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Warning this book is not for novice users. If at anytime you are having trouble following my instructions, click on the following link and read the registry repair tool tutorial for your version of Windows. These tutorials are designed to walk you through the process using software as an alternative to the registry editor.

Who should read this book?

…Anyone who would like to learn how to use the Windows Registry Editor to fix issues with their operating system quickly and safely. And for those who wants to learn how to use registry
repair tools to clean and maintain their Windows Registry. I am going to skip wordy technical explanations. My tutorials will be short, direct and to the point yet very specific and easy to
understand. Make sure to read my instructions carefully but more importantly take your time.
Remember! Always create a restore point and export a copy of your registry before you begin. With that said I really hope that after reading this tutorial you will have the basics building blocks needed to clean and maintain your Windows Registry.