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Dear Internet Marketer,


My name is Peter Lawrence and I own the site at




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What This Guide Is About And Who It's For

The money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list, how many times have we heard every guru on the planet say this? Hundreds, thousands?, and with good reason.

The money is in the list!


And in this book I'm going to show you how to add thousands of quality subscribers to your list without spending a fortune in the process.


So let's get started!


Peter Lawrence

List Building Secret #1 - Make Your Content Relevant Keeps Your Subscribers Happy And Boosts The Amount Of People Who Will Recommend Your Newsletter To Their Friends.

One of the biggest problems I see newsletter and ezine publishers having online is that they write about subjects no one in their market is interested in. They just write about whatever they think people want to know about without doing any of the research, which is a huge no no.

List Building Secret #2 - Add More Subscription Boxes To Your Website


Sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it. If you have a 100 page website, you should have 100 newsletter subscribe boxes on your website.


List Building Secret #3 - Offer An Outstanding Bonus Or Gift

The best way to offer a freebie is to create one yourself and not something you have reprint rights to with 500 other people. You want it to be unique, and you want it to be something that plugs your newsletter heavily.

List Building Secret #4 - Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get New Subscribers


Want to get thousands of new subscribers for your ezine without spending a cent on advertising and you've tried all the methods above but you still want more?


Viral marketing is the way to go! Writing viral ebooks that get passed around


Writing viral books is nothing new, but it's still a great way to get your newsletter noticed.


List Building Secret #5 - Use Pop Up Windows


Pop up windows are still effective ways to get subscribers, especially in niche markets.


Creating popups on your website is as easy as pie. There is however a few different type of popup windows you can use.


The pop up window on exit, which pops up after you leave a website and the popup window on entry which obviously pops up when you first go to a website.


I prefer the exit popup. So when someone leaves a page on your website they get a popup window asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.


List Building Secret #6 -Use Name Squeeze Pages

Name Squeeze is a big buzz word lately and it's something people having been beating to death, but it really does work. Basically, what a name squeeze page is, is a simple subscribe form that then leads them to either a free report or a sales letter.

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List Building Secret #7 - Buy Leads With Co-Registration Quick and easy way to get subscribers, but not the best way. That's how I describe Co-registration.

Some marketers swear by it and have great results, others fail and have to throw out the entire list they brought because it's riddled with fake addresses, spam complaints and basically freebie seekers.

So what is Co-registration?


Basically its building lists by buying subscribers from a 3rd party service.


Here is how Dr Ralph Wilson put it.....

"Co-registration is a widely-used approach to increase the size of your e-mail lists. Co-registration works this way: After completing a subscription form or upon leaving a website, visitors are invited to subscribe to one or more e-zines.

List Building Secret #8 - Write Free Articles

While it's a given you will put your newsletter subscribe address in your resource box at the end of the article, this is not the best way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

The best way is to write a few free E-courses that people can subscribe to via an autoresponder and weave the links into your article.


Here is what I mean, and I can tell you now, HARDLY ANYONE is doing this.


Let's say you have a newsletter on Ice Fishing and you're in the middle of writing a few articles to send out for publication. Here is what I would do.

I would go to Aweber.com, buy a monthly subscription to their service and then start writing up 2 or 3 free e-courses on all things to do with Ice Fishing and plug them into my autoresponder.

Recommended Resources http://www.aweber.com/?223813


List Building Secret #9 - Use A Sales Letter To Get Subscribers

This is something I've seen a lot of lately. People using direct sales letters to get new subscribers for their newsletter. They are actually creating a sales letter like they would for a product they are selling, and at the end of it, instead of an order button, they have a subscribe here button.

List Building Secret #10 - Using Mp3s To Get More Subscribers

Doing audio interviews with experts in your field also is a great idea to get more subscribers. I'm not going to get into how to create audio products as that's a whole other book, but interviewing experts over the phone and recording it on mp3 will get your newsletter splashed all over the Internet, especially in fields other then Internet marketing where people don't expect to get this much quality information for free

List Building Secret #11 - Archive Your Newsletter Copies

Sometimes people are hesitant to give any sort of information away over the Internet, especially there email addresses even if what you are offering is free, due to spam.

But if you allow people to read your back issues without having to signup for your newsletter, this will show them what type of content you do write and will make them want to join.

List Building Secret #12 - Use A Paid For And Well Known Autoresponder


I can't stress this enough. Don't use free Autoresponders or mailing lists! These services can go down at anytime and are not professional looking at all.


Plus they also get used for spamming and are abused badly. I use Aweber.com and never had any problems at all. They offer all I need.


Recommended Resources http://www.aweber.com/?223813


List Building Secret #13 - Use Free Forum Posting

This is a great way to get not only more subscribers for your newsletter but recognized as an expert in your field. By posting helpful suggestions in forums in your market, you will get a lot of good attention.

What most people have a problem with is not writing good posts, but finding the forums to post in.

Now that work is done for you. Just enter the topic your newsletter is on into the website address below and you will find all the forums you could possibly want on those subjects.

List Building Secret #14 - Trade Ads With Other Publishers

This is a simple method of generating new subscribers instantly. Basically, you place an ad for other publishers newsletters in your newsletter and they do the same for you in return.

It's not something I'm a huge fan of, but it does work. But there are a few tips you should know.

Trading ad's for ad's with other publishers works well when your mailing list is small and growing rapidly. It's very hard to find suitable ad swapping deals that are worth your while when you have 10,000 or more subscribers.

So how can you find publishers that are looking to trade ad's? Easy! Do a Google search for the following.


"your market here ezine" Example:


"Gardening Ezine"


"Gardening Newsletter"


Then just contact all the publishers you can and ask them if they are willing to trade ad space in their newsletter for ad space in your newsletter.


List Building Secret #15 - Setup A Contest

This is my favorite method. Basically what it is is you get a group of publishers all to agree on running a contest to their lists and you run the same contest to your list.

To enter this contest, these subscribers from your list must subscribe to the other publishers lists and vice versa.

The contest could be for anything, depending on your market. Perhaps the publishers you contact all have ebooks for sale, you could give a free copy of all your ebooks out to the winner. Anything with value with work.

List Building Secret #16 - Do An Article Recommendation

This is something that Greg Schliesmann teaches and I only wish I was one of the publishers he joint ventured with in this deal, as it resulted in thousands of new subscribers for everyone involved.

What you do with this idea is get together 4 or 5 publishers again, they could be the same ones as before and get them to agree on running an article that you wrote.

That's it, nothing tricky, and if they agree to running this article they will get thousands of new subscribers virtually overnight.


List Building Secret #17 - Thank You For Subscribing Page

Simple enough. Get a group of publishers together and tell them you want to send new subscribers of your ezine to a page that recommends signing up for their ezine and that they do the same.

You see it all the time. You subscribe to an ezine you see on a website and once you subscribe you are taken to another page that recommends other peoples newsletters that you should join.

This is pretty much a localized version of co-registration, but it costs you nothing.


List Building Secret #18 - Buy Ezine Solo Ads

When ever I advertise with ezines it's usually solely with Solo Ads. These are ads that are sent out by themselves, unlike classified and other ads that go out in the ezine itself.

This ad will go out by itself, so it needs to be a fairly good length. While some people say shorter ads work better for the simple fact the reader has less to read, in reality, a very well written longer solo ad will pull much much better!!!

There are usually word and length limits to these ads so when you are creating them, it might be good to check around at what the normal length of a solo ad is in your industry.

You might even check out the posting guidelines for other ezines so you can know exactly how long they like their solo ads.

The best bet to make a compelling solo ad is to work really hard on the headline. If you can write a very compelling headline for your ad, the rest of the ad should follow.

Recommended Resource




List Building Secret #19 - Use Classified Advertising In Ezines

These are small ads, usually four or five lines long that go out in the ezine itself. They don't work anywhere as well as solo ads, but they are cheap as chips. The secret here again is to write a very compelling headline.
The best way to use classified ads (the best way to use any advertising on the Internet) is to send them straight to your opt-in mailing list from the ad, where you might be promoting a free course via autoresponder all about your product. Once you have their email address, you can contact them over and over again until they buy or unsubscribe.

This is by far the best method of advertising with classified ads.


Recommended Resources http://tinyurl.com/2a743k


List Building Secret #20 - Use Top Sponsorship Ad's In Ezines

These ads are at the top of the newsletter and are usually the first thing people read. They usually cost about half the price of a solo ad, but they usually don't pull anywhere near as well.

They are also usually 5 to 8 lines long, and you should really concentrate on your headline, and leading them straight to your autoresponder.


Recommended Resource http://tinyurl.com/2fkrom


List Building Secret #21 - Network All You Can

Every where you go, network with people. You never know exactly who you might run into. Let as many people as you can know about what you do and that your the best at it.

Going to seminars and trade events is a great way to network with people in your markets and a great way to start building relationships with key online businesses.

You never know who might be able to help you with something down the track.


List Building Secret #22 - Use A Dynamic Email Signature

This is so simple, yet people forget to even do it or do it properly. If you send out quite a few emails every day, this is a great method to pick up some new subscribers.

All you need to do is at the end of each email you send out, have a 4 line ad for your newsletter. You could use a classified ad you've already written for ezine advertising.

You will be surprised how many people will sign up for your newsletter.


List Building Secret #23 - Make Sure To Keep Your Newsletter Off Spam Lists!


Here are some very useful tips to make sure you stay out of hot water when it comes to being called a spammer.


* Make Sure Your Email Message is Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Law.


* Make sure your list is double opt-in


* Keep detailed records of all subscribes and unsubscribes. IP addresses, when they subscribed when they unsubscribed.


* Don't ever purchase bulk email lists or harvest emails from the Internet


* If you use co-registration companies, make sure they are reputable and don't use shady methods of traffic gathering.


* If you have an Affiliate Program, make sure you include an "anti-spam" provision in your agreement.


* Avoid using spam trigger words like "spam, free, special, guaranteed" etc....


List Building Secret #24 - Don't Buy Mass Email Lists

I was just reading a post on a well known marketing forum today and I read a post from one guy who said he had access to a list of 800,000 email addresses from people who were interested in making money.
He said his friend owned the list and was willing to let him use it for a mailing, but he said not to mention his name at all in the mailing.

This should have been the first alarm bell for this guy. Not to mention that this guy wasn't sure how the list was compiled or how the people subscribed to this list.

It wasn't even just one big mailing list, it was a bunch of lists stuck together.


If this guy does decide to mail to this list, he will be accused of spam, he will get into major trouble and he will NOT make any money worth the effort.


Never EVER send emails out to lists you don’t know anything about EVER. Never buy bulk email lists.


List Building Secret #25 - Start Your Own Forum

This is a great way to get new subscribers to your newsletter. Building a community within your website brings back repeat visitors, which means people will more then likely sign up for your newsletter if they keep coming back.

List Building Secret #26 - Contact Previous Customers And Clients


This is just another simple method most people over look, but they don't realise just how powerful it is.

If you already have a list of customers or prospects, tell them your starting an ezine and let them know they can subscribe anytime they like and get all the information for free.

These people have already proven their interest in you or what your selling, so it makes perfect sense they would want to hear from you more often then they already are (if at all!)

List Building Secret #27 - Setup A Continuous Thank You For Subscribing Page


This is something that no one is doing at all that I know of and I'm pretty sure no one is doing it at all or ever.


As you know, when someone signs up for your newsletter at your website, they are then taken to another page that confirms their subscription.

Most people just put something like "Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, why not check out this product" and really don't make use of this extra bit of advertising that they have to use.

The idea I've been tinkering with is to setup a continuous thank you page. After your subscriber signs up for your newsletter and they go to your thank you page, why not offer them a chance to sign up for another newsletter or E-course you might have.

List Building Secret #28 - Give Permission To People To Use Your Newsletter In Their Own Works


Tell people who are already subscribed to your newsletter that they can pass the newsletter on to friends and also use parts or your entire newsletter in their ezine.


Of course you would get credit and a link back to your site. This is sort of like article writing, just with your newsletter issue in replace of your article.


Recommended Resource




List Building Secret #29 - Send Testimonials To Products You've Used

This is an easy way to get a trickle of new subscribers daily to your newsletter. Whenever you use a product or service you really like, send them a great, glowing testimonial and they will gladly put it up on their website and put a link to your website with it.

The trick here is to get as many people who read your testimonial to your website and to subscribe to your newsletter.
Recommended Resource

List Building Secret #30 - Get Other Newsletter Publishers To Mention You Constantly

One of the best ways to get free subscribers is to get other publishers to mention you constantly. This build a relationship with their subscribers and when they join your newsletter they will already know a lot about you and be looking forward to receiving your emails.

So how do you get other publishers to mention you in their newsletters? Do something news worthy! Hold a contest, claim to know something no one else does, tell publishers a little tip that you learn and that they are free to tell their subscribers as well.

Build relationships with these publishers and become their friends!


To your Success.


Peter Lawrence


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