You are the one who will replace your uncle.. You!!

- M.. me?!!.. What is my relationship?!

The judge smiled, regaining his prestige, and said cunningly:

- Briefly; Do not search for the book and do not tire yourself! .. I, the judge, am the biggest and greatest obstacle in your way!

The words stammered in Malten's mouth and his face turned yellow in despair, as the judge answered him in a curious way:

- but more than that; You'll be lucky if I keep you alive or free!

- But... what is my fault?!... I am also, like you, a victim of my uncle's greed!

But anger and vengeance had made the judge deaf to listen for any voice except for himself, so he smiled proudly and got into his car while saying sarcastically:

- If you can make the earth swallow you up, do it!

Image 30

And the car drove away, hiding among its roar the cries of that helpless person who started calling in a hoarse voice and crying without answering..

The car shot like an arrow on the highway as if it was trying with Centrifugal force to expel the obsessions and thoughts from the driver's mind.

And soon a large transport vehicle confronted him, and he woke up from his stupor on the sound of its horn and turned the steering wheel with all his might.

The awful sound of the wheels took over the dangerous situation, the fast car began to flip over tragically, so the judge was forced to jump from it, be finally fell on the dry grace rolling..

This was the last thing he remembered before he opened his eyes again and found himself in his villa, so he rose sluggishly, feeling a fit of pain in his bones, and searched for the doorman until he found him in the garden.

As soon as their eyes met, the old doorman smiled and approached, saying:

- Thanks for God you are safe, sir!

- Yes, praise be to God.. But how many time has passed since the accident?

- Hours, sir.

- Only?! .. Did the police not know about it?

- I don't think.. I was going to the city when I saw a

Image 31

car on the side of the road.. I had a suspicion that it was your car, which I know well, but I ruled out this thought until I stood next to it and confirmed that it was it, with part of its frame smashed and surrounded by sharp tire tracks.

To my amazing, I found you there on the grass, so I hastened to help you and brought you here.

- May God reward you for me, my friend.. It seems that the other driver ran away, leaving me alone..

Praise be to God for his safety.. But I think that all my bones are hurt..

- This accident is strange, sir.. I know that you usually drive quietly!

- Yes, but....

The judge was silent, remembering something.

- I think God is telling me that I made a mistake.

He turned his face away, then hurried out of the villa, then the doorman followed him, and after a few meters, the judge stood and said:

- Did you not see a man in a wheelchair? He was here hours ago.

- No.. I didn't see anyone here today, rather than someone alone in a wheelchair!

So the judge examined the ground for traces of the wheels of the chair, but to no avail. He got up and said:

Image 32

- Look for him.. Look for this man in the vicinity.. The earth will not swallow him anyway!

But the doorman did not find anything on that day or on any day, and there was no trace of Malten in the hospitals or in the roads, and no one could find a trace of him for months and months...

The judge almost went crazy at first:

- Where did he disappear to?!.. Where does a disabled man in need of care disappear?!!.. the earth swallowed him?!.. This is what I actually told him, but I did not imagine that he would consider it advice to this degree!

And he sighed:

- That's trace of him left except that paper..

He took it out and checked it..

- is in his own handwriting indeed..but I don't think that a rich person like him would leave his book in the shade..

He went looking for the book in the libraries and did not make much effort before finding it in one of the old libraries.

- 'Imagine yourself rich'.. No, I haven't heard of it.. or It's as if I've heard of it. Anyway, luckily for you, I still have one. Its copies had taken thirty years ago.

Image 33

The old librarian answered while looking for the book in one of the boxes and began to shake the dust from it, the judge took it and opened the page corresponding to the yellowed paper he had.

- It's it! .. Thank you, how much do you want to pay for it?

- It's old.. Well, thirty Ringgit is enough.

- Just?!. OK, here you are!

The judge came out of the library smiling and whispering to himself:

- I began to feel as Malten did; This simple book is the key to that great fortune, however no one appreciates it!!.. How strange it is that a fortune can be sold for thirty ringgit!

Then he sighed:

- But what is the advantage and where will I get to?! ..

I found the book and lost the man!

Thus, the book or the key - as it was - moved from the library box filled with dust to the judge's shelf and sat on it for years and days, had been eaten by dust without a hand thinking of touching it..

He did not even have the opportunity to read it by its owner - the judge - who was shivering angrily if be heard the name of its writer!

But that book did not know that there is a person

Image 34

somewhere in this world burns and even burns day and night dreaming about it and sees it in sleep and wakefulness in his hands, kisses it, hugs it, and prays for the death of his owner!!

Four years had passed before the day came when the judge entered his villa with his family as usual, when they found in it a woman's face that resembled the face of the doorman they had been accustomed to for years. The woman quickly explained to the judge with sadness:

- Excuse us, sir, but my father fell hard yesterday to the ground and he has been injured in his spine.. and because we need money, I came in his place..

- Well, I pray for him to recover. In any case, do not worry; Go home and I'll pay you the rent as if your father was still at work..

- This is very generous from you, sir!!.. I don't know how to thank your magnanimity!!

She smiled and said:

- Although if my husband was active and able to rely on him like other men, I would not need to bother you like this!

- Are you married?!

- That's in word only... But the truth... Well, all I get is hearing about that crazy book symphony!

- The book? .. Which book?

The woman paused, then said:

Image 35

- No.. nothing.. it's a story that he just loves..

The woman ran away and the judge let her do, while he rushed to the shelf, snatched the book from its dust, and ran to his car, whispering in exasperation:

- For years I have been looking and waiting for him although he is leagues away from me!

The car sped to the neighboring village until it stopped next to an old house.. The judge took a deep breath before knocking on the door..

A few moments had passed before the door opened and a face appeared that misery excavated its trenches in it, he was carrying a child who looked like him on his hand, but the difference was that the child, at least, had not the misery that his father had!

As soon as Malten saw the judge, he turned coldly inside and said:

- Here's the doctor, uncle.

And he let him in without bothering to look at his face, and as soon as he closed the door, the judge said to Malten:

- I'm glad you couldn't convince the earth to swallow you up!

Malten's eyes widened, he raised his eyes in suspicion, and as soon as his eyes met the judge's eyes, his son fell from his hand, and his face turned

Image 36

yellow and red, he found nothing but his habit of attacking!

He attacked the judge while the latter pushed him hard and put the book in front of his face to show him.

Malten did not understand this, but a battle broke out between them..

A punch from here and a push from there until the judge finally managed to pin Malten to the ground and put the book in front of his eyes.

A few moments passed before Malten read the title and calmed down, so the judge got up and Malten rose while his eyes did not rise from the book!

Those words took all his soul, so he opened the book and immediately began to read it as he walked to the door, and because of the intensity of his preoccupation, he tripped over his son, who was crawling on the ground after he fell from his father's hand..

The boy screamed loudly but the father was swimming in his world outside the house, but the judge said to him while carrying the poor child:

- I read in your uncle's will that the deadline for the exam is after five years; That is only four months left!

Malten read more, while the judge groaned the poor

Image 37

child and closed the door laughing:

- Perhaps when he finishes memorizing the book and wakes up, he finds himself in Thailand!

He turned to the old doorman in his bed, and said to him, indignant and sarcastic:

- So you scanned the whole village and did not find a trace of him, neither among the livings nor among the deads... didn't you?

The words stammered in the doorman's mouth, he turned his face in shyness, and then said in a voice close to a whisper:

- Excuse me, sir..but if you had seen him the first moment I saw -when he was on the chair crying, sobbing and wailing his luck as he told me what you said to him and his eyes dripping with the sorrow of the whole world-you would never have blamed me for what I did, sir!

- But didn't it seem to you that it was a whim of anger and that it is not my habit to act in this way?!

- And what if it wasn't and you were looking for him to take revenge on him and do Your judgment?!.. I had no way to confirm that, sir, actually I thought I had saved him!

The judge sighed and said:

- This is all the result of your unknowing.. I am just a judge, not a prince; By which law would I do that?!

Image 38

The judge calmed himself, saying:

- In any case, there is no point in blaming anyone; It is destiny, and God knows best because of his postponement of that for these four years..

Perhaps the sudden shock would have caused him to become paranoid, and so God decided to make it over years..

- Do you mean.. do I understand from your words that this book is really important, sir?

- Of course!

- What is its importance?

The judge laughed and said:

- You will know, my friend, you will know.. and you will see how God rewards charity many times over!

After the four months had passed, Malten was planted at the lawyer Butler's door, waiting for him to start his shift..

What a grief for the lawyer when he saw Malten's face in front of him again, but he controlled himself and did his duty....

It was three o'clock at night when the judge got up from his bed in terror at the sound of violent knocking on the door of his house.

But he was not much surprised when he saw

Image 39

Malten's miserable face at his door and immediately realized that Malten was in not enough aware to realise that it was late or to salut, Malten clung to the judge's clothes at once and said to him in a hoarse weeping voice:

- Your Honor, do you see how many years have passed since I made my life bitter and blackened my days with the story of this book?

- What happened? .. Did you fail the exam?

- An exam?.. which exam?!.. they deceived me.. they made fun of me!

- How?... I read your uncle's will document myself!

- Yes.. and guess what that exam paper contained, if it is called so..

- A question outside the book?

- It's much worse than that; it was the hardest question ever!

Malten sobbed and fell to his knees, saying:

- To imagine; The question was a document of assignment of my inheritance from my uncle; About my money and my wealth to the fullest!

- What?!

The judge exclaimed in surprise:

- Damned! .. What a despicable plan like its owner! ..

Did you sign on it?

- No.. I read it and read it in shock and disbelief..

Image 40

When I was sure that it was so, I quite refused and shouted at the lawyer who answered me with a smile in front of the witnesses:

- If you do not answer the required answer, this means that you have failed the exam, and accordingly, Mr. Church Malten's properties will be transferred to charitable organizations as stipulated in his will!

I didn't know what to do, so I tore the paper out of my anger, so the lawyer announced in front of everyone that my properties had been transferred to charitable societies and expelled me from the office as if I were a....

Malten sobbed in agony as the judge hit the wall with his hand and said:

- The rascals!..whether you succeed or fail, the result is the same. His goal was nothing but to wear you down!

- Yes.. He took advantage of me because I was illiterate and did not know anything.. Please, sir.. Save me!

- Save you?!.. the matter happened and you fell into their trap; What will I save you from?

- Judge in my favour!.. give me back my right!

The judge was shocked, then restrained himself and took Malten's hand, saying as he raised him up:

- Anyway, it's not reasonable for us to stay here on

Image 41

the road.. Come on inside..

He took him into the guest room, turned on the lights, sat him down, and he was gone for a few moments before returning with a glass of water and presented it to him, saying:

- Here you are, drink some water, to get better and calm down.

- I can't..what is in my chest prevents me from drinking, eating, and even sleeping!..I am the most miserable person in this world!..the most miserable!

The cup fell from the hand of Malten who was weeping and pieces shattered, making a terrible thumping at the end of that dark night, but Malten did not care about it, as if nothing had happened, he had not heard anything, but said, clinging to the judge's clothes:

- Sir, if you don't help me, I won't be able to eat even a single morsel... if you don't help me, I will commit suicide... I will die!

The judge sighed in confusion and then said in a low voice:

- Hear me well, since the first time I sat on the bench of the judiciary, I made a promise in front of God Almighty to be an honorable and just judge and not to accept a bribe and to establish the truth wherever and however it was!

Image 42

- That's why you have to help me then!

The two exchanged looks, then Malten added:

- Am I not the target?! not the oppressed?!..don't you think that the truth is with me, sir?

The judge was silent and then said:

- The law says that the will comes first. The owner of the money is more entitled to dispose of his money! ..

even if it is with this manipulation and meanness..

- But I'm his nephew, I'm his only heir!

- Albeit!

- What do you mean?.. the whole world knows that the money of the dead goes to the next of kin.. and you see the injustice they treated me with.. this is my right!

- This is true in God's law.

- See?! .. It's my right!

- So you believe in God's law!

- Everyone believes in him.

- Does this mean that you believe in God?

Malten looked at the judge, wide-eyed, and exclaimed:

- I am talking to you about a case that affects my being and you are trying to preach me?!

- Preach you?! .. I am a Muslim, not a Christian trying

Image 43

to preach to you!

- and what's the difference?

- The difference is that...

- Don't tell me!.. I don't want to hear!

The two fell silent before Malten finally said:

- How while I ,since the beginning of my life, don't get out of misery but dive into another?! .. God have never made me happy, nor even one day!

- Nor even one day?!

- Yes, nor even one day!

The judge looked at Malten in astonishment, then said:

- I heard a story about one of the sultans; A wise man said to him: 'Do you see that if you are very thirsty and want a drink of water, how much will you pay for it?'

He replied: "Half of my possessions." He said to him:

"Do you see if this drink was locked in your body and you were unable to take it out, how much would you pay for taking it out?"

He replied: "The other half of my possessions." The wise man said to him: "What a possession that is worth a drink of water!"

Tell me, Mr. Malten, how many drinks of water have

Image 44

you drunk in your life so far?.. And how much wealth did you pay for them?

The judge smiled as Malten got up and got on his knees, holding onto the judge's knees, and pleadingly said to him:

- Forget about this now, the matter is more severe than this.. If you are late, they will distribute my money to charitable organizations.. Please help me in returning it for what you want!

- Well, I'll help you, but for your eyes?

- !!!

- Or for your kidneys!

Malten looked at him lightly, while the judge added, laughing:

- It seems that your wealth is cheaper than everything you have and yet you sacrifice everything you have for it!

- Is there any hope of persuading you?!

- In short, you can start looking for a career!

Malten got up, throwing hateful looks at the judge, while the latter answered him:

- I'm not going to lie to you; My heart is captivated and undisturbed for transgression of laws!

- Really?!.. and how do I release your heart for you exactly?

Image 45

- Only God knows this!... Therefore, He is the only one capable of that, and you have no choice but to call upon Him. If you are truly oppressed, God will respond to your request because He responds to the oppressed even if he is not a Muslim!

The surprise appeared clearly in Malten's eyes, he looked at the ground for a while, then said:

- And where is God?

- Rather say: "Where are we?" Existence is for God and therefore existence is for us only from God.. but you can go there!

The judge pointed to the direction of the Qiblah, while Malten glanced in that direction, then sat sluggishly, and said to the judge:

- Anyway, I have a request for you.. May I have some hot bread; I am now almost losing consciousness from the severity of hunger?

The judge was surprised by this strange answer, but he got up with a smile and said:

- Of course...just wait a few minutes.

The judge went to the kitchen with a good heart and immediately began to heat the food while thinking about this sudden request..

Minutes passed quickly before the judge went out carrying food to his guest, and when he put his hand on the door handle to open it, he heard the sound of

Image 46

crying from inside the room.

- Oh my Lord!..I am tired of hoping from these people..I am tired!

The judge stopped, his face turned red, he immediately realized the secret of the hot bread, so he stepped aside.

And a while passed before Malten calmed down and the judge entered to him carrying food and had exchanged a look with Malten before handing him the plate, but Malten refused to take it, saying:

- Thank you.. but my stomach is like embers and I can't eat a bite!

The judge was not surprised by this, he put the plate aside while Malten's eyes were pouring words on him, finally,

the judge answered them with a white envelope waving with it, saying:

- I have a lawyer friend whom I trust a lot and his office is against the public park.

He and Malten exchanged a look before adding in a merciful voice:

- This letter explains to him the circumstances of your case, and all what you have to do is to give it to him and entrust him to open the case file!

Immediately Malten's face brightened, and happiness appeared from his lips. The judge replied:

Image 47

- I will speak to the chief of the Judges, God willing, and try to change a clause of your uncle's will only, which is that the exam should be logical instead of this sarcasm left by your uncle, so this does not mean that you got rid of that book; You have to work hard to pass the exam, or else...

Malten looked down, then said with a sigh:

- No problem; I spent months memorizing it until I memorized it... On the other hand, I know that you are doing this to drove me over to your religion, but...

Malten took a last look at the judge before leaving:

- If I had known years ago that the key to my case was you, not the book, I would stand against your car to hit me on purpose!!

- You didn't know, but God had knew!

And the judge added to himself:

- And if I knew that hitting you by my car would make you say 'Oh my God' one day, I would hit you on purpose!!

Indeed, it did not take long before that judicial session opened, headed by Judge Muhammad Lolam and with Malten's claim...

Things went so well that the lawyer Butler unwillingly submitted at the next session a new examination document as a representative of Church Malten..

Within an hour, Malten had written his trembling lines

Image 48

on his life paper, and although his teeth were almost broken while waiting for the result, but his teeth, thanks to God, came out unharmed when it was announced that Malten had passed the exam with a score of one hundred out of a hundred!.. and how not?!!

The next evening, while the judge was returning home as usual, he was surprised by the sound of a fast, reckless car behind him, so he rushed to the sidewalk and turned quickly, he saw a luxurious black car adorned with the bouquets of charming roses, the smell of its fragrance smelling from meters!

Soon, its roof opened automatically and its driver appeared in his black glasses and luxurious clothes..

The judge did not need much time before he was surprised and expected that he was Malten, but where is that Malten from this Malten?!!

The servant went down to open the car door for his master, but was surprised to find that his master, Malten, was already outside the car! .. Malten set off lightly, rushed to the judge and raised his black glasses, saying to him eagerly:

- Hello, Judge.. What do you think of this Lombargonne?

The judge laughed and said:

- You mean the problem!

- And these black glasses.. Finally, I put on black

Image 49


- Honestly, I don't like black.

Malten smiled and said:

- Right.. you now deserve a big reward from me!

- I told you from the beginning that I do not like bribes and will not accept a single Ringgit from you, nor for any reason!

Malten was astonished, but answered in a confident voice:

- But it is not a bribery, you did not judge unfairly, but it is a present on the occasion of my great thanking for you!

- Nevertheless, I am afraid that people will find out that I have accepted this money, so they will rush to bribe me, so I have judged myself and forbade it -

thereby- every Ringgit of this money for fear of being misled.

- Well, no problem.. this may be convincing, but - in any case - do not say that you will not accept the blood money of your late father on behalf of my cursed uncle!

Immediately, traces of the wound appeared on the judge's face, as he said:

- Nor this; The ransom must be with the consent of the deceased's guardian, not against his will.

Image 50

However I will stick to my right to retribution until God helps me on the Day of Resurrection.. Oh God, unless the rest of my brothers decide to take the blood money, this does not concern me and I have no right to prevent them..

Malten paused astonished, he thought for a while, then said cunningly:

- Right! .. I have not asked you about my heart; Do you like the color of my heart?

- Is it white?

- Well, I don't know much about that, but I'll let you choose its color!

The judge smiled and said:

- Yes! .. I like this!

The two laughed as Malten lowered his glasses over his eyes and said proudly:

- Now with your permission... I must marry my wife to me as I should!

- But I am waiting for you.. I eagerly wish to see you a Muslim in the next meeting, God willing!

Malten smiled kindly then rode his Lamborghini strutting and sped off like the wind to the neighboring village, forgetting behind him the servant running after the car, as the poor man was waiting for his simple master to close the car door for him!

As for the happy judge, he was whispering to himself

Image 51

while holding his hair and his loose clothes from the wind left by the car:

- How many situations like this pass in our lives and how much we lose like them while we don't know! ; On the day this woman obeyed her father, was patient with a manic husband, and endured the ridicule of her peers, she did not know that...

That by doing this, she had bought a huge fortune; She did not know that -by her work- she offered an offering to God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!!!

... Completed by the grace of Allah the Almighty...

Other books by the author:

- Where are you from the beloved of the heart?

- The living dead!

- Happiness is in The Opposite of The Sun!

- Seven with Crescent Series. For children..!

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