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Table of Contents


About Hi-Tech

Part 1: Tweaking Android - Boost

Part 2: Android Rooting – Gain Root

How to Root?

My Device is Rooted, Now what?

Part 3: The Busybox & Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator Commands

Part 4: Block unwanted Wi-Fi users

Detailed Steps for blocking unwanted Wi-Fi users

Part 5: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Easy VPN installed!

What is VPN and how does it work?

Part 6: The Deep Web – TOR Network

Why Should I use TOR?

Wait, what is Deep web anyway?

How to connect to TOR and access Deep Web?

Let the fun begin!

Part 7: Control a computer using Android

Part 8: Unlimited Game Resources

Where to download GameGuardian

How to use Game Guardian?

Part 9: The Lucky Patcher

Part 10: Android Malwares – Ghost push

How is this part of hacking?

Let’s get started!

Part 11: Recover or Shred deleted files

How to recover deleted files?

How to shred deleted files?

Alternative Recovery apps

Part 12: Fixing bootloop (soft brick)

What is bootloop?

What is the cause of Bootloop?

How to fix?

Warning: This tutorial may not be compatible with all Android devices.


About the author





















Almost everyone in the today wants to know hacking and almost 70% of the population are using android. That’s why I created this tutorial for everyone who wants to learn hacking using their Android Smart phones. Android is based on the Hacker’s Favorite OS: Linux, that’s why it is possible to use android as your new hacking device. This tiny device can become deadly if misused. This book however, deals with simple tricks that many people must have already known.

So, you are reading this book huh? Do you want to be a hacker? Well, after reading the entire book, you will learn a lot of tricks your tiny device can do. This book is your stepping stone to become an Android enthusiast.

“Hacking exist because of the vulnerability in technology.” –Tech Viral

No one is Perfect, even android. This book will also deal with the security flaws of android and how to use them in hacking and how to fix these flaws to prevent others from hacking you. I really hope that you will enjoy reading and learning from this book.

Why do you want to be a hacker? Of course! Why not? Hackers are the ninjas of the 21st Century! We can do a lot of things which normal people can’t. There are 2 different types of hackers though: The Ethical and the Unethical. Ethical Hackers are hackers who hack to help people. Unethical Hackers on the other hand are the opposite of helping; they can destroy lives and are the reason why the word “Hacker” gained bad reputation. This book combined the both ethical and unethical way of hacking for you to learn how both hackers work. It is then up to you if you want to be ethical or unethical type of hacker. Me? I’m an ethical hacker, and I want to help you learn hacking too! Well, hacking is a broad word. In order to be a hacker, one must be knowledgeable enough about computer’s flaws and fixes. I want you to learn hacking in order for you to help people around the world too! Because I want everyone to enjoy better technology the way it supposed to be…

Are you ready to learn your first lesson?

Go ahead and take the risk of the world of hacking!

About Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech is a business partnership that aims to help people enjoy technology the way it supposed to be, located at: Capitol University, Philippines. Visit our Official Facebook page to get InTouch with us! Visit our Website to download and install our Softwares!