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An Intro to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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This book is created and written by Richard Khor with you in mind.

Richard Khor began Internet Marketing Since March 2010.

Richard Khor created multiple profitable websites using WordPress alone.

Richard Khor is now a full time Internet Marketer and Product Developer.

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Search Engines serves as the maps of the internet. When people want to get online to view a web page and search something, they make use of their favorite search engine.

For that reason, if you want people to find your site, then you need to have top ranking on the search engine. In this article, you will learn an intro to SEO and what it involves.

When the user will type in a query at a search engine, it will take the query and analyzes it.

It will be compared against the database of the web content and finds the web pages that match

on the criteria of the web surfers (SERPS).

Those web pages that show on the first 3 pages

or in the top 30 listings of the search engine results will gather almost all the web traffic ranking available.

The webmasters of the top 30 sites in any SERPS will garner a lot of search engine optimizing.

It would be impossible to cover the SEO details in one book, this book needs to explore the basic concepts first and will do further reading.

The search engine optimization will take more time in giving up the search engines the enough reasons to rank your web page against the other competing web pages.

More info about Search Engine Optimization: All the webmasters wants their web to be in the first page of every 10 row search engine results page (SERP).

Be in the top rank is really competitive.


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Search engines are made of software and hardware. It is very competent software that runs on a computer. Like any other software, the search engines have to be programmed for every action they take.

Search engines are competing for the best search engine which is the result of increasing web traffic. The web traffic ranking is changing constantly. In order to maintain their highest ranking, knowledgeable SEO and applications is needed to drive traffic.

The search engines use spider’s automated web browsing software to find the website. And the spiders will follow the hyperlinks to locate the web pages one by one. The best connected website is ranked as the best search engine.

Optimizing the web page for the search engines requires a lot of research.

The techniques will change over time and it will not be useful anymore to any because it is considered as obsolete.

That is why, it is important to keep updated.

Create your site for the users and not for the search engines.

Even if your site is on the first place as long as they find it non informative, it would still be useless.

Make certain that it would be appreciated by users, by this they will usually visit your site and link their websites to yours.

Enhance the content of your site and make it unique, because it would attract visitors as well as the search engines.

Content copied from other sites will be ignored by the search engine if they identified it as duplicate content.


Make certain that you focus on the Meta tags.


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The meta tag labels is not place on the web page but the search engine will read them and add some weight on their content.

Lastly, you can promote your sites either online or off line. Let people link to your website because it will help you in search engine optimization.

Knowing an intro to SEO and what it involves will help you to generate web traffic.

Search engines and directories

Search engines and directories have the same aim to provide the web users with relevant and informative results; however both of them have different functions.

Search engines have also limitations on the number of pages you can submit every day, in fact only 5 to 10 pages are allowed to be submitted.

The ranking criteria also might be different to determine who gets the top placement, although search engines might use the same database but they can provide different results.

There are lots of search engines and directories either partner or with license to use another search engine or directories search technology.

Being an index of these engines, your website will be more likely to be found in other major search services. This helps to increase web traffic free.

To sum it up, all search engines have a different ranking criterion that is why you receive different results when you search on the same key word into different search engine.

One of the most useful sites is the searchenginewatch.

Other search engines are: Google, Yahoo! Search, Teoma, and 4

MSN search.


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Some of the directories allow free submissions, while others are asking you to pay, just like the search engine.

Here are the most popular directories:



Google Open Directory

The catalog of the directory is smaller than the pages of search engines.

Nowadays, Google claims that they have the largest index with 4.3 billion indexed pages and in the popular directory is Open Directory, Yahoo! And LookSmart and each of them have a few million of indexed web pages.

How to submit on the search engines:

There are two submission options in search engines to generate website traffic: free submission and paid inclusion.

In free submission, there is no guarantee that your site will be indexed, and if ever they will, it will take weeks or months.

On the other hand, paid inclusions will likely offer benefits such as an assurance to revisit your update of listings, inclusion on any partner websites, reporting to track performance, or possible reviewing of website to ensure relevance.

Most of all in paid inclusion; you are guaranteed to be indexed by the search engine to all the number of pages you’ve paid for.

In search engines, they do not want to have automatic submissions.


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However, if you choose to have automated submission software, these are the common applications: Search engine commando, web position Gold and agent web ranking.

Resubmit only the webpage if there are major change.

If you have been dropped from the listing, just wait for few days to be re indexed.

How to submit in directories:

Submit your site in the right category, for if you have submitted it into wrong one, it will have minimal increase traffic to website.

In addition, if you submit it to the wrong category, your site might not be added.

However, you can look at where your competitors are listed, so that you will know if where you will focus.

Your web traffic ranking in directory will depend on the information you provided.

You will be asking information like title, description, and other information needed to rank your site.

The keyword research you performed for optimizing your Website is every bit as important when it comes to directories.

You must use your important keyword phrases when filling out the directory submission forms to get unique web traffic.



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Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies in General Before getting the most outstanding website, you could spend a thousands of dollars first, but if no one find it, it just a waste of time and money.

The idea of optimizing your web site is to catch the target market to discover your site through web surfing.

The more will visit to your site, the more it increases your profit. That is why, it is very essential to know the keyword selection and optimization strategies to gain web traffic hits.

Keyword selection is very essential to increase targeted web traffic. Keywords are the motivating force behind the success of every search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Your search engine ranking will eventually depends on how many people are visiting your website and you can have this by choosing the right keywords or key phrases.

When you make up your mind in keyword selection or key phrase to hub your search engine optimization, you should begin on the basic search term that a person will most likely to use upon finding a webpage to search product and services.

For an instance, you are selling chandeliers on your website, when it’s time to choose the keywords that you want to use for search engine marketing:


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What is the first word that you simply think?

Did the words like “handmade chandeliers”, or a “modern glass chandeliers” comes into your mind? How about “wooden chandeliers”?

Use those words as your main keywords because chances are great if those words that you choose is also the same words that may people think upon searching your product.

When doing keyword selection and optimization strategies in search engine marketing, it often uses more than one word.

If you only have one keyword, your rank might be low, since the search engine spiders is having a million of web pages in their indexes, and that word might be present to some other pages.

If you get the specific keywords or key phrases, the more chances that your efforts will pay off.

In addition, it will attract more customers if they see directly what they are looking for, whether a product or services.

Make certain also about the position of your keyword. Sometimes, the keywords are spread all throughout the page.

It is much better that you will place your primary keyword or phrase on the first or last paragraph of your content.

Do not forget also to use selected keyword in the headings and in the hidden HTML

Meta tags on the page, particularly in the “title tag”.


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You might have the chances that your web page will be on top rank by the search engine spiders rather than other pages.

Both of you might have the same content,

but the positioning of keywords or phrases is not placed properly.

Search engine marketing must be incredible

because it may help people in actively

searching what you have in your website.

But it would be better if you apply the best

keyword selection and optimization

strategies, people would directly find what they want to have.

By using these keyword selection and optimization strategies, it will help to increase traffic to website, thus increasing your profit as well.

More about Google and How it Ranks Page

If want to want to catch the attention of the visitors to your website through Google, it is necessary for you to know more about Google and how it ranks page.

The search engines are focusing to provide the most pertinent information to the web user based on the search keyword that they’ve entered and always see to it to enhance its function.

The procedure used by Google is kept as confidential and they use this method to identify the worth and relevance of the website for an additional factor of their search results.


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The procedure that they use is being updated regularly and if there are new factors, they included it directly.

Because of the technological advancement the Google used a highly developed and a wide ranging array of search tools and web traffic tools, in order to provide relevant information based on the users query.

By these tools, it allows the users to access a variety of information all throughout the web.

The Google users could surf a wide selection of information from different types of media to find what they need.

The pertinent information from websites, news, blogs, video and social media sites are all integrated in the search results.

The Google is now using a search technology that gives a great help for everyone. The big search engine is now on competition and it is very beneficial for the web users especially when they are trying to improve their facilities.

How search query works?

When the user entered a query, the server sends it to the index server.

Then, the index server is having an index which shows a particular page that contains queried term located in the database.

The doc servers will then get back the stored documents. After that, it will be generated for each search result and the results will be now served on the users.

The Google has already developed the page rank technology provided with hyper matching analysis which resolves the calculations immediately. Google make use of the 01egaP

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extensive link structure of the web to distribute the relevance and importance to web pages.

The vital ranking factors:

• The number of links from site is evidence that the web page relevance and quality.

• Original and non plagiarized content is ranked higher.

• The effective keyword selection is a factor that increases the rank of the web page.

• The links from highly ranked web pages that remains updated adds more value.

• The Google analyzes all the content in web page, following the optimization techniques.

The internet and its resources is a helpful tool to determine the ranking and relevance of the page.

It is very essential to take into consideration the ranking aspect used by search engines when you have to start optimization in your site.

By just focusing on the relevant factors, you will have guaranteed website traffic because of your chosen keywords on the search engine results pages. Now, you already know more about Google and how it ranks page.

Tuning the Meta Tags in Content

Each search engine has its own algorithm to index website pages. All search engines are keeping updated their search algorithm in order to give the web users the best search experience.

Your web traffic ranking in the page result depends on the calculation of the 1



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These algorithms are not changing every day, yet they are trying to improve to give the best and accurate result. However, the major hub is the tuning the Meta tags of the site.

The Meta tags are not visible upon browsing the web page, however the search engine will read this and decide on what rank the web page is on the search result page.

The most vital Meta tags are the title, description and keywords.

The primary step that the search engine will do is to find relevance in these tuning the Meta tags by simply looking at the keywords used in them, and then they will find the relevance of the keyword from these tuning the Meta tags to the contents in web pages.

The Title Tag

The title tag is the most significant Meta tag of your website.

This is the first thing shown on the web page and is also visible by the visitors as well as the search engine.

That is why; it should be given an importance in every search engine optimization.

It is always shown on the left top bar in the browser window. This tag should be included in the most relevant keyword of your content.

If the most relevant keyword is used in here, there would be surely increase traffic to website.

Different tags should be allocated in each page of the website containing the keywords relevant to the specific page.

Description tag


What you can say about the website is called Description tag.


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You will write your description in one or two sentences.

It should be short and precise, so that the visitors will get an idea already when he reads your description.

The Meta description tag has also an important role on the optimization of your page.

This tag shows the information on the search engine result after the search of the user.

Every page should have different description tag.

It will also affect your ranking as the search engine will read it and check it if those terms match the title tag and the contents of the web.

Remember to put informative contents on your description because as mentioned, it will serve as the summary of your web page.

Keywords Tag

The best technique in the search engine optimization is the keyword selection.

However, if the keyword is repeated so many times, it is marked as a spam.

In order to increase targeted web traffic, you must place relevant keywords and make certain that it is also included in the content.

Use different keywords like magnets, refrigerator magnets and funny refrigerator magnets. Geographical information is also considered like country, city or place because sometimes it is used in searches for business locations.

Specific brand names may also help, especially when searching for a specific product. Lastly, all the keywords should be included in the content.

Right Tuning the Meta tags in the contents and 31

the relevance should be balance between the targeted audiences and search engines.


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By doing this appropriately, it will help us to increase the traffic to our website.

Factors that Affect SEO - Good and Bad SEO Techniques SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by internet marketing to increase the possibilities to increase web traffic ranking positions in listings like Google or Yahoo when being searched using the keyword or phrases.

However, there are several factors that affect SEO- Good and Bad SEO


No one knows about the how it constantly works together with a web page. The fact is that, research is constantly involved in this manner.

There are several factors that affect on how the page ranks with those search engines; and the answer would vary from the contents of your site and in the keywords that you’ve selected.

However, it’s not just matter on the contents or keywords that it takes but the information and originality it makes.

For the novice internet marketers, you’ll surely have the difficulty in getting this correctly.

The most significant factor to consider when creating a web content is the selection of keywords and its position.

The placement of keywords is important and especially on 4

how many times they appear on the content.


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This is what we called the on-page factors that will determine on how your web traffic hits.

In other words, the search keywords must appear more often on your web pages in order to increase your web traffic ranking. For an instance, if “ornamental plants” is your selected keywords, then it should appear more often on your web page content.

However, it does not mean that you will use the keyword so many times at the top of the page. The search engine is very strict to this, if they will detect it; they automatically drop your ranking.

Besides, it is more likely a work of unprofessional. The right keyword position should be around two percent and must be spread in the entire content. In addition, make sure that your keyword will appear on the page title and in the back end title of your web page.

However, there is also a selfish desire that led to the creation of a bad SEO technique which is labeled as “black hat SEO”.

They are using unreliable schemes in businesses and are able to manipulate search engines and scam the customers by offering ineffective websites with irrelevant content; this is actually a waste of time.

The good SEO technique must have provide quality information and excellent services to the customers and compared to bad SEO technique, the good SEO does not violate the rules in different ways.

They should obey to the rules and laws with regards to intellectual property rights, spamming laws and so on.


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In addition, the key to successful and profitable business online is to gain the clients trust. Another thing is to apply the strategies that safeguard the confidentiality and sensitivity of the content as well as the client.

By knowing the factors that affect SEO-Good and Bad SEO techniques, and applying those simple strategies, the money you spent and the time will pay off.

Link Popularity and Linking Strategies

If you are an internet marketer, or simply you have an online business, you are always thinking about linking popularity and linking strategies.

In this book you will learn about the ways to increase website hits.

Before, inbound links were only used for the purpose of net navigation, but nowadays it was already used in link popularity and search engine optimization.

These links serves as the signature of authority for the quality informative content of the websites. In addition to this, the search engines already consider the inbound links as one method of web traffic ranking.

The high value link building is one of the greatest web traffic tools to improve website traffic and exposure. There are several ways to increase the websites exposure from obtaining links.

Next paragraph are some of the ways to increase the website’s exposure, or simply the link popularity and linking strategies.



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First, in order to boost the inbound popularity of your website and its exposure, writing articles can help.

By writing something about your business and the services and product you are offering, it helps to increase the websites popularity.

All you need in writing article is an original and unique idea, and make sure that it is really informative. Submit those articles in a variety of directory sites.

Furthermore, these articles are multipurpose and you can send it as many sites as you can.

There are lots of directories available in the internet, providing the same information as your website. Web directories are also a great source inbound links from websites. All you have to do is to look for a reliable directory in the internet, and Google can really help out of this.

There is another way to link popularity and linking strategies to your website and that is through the process of link exchange, because of its take and receives process.

For an instance, the members of exchange advertise links of the relevant website will be posting on their site and in return you should also display their website in your site.

One of the latest buzz about linking popularity is the social bookmarking site. The process of this site is that they will allow the users to index there site in the way of bookmarking.


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However, it is not done in traditional way; instead they classify the page links by its keywords, by which the links is highlighted on the bookmarking page.

Other Link popularity and linking strategy is the blogging. It is more popular nowadays because in this method, spreading the words or the information in the internet world is made easy.

By this, targeting customer is not complicated. Aside from building hyperlinks on your blog to give an easy access to your own pages but also includes outbound links to make your website on higher ranking.

Writing comments also on blogs with a high ranking, it will also provide you a valuable inbound links; hence it also increases your web page rank.

By following these ways of link popularity and linking strategies, you will have the greater chances on your website exposure.

Social Bookmarking for Better SEO

Social Bookmarking is one of the web traffic tools that are used in search engine optimization.


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As we’ve already know, there are lots of contents going through the search engine and if we’re going to use only one tactic, probably it won’t work out. Actually, social bookmarking started at early 1990’s.

Social bookmarking is used to mark the website or webpage, in order for you to remember it later on.

One of its major benefits is that it allows sharing. For an instance, when you already bookmark your favorite site, topic or page article you can add now your comments or notes and can share it to others who’s searching for the same information.

When you’re managing an online business, blogging is important since you have to share your information about your products and services to your active customers and web users.

The proprietor must also use some advertisement technique to make the site popular online.

Social bookmarking service is the process of grouping and storing bookmarks, an example is to add a website to his favorites. In fact, bookmarking sites are already accessible to anyone browsing the internet.

Aside from providing great resources for surfing, they also offer to create one way back links.

Most of these sites have an increase web traffic ranking, where it implies that they have the right to offer back links for one’s website. All of these ways are important to generate web traffic.


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Social bookmarking has also advantages. Bookmarking services is popular because of its ease of use. It doesn’t need a high quality computer just to bookmark. Any PC

that is connected in web will do.

Bookmarking is not only sharing to a smaller group, but it can also share to a broader audience.

One’s your favorite URL is bookmarked, it will not only share to everyone you knows but to all individual who is online also.

The users can now vote then or comment on their chosen bookmark.

Therefore it is also a good medium for internet marketing.

Tips on Social Bookmarking:

The good thing about social bookmarking is that it helps to improve website traffic. By this, it is assured that every site can increase targeted web traffic that will help in enhancing business and creating sales ultimately.

• Make certain that you have the right targeted audience to lengthen interest. It means that you should create an incredible profile with fantastic features and information for the targeted client to catch their attention.

• SEO techniques must use a variety of phrases to allow the search engine recognize the link when looking for a particular keywords.


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• The kind of bookmark service that you select might help you in making the individual visit your website.

Social bookmarking service would help you in promoting a particular webpage, video or article.

It is incredible to increase the traffic on your website.

What makes a social bookmarking popular is that it has a “tag system”, simply means that you can tag as many sites as you want according to your needs.


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