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IP Telephony Cookbook


> / MARCH, 2004

The IP Telephony Cookbook was created through the IP Telephony project as a reference document for setting up IP Telephony solutions at university campuses and NRENs.

The project started in April 2003 and ran until February 2004. The Cookbook provides an overview of available and future IP Telephony technologies, scenarios for IP Telephony deployment and infrastructures, guidelines on protocols, service set-ups and connection to a global

‘dialling plan’.


the Cookbook reports on the interoperability of

equipment, existing IP Telephony projects and regulatory aspects.

The project was carried out by the University of Pisa, Italy, TZI-University of Bremen and FhG FOKUS, Germany, with contributions from CESNET, GRNET, SURFnet and the University of Graz.

Funding to the project was provided by TERENA, ARNES, CARNet, CYNET, SUNET and UKERNA. Representatives of the funding organisations were members of the Project Review Committee.

ISBN 90-7759-08-6

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Margit Brandl - Karl Franzens - UNI Graz, Dimitris Daskopoulos - GRNET, Erik Dobbelsteijn - SURFnet, Rosario Giuseppe Garroppo - University of Pisa, Jan Janak - FhG Fokus, Jiri Kuthan - FhG Fokus, Saverio Niccolini - University of Pisa, Jörg Ott - Universität Bremen TZI, Stefan Prelle - Universität Bremen TZI, Sven Ubik - CESNET Uni Graz, Egon Verharen - SURFnet P . 3

[IP Telephony Cookbook] / Contents