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In The Name of Allah

The Merciful

Seven The Brave

Behind The Seas

Written and drawn:

The Protected by Allah

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It was a cold morning, yellow and orange leaves were scattered here and there in a windy autumn landscape.

Raindrops were splashing on the face of our hero Seven the brave as he came back with his neighbor's little son on his way back from school..

Seven knocked on the door, but there was no answer.. but there was a sound of low wailing coming from the deep of the house, here, the little son of Mr.Oney commented:

- She must be my mom.. She misses my big brother a lot.

- I do not know your brother, but I heard that he will return from his travels soon, God willing.

- I'm afraid that this is not true.. It's about a month late.. We can't forget that the sea is very dangerous and not everyone who rides it returns safely..

The little boy began to cry sadly, igniting the

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Gloosy crescent of Seven, it made a glint of light that inflamed courage and love of goodness in Seven's chest at the moment Mr.

Oney opened the door..

The poor old man seemed gloomy, but he greeted Seven with his usual kindness, thanked him for his effort, and invited him to enter.

Mr.Oney did what Allah gave him to honor Seven with fruits, so Seven thanked him and then said:

- I heard about your son's absence, sir.

The father sighed and said:

- Ah..yes..Allah suffices us and he is the best agent.. he traveled months ago in a trade abroad and has not returned yet..maybe...

The father fell silent, while Seven answered him:

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- Take it easy, sir..we will find him, Allah willing..but can you tell me the destination of his travels..which country exactly?

- In fact, it is the country of "Number Number", which is in the east and beyond the seas..

- Far country!

- Yes, he was trading pearls.

- But his parents' tears are more precious than pearls!

- Not everyone is as good at understanding as you, hero!








- I'll go out tomorrow morning to find him, Allah willing!

Immediately everyone heard a groan from inside.. That was Mrs. Oney; She couldn't catch herself because of happy!!

The next morning, Seven kissed the hand of his mother, who crowned him with her consent and prayers, then he set out to the port and boarded the first ship bound for "Number Number",

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bidding farewell to his beloved country and a heading to a unique adventure!

That voyage went on well for several days before the sky became overcast with clouds, the wind blew and the ship swung right and left under Allah's mercy..

The ship became the scene of a terrible fear play, from which only every true believer, reliant upon Allah and confident in his wisdom, is who escaped.

The ship began to sway across the sea, swayed by a wave from here and another from there, writhing under the blows, until it finally surrendered after bumping into a large rock and flew away.

In the air, ship's parts were smashed, and the passengers were scattered screaming, they became - as they will be on the Day of Resurrection - each asking about himself and his life, afraid of his fate and his death.

As for our hero Seven, he was attached to a piece of the ship's wood and began to swim

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with difficulty until he caught a poor sailor who was next to him..

That sailor, even if he was good at swimming, could not endure without a wood for a long time, Seven endured things and braved the mean wave until he rescued the poor sailor and pulled him to the wood, then he started praying to Allah to save him as he saved the sailor.

Good job!.. It seems that Allah responded to him when he swept them with waves to the edge of the rock, so they climbed on it and hid in a hole of it dug until the storm calmed down, the rain stopped and the sun sent its warm rays, indeed ,the weather seemed as if nothing had happened!

The two friends went out, hungry and tired, looking for food, but soon Seven cried:

- Praise be to Allah!!.. Praise be to God!!.. We will not tire of searching for food,My friend..

Allah has sent us our sustenance from the depths of the sea!

- Yes, let's hurry before the seagulls snatch him!

Thank Allah that eating dead fish is allowed in Islam!

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In fact, the high waves had thrown fishes on the rock during the storm and there were dead fishes here and there and so The two friends hurried to catch their share before the roaming seagulls stole it..

They kindled some sun-dried wood and had a sumptuous





seagulls of prey!

Night fell, followed by morning, the sun rose after the Dawn-Prayer, Seven and his friend set out looking for a way out of this rock, and after hours of searching, climbing and thinking, the two friends returned to their starting point, and

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the sailor said:

- What a loss!..we survived, and yet we did not..

- No.. Whoever trusts in Allah, does not despair!.. Our Lord will guide us to a solution!

The two friends sat and watched the sea, when they saw

a brown spot



approaching the rock, the sailor shouted:

- Seven!.. Seven!.. It's the lifeboat that was on the ship!.. I know him well! .. Come on, Seven!

- So come on!..we have to catch him fast before he bump into the rock!

The two friends hurried and swam towards the boat, they dragged it towards the rock in peace and prevented it from bumping into it.. and after an effort they were able to turn it to the right direction.

- Awesome! .. Even his oars are still stuck to him .. We will survive, Seven!

- Allah willing!

The two friends rode the sea again, battling the

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waves. In fact, rowing is not easy and requires a great effort, and the matter became more difficult because the sky became overcast with clouds again, threatened by a new storm!

The sea blazed and the boat was about to hit the rocks scattered here and there. Suddenly, the bright crescent blazed, warning of danger, so Seven turned around looking for the reason, behold, something pink was rippling on one of the rocks.. two.. four.. six.. eight!

Eight long arms like whips struck here and there and the waves threw the boat into the mouth of the beast!

But woe to the octopus, not to our friends, because Seven the brave had pulled out his sword and bravely stuck it in the mouth of the octopus, who writhed in pain and hit the boat with his arm, so it soared over the sea for meters before he crashed down, and our friends fell into the sea, and clinging to the wood of the boat again, he prayed to Allah in supplication that he might save them..

Moments came before they felt a rope that had

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been thrown at them, they looked and saw a large ship overlooking them, so they climbed the rope and went down on the deck of the ship, praising Allah for safety, and then they raised their heads to thank their saviors, but...

But what a.shock!.. what a shock!..they are pirates!

The evil scoundrels laughed as they looked at the shock on the faces of our two friends, then some of them rushed to search them and extract what they had.

They tied them to the mast and left them to endure the rain and the cold.

Soon the moody sea calmed down, and the sun rose again, the pirates began to clean the ship, while our friend the sailor said with regret:

- We are still getting out of danger and being devoured by another.. It seems that we have no hope of surviving, Seven..

Seven did not answer, so the sailor added:

- Sorry, I didn't know you were praying.

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After Seven finished his prayers, he answered:

- Don't you know, my friend, that whoever fears Allah, Allah makes a way out for him?!..we must fear Allah and preserve our prayers, in the hope that he accepts us and makes us a way out!

- You are right! .. Then I will pray the Noon-Prayer even if by pointing and gesturing since I am tied..

Hours passed before the head pirate came bragging and stood in front of them with a laugh of mockery on his face and said:

- Well, our is the duty of welcome!

The sailors took our two friends to a board

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stretching above the sea laughing, and forced them up, while the head pirate said:

- Every wrong answer is a step on the board to the sea and the end is evil!

The evil pirates burst out laughing as the assistant commander said:

- What is the sum of a million gold with fifty?

Seven answered immediately:

- Million and fifty!

- What is the result of multiplying a million gold by one pirate?

- A million!..because everything that is hit by one remains the same.

- What is the result of subtracting a million gold out of ten?

- We are missing nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety until the equation is balanced and we get zero!

- What is the result of dividing one million gold by the pirate Zero?

- Not possible.. Divide by zero is not possible!

The pirates were indignant, and one of them

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answered sternly:

- The pirates, even if they are prevented from gold, take it by force!

The pirates shouted:

- Hey!.. Throw them into the sea, indeed, their survival is impossible!

The head of them said:

- Wait! .. I have one last question!

He turned to Seven and said maliciously:

- What is the result of Seven and two over one shark?

Two the sailor put his hand on the mouth of Seven so that he would not answer, while the pirates pushed them into the sea, saying:

- The answer: seven morsels and two morsels...

Health and contentment, O shark!

What amazement those pirates were when seven fell while its crescent was shining and shining, so an idea flashed in the head of Seven, he brought out his Amazing Zero that hit the water hard, throwing the water at the pirates who shouted wet from rage!

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Seven and his friend rode the Amazing Zero, but..

There was something hovering around them.. It was a fin rather.. Two the sailor shivered with fear, while the pirates laughed and shouted enthusiastically..

Seven, who was stripped of his sword, took off his helmet that was shining in danger and prepared it, waiting for the moment of truth..

The moment came and the shark pounced on Seven who treated him with a quick stab, but unfortunately it hit his teeth instead of hitting him, and the shark lost seven teeth, so the shark got angry and started spinning in anger while the water turned red because of its blood and then he jumped in anger, but..

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The shining of the crescent dazzled his eyes, so Seven took advantage of the opportunity and stabbed him with its crescent with a fatal stab while shouting:

- Allah is greater!.. Allah Akbar!

The giant wriggled in anger and then sank into the depths of the sea, it became seven parts!..

Seven shouted as he heading his Zero forward:

- God is greater!.. I am running away with the treasure!

As a result of this word, the anger of the pirates began, they launched their ship to pursue the Amazing Zero while some of them fired the ship's cannons, but no way!

The Amazing Zero was amazing in every mean of the word, as it avoided the cannonballs left and right with great skill, and the chase lasted for minutes before the two friends faced a large rock, and Two the sailor shouted:

- Noaaaaaa! We're finished, Seven!

- No!.. I told you: Will not disappointed the one who trusts in Allah!

Two the sailor tried to persuade Seven to try to

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change the direction of the Amazing Zero, but the Seven the brave insisted on directing the Zero towards the rock completely, he shouted with all his voice:

- In the name of Allah the Almighty!

Zero hit the rock, but what a disappointment for the pirates, the Zero was amphibious, and in the name of Allah, he climbed on the rock carrying our two friends!

The Zero quickly crossed the rock and went down to the sea again while... Booooooom!

The sound of the pirate ship bumping into the rock was heard, and the ship's remains were scattered right and left.

- Did you see, my friend?!.. Long live the truth!..

Allah has helped us and defeated his enemies!

- Yes!.. Praise be to Allah!.. Praise be to Allah!.. I can't believe my eyes.. I thought we were over for a few moments!

The sailor was silent for a moment, then added:

- But what treasure were you talking about?...Is it pearls?

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Seven answered with laughter:

- Rather, it is a treasure of the pearls of freedom, the ruby of faith, and the emerald of mathematics, my friend!

Seven laughed with good heart, while his friend answered him in disappointment:

- I thought it was a real treasure?!... What disappointment!

- What is more valuable than this, my friend?! ..

Don't you know that these people are like health in the proverb: "Health is a crown on the heads of the healthy that only the sick can see"?!

- Anyway.. where are we going now?

- In fact, I was going to "Number Number"

country, but I don't know its way.

- That's not a problem! .. I can infer its way through the stars!

- Right! are a sailor and you have the experience of sailors!..let's go!

Thus, the two of them went on their small boat, which is the Amazing Zero, looking at the stars and feeding on what they had of grilled fish,

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until they heard the sounds of the seagull in the air, so their souls sang out of happiness when they saw the first beginnings of dry land!

After hour, their feet finally landed, Two the sailor could not hold himself from embracing the land while the happiness of Seven was that he can pray on dry land as he should!

The two friends embraced and said goodbye to each other, and Seven set out on his original mission to look for the son of his neighbor, Mr.Oney again.. Thus he kept asking here and there until one of them told him that he had seen

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him the last time in the governor's house. So he went there and when the guards allowed him to enter, the governor welcomed him saying:

- Welcome.. Welcome, Seven hero!..your amazing adventure has filled the horizons!

- This is only by the grace of our Lord, sir.. and I came to you today, asking for your help, sir..

- Welcome.. welcome!.. a thousand requests as this request!.. I have always wished to have a name in your adventure in helping the goodness, you brave hero!!

- In fact, the son of my neighbour, Mr. Oney, has come to your country to trade in pearls, but unfortunately he has not returned yet. Do you know any news about him?

- O hero!.. you traveled all that way from the country of Numbers to here in order to help your neighbor?!

- Of course..Of course, sir..Allah helps his servant as long as the servant helps his brother.. the neighbor is for the neighbor!

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The governor laughed and said:

- Well.. the last thing I know about the son of Mr.

Oney is that I confiscated his pearl trade.. So he left angry and sad..

- You confiscated it?!

- Yes!..because he only sees the world from its pearls and money..and this is undoubtedly a big mistake..and so I took it from him so that he may understand the lesson and be able to see life in its beauty and its spiritual treasures such as faith and freedom as he should..!

- I understand, sir, and may Allah reward you with good... As for me, I knew who he was!

Seven came out smiling, urging the footsteps, looking for a familiar face among the faces of the numbers... a purple face!

Finally, he found him sitting in the port, sad and confused, Seven greeted him, saying with a laugh:

- Peace be upon you again, my friend. Two the sailor, the son of Mr. Oney!

- And peace be upon you, Seven.. We just said goodbye in the morning..

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- Yes, but I found out that I wasn't looking for a

"Number Number", but I was looking for you all the time!

- About me?!

The two exchanged looks, then Two added:

- Right.. how did you know my father's name?

- In fact, your parents were so sad that your mother's cries were heard from outside!

The sailor was silent for a while, then added:

- Mom?!..

The sailor stood up and looked behind the sea sadly, then said:

- My beloved mother! .. Forgive me .. Please!

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Seven said:

- Your father was very gloomy, too!

So the sailor called out:

- Dear Dad!... Forgive me, please!

Then the sailor turned and said:

- I have decided to return to my parents at all costs!

He looked at Seven, then added:

- After the governor confiscated my precious pearls... I felt very ashamed to go back to my family poor, so I decided not to go back and found the profession of a sailor to be okay, but...

The sailor wiped two tears, then added:

- But now I learned from you, my father, and from this life that there is something more precious in this world than pearls and gold..


But suddenly they both heard applause coming from behind them, so they turned to see the governor, who came with a smile and said:

- I am very happy to hear this.. Now I can return

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your pearls to you, Merchant!

Two the merchant -or the sailor- smiled at him, then said:

- No!.. Thank you, sir.. But I ask you to keep it and to donate its price to the poor on my behalf.. it has ruined my life more than it has fixed it.. especially, I have seen that those pirates who paid their lives for these things..

I am going back to my beloved parents, for their tears are much more precious than pearls!!!

Here the Gloosy crescent gleamed, the shining of a sailor, who went through seas and adventures, to conclude our beautiful story and say, Long live the one who loves Allah!..Long live!

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