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I’ve already accepted the fact that Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is a business trend that’s here to stay. According to one report I recently read, just 23 percent of enterprise employees use company-sanctioned mobile devices only -- meaning 77 percent of employees are using their own devices in some capacity to do their job.1 As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Veracode I have experienced this trend firsthand and if it hasn’t hit you yet, the BYOD tidal wave is coming your way!

We’ve created this mobile security book to help you successfully ride that wave. After reading this book you and your employees will learn, as we have at Veracode, it takes a coordinated effort between employees and IT/security personnel to truly secure mobile computing in the enterprise.

Formulating a BYOD policy is only one side of the equation – employee education is the other. Most business users simply aren’t aware of the security threats facing them when they use their favorite mobile device at work. This book aims to increase that threat awareness level and ultimately convert your employees into willing participants in your organization’s secure mobile computing or BYOD program.

This book lists 10 simple things that every business user can do to help protect their personal information as well as their company’s data, IP and brand when they use their mobile devices at work. We’ve made every effort to make our mobile security story a fun one to read. Some of the details around the mobile security stack can be tedious, but it’s hard to resist when the stack looks like a club sandwich!

We hope you and your employees find this book helpful, and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues. We’d also appreciate your feedback, so feel free to email us ( or contact us on Twitter (@Veracode) with your comments.

Happy reading…


Chris Wysopal