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Chapter 1


It was a bright cool day in Ireland. Anastasious was doing grocery shopping for her father. She brought apples, grapes and bread. She was going home until she bumped into this guy Jason.

“Oh sorry” said Anastasious dropping her things.

“It’s alright” Jason reassured her, Anastasious blushed as he was hot stinking hot. He had blonde hair, a heart shaped face and bluish-greenish eyes. “Here we go and l believe this is yours miss” he said picking up her things. Anastasious felt an instant connection as he looked into her eyes. Anastasious got her shopping back and she said

“Want to meet up again?” she asked shyly thinking it was a stupid question.

“Yeah sure, you’re beautiful and all so let’s meet up again” he said smiling even wider.

“Where shall we meet up?” asked Anastasious.

“In my father’s barn tonight at eight” replied Jason.

“Okay see you there” said Anastasious taking her shopping and walking off to her father’s house.

“Father I’m home” called Anastasious as she walked through the door.

“Oh Anastasious these taxes are so high l can barely afford to pay them” said her father in a distressed tone.

“”L know father” she said patting her fathers back. “One day things will be better for us you’ll see” she said comforting him.

“Things will never be better my dear daughter, the king is a greedy pig that wants all our money” said Jone walker her father.

“L know but we mustn’t speak ill of our king” reminded Anastasious.

“L know but it’s true, our king is a conceited pig that loves money, what would l give not to be in this situation my life, if l had to save either you or the king l would choose you Anastasious, you are better than him” said Jone walker.

“L know that, nobody could love a king more than his own daughter” said Anastasious.

“You’re right, you’re always right dear” said Jone Walker.

“Hmm” said Anastasious and fled to her bedroom crying. That night after all of her tears she went to visit Jason’s house.

“Hello, l expected to find you here” said Jason her childhood friend coming out of the barn.

“L expected to find you here too” said Anastasious not knowing what to say. “So what do you want to do?” asked Anastasious.

“L just wanted to talk” replied Jason simply.

“Oh okay” Anastasious said to that. “So how are you l haven’t seen you in like forever” said Jason trying to start a conversation.

“I’m good, my father has heavy taxes to pay to the king so he’s not good at all” replied Anastasious.

“That’s no good” said Jason. “You know my family are going through tough times as well” said Jason.

“It’s so terrible isn’t it?” questioned Anastasious.

“Yes I’m afraid it is” he said closing his eyes.

“L know, anyway how have you been Jason?” asked Anastasious.

“Not so good, the kings taxes mean l can’t open a winery shop that l really wanted to open, the shop is mine but l just don’t have the money to open it” he said sadly.

“That’s so sad” said Anastasious.

“L know and l really wanted to be a business man” said Jason disappointed.

“It’s tough living here, have you ever considered moving?” asked Anastasious.

“L love living here so no” replied Jason.

“L love living here too” said Anastasious gently touching his arm as they were sitting down.

“L know l love the ocean views and everything well except the hard times” said Jason happily.

“L know Jason, we should spend some more time together” suggested Anastasious.

“That’s why I’m glad you wanted to meet up so l could spend some more time with you after so many years” said Jason.

“The new king is not very nice is he?” questioned Anastasious.

“No” said Jason. “He is not but let’s not speak ill of our king” said Jason.

“L know that’s what l said to my father this morning” said Anastasious.

“Anyway let’s go for a walk on the beach” suggested Jason.

“Yeah let’s do that” said Anastasious.

“Okay then” said Jason holding her hand and taking her to the beach. When they arrived at the beach they took off their shoes and dipped their feet into the water.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it” Anastasious commented.

“Yes it is” said Jason gently. Anastasious gently kicked some of the water back from where it came from and gave up once the waves came in again.

“Do you want to play a game?” asked Anastasious.

“Yes in fact l do, what sort of game?” asked Jason.

“This” she said and kissed Jason firmly and gently on the lips.

“Wow” he said after the kiss. “That was like fireworks” he said.

“L know that’s how it felt for me too” Anastasious said to that.

“Let’s do it again” suggested Jason.

“Yeah l definitely agree” said Anastasious getting down on her knees in the sand below and Jason did the same thing and they kissed again.

“L think we should get back home now” said Jason ending the kiss.

“Why we just got here?” questioned Anastasious.

“You’re right, we just got here now let’s enjoy the beach like normal people” he smiled at her and got up and Anastasious turned to face him and he put his shoes back on and she stood up and she did the same. “We are going to go for a walk along the beach” said Jason.

“Okay” said Anastasious putting her hand around his shoulder. Jason felt comforted by her touch so he decided to put his arm around her shoulder too.