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The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your First Website (now with free ‘follow-along’ videos) This eBook is proudly brought to you by

Sergio Anacleto

This book is created and written by Chris Farrell.

Chris Farrell began Internet Marketin

g in Feb 2008. Within 6 months he was

having his fi

rst $250/days.

Within 9 months Chris had his first $1000/days (all figures verifiable).

Chris is now a full time Internet Marketer and Product Developer.

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This eBook is Copyright © Chris Farrell 2009. Exclusive permission to distribute this eBook has been granted to Sergio Anacleto

Table of Contents

PART 1 Introduction


PART 2 Do I need my Own Website?


PART 3 How To Start Creating.


PART 4 Downloading and Installing


PART 5 Domain Name Servers p30

PART 6 Creating Your First Webpage p40

PART 7 Saving Files Correctly


PART 8 Publishing Your First Web Page p57

PART 9 Fonts, Images and Color


PART 10 Creating a link p85

PART 11 Creating another page p92

PART 12 Resizing Your Page p105

PART 13 Putting text into a Table p113

PART 14 So now what? p120

PART 15 A Final Word p123

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How To Build An Internet Business Today Starting From Scratch