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This is a document which fulfills the need for information. It answers the questions that inseparably go together with modern challenges of running a business. Modern business more and  more often creates a vision and

influences consumers towards following this vision and  the product value it implies. Rather than creating a product alone, it creates a need and  value.

That's why this free e-book is for business owners and  managers. For decision makers, who need tailored software which realises the initial idea for the application.

As the authors of this publication, we believe in Scrum, we are its everyday users. If there's a need to get familiar with it, this document provides the necessary knowledge and  practical tips.

We have made it to help decide on choosing the best possible way to outsource software projects. We have also addressed the issue of Agile and  Scrum and  the very important company's culture, as a part of natural conjunction between the quality expectations and  the final outcome.

The envisaged result of reading this document would be a better understanding of the outsourcing itself and  the challenges it predicates.

The process of making this e-book was based on the knowledge of the topic itself. After researching the common and  available knowledge (some of which was used here, along with some graphic materials), we decided on making something of our own authorship.

If the Reader knows Scrum already, we suggest skipping the contents and heading straight to section 4.

The Authors