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Inside this powerful little supplementary e-book, you’ll find the stories of eight more women who discovered a way to find fulfillment, make money and share their passions with the world. All while staying home, raising their children.

These moms come from a wide range of backgrounds, education levels, work experience, nationalities, and more. Whatever your situation, we know you’ll find a mom or two here who you’ll relate to. We hope these stories will inspire you to build your own successful Internet business.

Please feel free to read the following case studies in whatever order you prefer. Click on your choice and enjoy!


Case Study # 1


Patricia - Kids Inspire Mom’s Website Ideas


Case Study # 2


CJ - Crockpots Turn Out to be a Recipe for Success


Case Study # 3


Cheryl - Life Experience = Formula that Pays


Case Study # 4


Linda - Christian Mom Shares Inspiration with World


Case Study # 5


Joan - If At First You Don’t Succeed...Try Again!


Case Study # 6


Nicole - Business Keeps Building Despite Moves Abroad


Case Study # 7


Tracy - Teach What You Know and Success Will Follow


Case Study # 8


Michelle - Salon Owner Becomes Internet Success Story